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Micro elements


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Micro elements in a movie opening

Published in: Technology
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Micro elements

  1. 1. Micro Elements Back to the future
  2. 2. A medium shot panning the clocks lasts 38 seconds. This illustrates to the audience that the movie is about time . It is almost a tense scene as you see no people and machines are working as well as there being no background music, so you feel like something dramatic is about to happen. The camera goes onto a TV that is on the news channel and tells the audience that plutonium has been stolen so you know this will come up later in the film and a main character probably stole it. This is made clear by the fact that the camera stays on the TV and zooms in on it for 13 seconds. Close up and extreme close up is used in this part.
  3. 3. The camera follows round the room and shows what is happening as there is lots of machines being used and this illustrates to the audience that the owner of the house is clever and also a important part of the story. The fact that no one is around and when the dog food drops there is already lots this adds to that adds to that theory. The camera switches a few times in this scene so that it is not constantly moving. The audience are introduced to the first character which means that he will most likely be the centre of the story. The fact that he knows where the key is and that he says ‘‘hey doc’’ tells the audience straight away that he is close to the owner of the house. They use a medium/close up shot on the characters legs to give a first impression without showing what he loos like. You can tell that he is relatively young probably a teenager due to his style and he is carrying a skateboard and by the sound of his voice.
  4. 4. The use of a close and low shot and that the camera is following the skateboard shows that the skateboard is going to be important ad it hits a box that we see contains plutonium which the audience know was stolen because of the news broadcast. The characters face is yet to be revealed because a low shot is used throughout. The extreme close up to the characters hand shows the audience what he's doing and because his face is yet to be shown they might think he's up to something and he might be a ‘mysterious’ character.
  5. 5. The camera zooms out and we can see that the character has plugged instrument into a mic so the audience are no longer concerned with the machine being a weapon. Yet the character still turns away when the camera zooms out which makes the audience wonder what type of person he is and who he is. The camera continues to zoom out but then suddenly zooms in on the guitar pick which tells the audance that something is about to happen due to that guitar pick
  6. 6. The camera switches to a side view and the audience get their first view of the characters face and the use of a angle switch shows the force of the explosion on the character . The camera goes to the front view then to a close up top/front view to show the damage the character has caused and how far the character went. The audience feel concerned for the character because of how much landed on him
  7. 7. How this analysis of the micro elements will help me in the construction of my film opening • Micro elements help to show the audience what is going on in a scene and the knowledge I have gained will allow me when to use certain shots to get emotional reactions from the audience. For example when I want to make a scene tense I could slowly zoom in or out and I could also use the pan shot. The micro elements help to get the audience thinking and gets a reaction from them, with different techniques getting different reactions.