Donald Clark Citizens And Netizens Weapons Of Mass Collaboration


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Donald Clark Citizens And Netizens Weapons Of Mass Collaboration

  1. 1. Citizens and Netizens Weapons of Mass Collaboration Donald Clarkonald Clark
  2. 2. Baby Boomers Millenials
  3. 3. Wikipedia iTunes Xbox Bitorrent Myspace Second Life Facebook Flickr Youtube Twitter
  4. 4. Wikipedia 2001 iTunes 2001 Xbox 2001 Bitorrent 2002 Myspace 2003 Second Life 2003 Facebook 2003 Flickr 2004 Youtube 2005 Twitter 2006
  5. 5. Flynn effect • IQ rising • 46 years – rise of 13.8 points • 0.31-0.39 points per annum • NOT a dumbing-down • BUT a smartening-up • Media makes us smarter
  6. 6. Spending paradox 120 100 80 Formal 60 Informal 40 20 0 Spend Learning
  7. 7. 6 psychology of learning reasons to network 1. Motivation matters 2. Psychological attention 3. Retention 4. Spaced practice 5. Learn by doing 6. Collaboration
  8. 8. 2. Psychological attention Attention and learning Johnstone (12 lecturers/90 lectures) • 10-18 mins, shorter to 2-3 mins Burns (matching summaries to presentation) • dip after 15-20 mins
  9. 9. 3. Retention
  10. 10. 4. Spaced practice
  11. 11. 4. Spaced practice Paul Kelley Monkseaton High 90 minutes of teaching 3x20 minute teaching sessions 3x10 minutes physical exercise Year early 80% of the class of 46 achieved acceptable results in GCSE Science module
  12. 12. 5. Learn by doing 1. Specific tasks 6. Careers How to tie a tie How to get a job How to solve a Rubik’s Cube How to get promotion How to draw How to careers advice 2. Sexual 7. Education How to kiss How to pass a test How to have sex How to choose a course How to flirt How to teach 3. Health 8. Food and drink How to lose weight How to cook How to deal with allergies How to buy wine How to get fit/do a sport How to entertain 4. Wealth 9. Home & garden How to make money How to fix things How to get bargains How to grow things How to manage debt How to build things 5. Computer skills 10. Complex skills How to get rid of a virus How to write a book How to remove software How to manage a team How to use software How to get a divorce
  13. 13. 6. Collaboration
  14. 14. Collaboration Westminster City Harlow Hertfordshire CABE Essex Waltham Forest Hillingdon Torbay Wokingham Tower Hamlets Brent Haringey Bournemouth Kensington and Chelsea Waltham Forest North Yorkshire Devon East Northamptonshire Bournemouth Kingston Upon CABE Greenwich Lewisham Thames South Kesteven Bury Central & NW London Rotherham Great Ormond Street GMPA Chelmsford Kingston Upon Hull Colchester Southend-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea Havering Uttlesford Rochford Lincolnshire Worcestershire Basildon Tendring Newport Harrow Buckinghamshire Rochford Sunderland Worcestershire Worcestershire Devon Worthing Hertfordshire Sunderland Brighton and Hove Lambeth IDeA Three Rivers Learning Trust Brighton and Hove Slough Borough Brent Norfolk Lewisham CSDUK Bury Kirklees Newport Brighton and Hove Hertfordshire Tendring Kirklees Learning Trust Doncaster Basildon Birmingham Lincolnshire Hertfordshire Westminster Hertfordshire North Yorkshire
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Blogs
  17. 17. Wikis
  18. 18. Media sharing
  19. 19. Media sharing n YouTube n Flickr n iTunes n Podcasting n Videocasting Timeshift n DVD n iPlayer n VOD
  20. 20. Professor Lewin (MIT) “better to see a first class lecture on video than a mediocre one in the flesh” Why don’t lecturers, teachers and trainers RECORD their work?
  21. 21. Simulations & games
  22. 22. Games Platforms  Mobile : iphone, Android, Brew, J2ME  Console : Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, WiiWare  Free to Play : Flash Games, Casual MMO’s
  23. 23. User Generated Content  Sony called this Game 3.0 (user created/Social/3D)  Little Big Planet example  725,000 user created levels  125 million games played
  24. 24. Social networking
  25. 25. Social Networking Organogram is not a network Recruitment Talent management Knowledge management Organisational goals BUT Attention is at a premium
  26. 26. Social Networking Organogram is NOT a network Recruitment Talent management Knowledge management Organisational goals BUT Attention is at a premium
  27. 27. Virtual worlds
  28. 28. Web 1.0 Individuals Web 2.0 Connected Web 3D Inside
  29. 29. Social Networking & Games World of Warcraft Ultima Online Eve Battlefield Counterstrike Planetside Star Wars
  30. 30. POLIC THEORY
  31. 31. POLIC THEORY Jade Lily & Torley Torgeson
  32. 32. Will something bad happen?
  33. 33. 1. Confidentiality 2. Harassment 3. Libel POLICE THROUGH POLICIES
  34. 34. “Social Computing is not a fad. Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by. Gradually, Social Computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world” Forrester Research
  35. 35. Great Divide
  36. 36. Email Blog Twitter @donaldclark Facebook DonaldClark Skype Donald.clark321