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  • If you don’t control your lifestyle now, one day your lifestyle will control you.
    It also causes your body to become acidic – and all disease flourishes in an acidic body.
  • 60-70% of your body weight is made up of water
    Filtered water is the liquid that the body needs to hydrate itself and to eliminate its own cellular waste
    It cleanses the body and reduces constipation. (Laxative sales exceed $4 Billion every year.)
    We should drink a little less than half of your body weight in pounds, in ounces. For example, a 120Lb woman should drink approximately 50 ounces of filtered water each day.
    A good suggestion is to carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Keep one on your desk, next to your bed, in your car, and by your side while you exercise!
    Municipal water is treated with chlorine, a known carcinogen that kills the good bacteria in your intestines. It has also been linked to cancer and miscarriages.
  • Examples: White bread, bagels, pasta, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, and cakes.
    Switch to: Multigrain or whole grain foods.
  • Kelp or Dulse granules are also good low sodium alternatives and can be found in most Health Food Stores.
  • Humans are theonly mammalsthat drink milk after infancy.
    Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH): This is used to boost milk production, which increases the IGF-1 (Insulin- Like Growth Factor) in cattle, therefore increasing our risk of cancer. BGH is banned in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and most of Europe.
    Antibiotics: Because most of the animals are sick from the BGH, they are given antibiotics. It in turn goes into your body, along with the BGH.
    Pasteurization: To prolong shelf life and to kill the bacteria and life in milk, it is heated up to a very high temperature, which destroys 95% of the protein in milk turning it into glue called casein. Casein is the glue used to hold furniture together and to put labels on bottles. (That’s why there is a picture of a cow on the bottle of Elmer’s Glue).
    Osteoporosis: We consume more dairy products than any other country in the world, and curiously we also have the highest rate of Osteoporosis.
    Conclusion: Cow milk is for baby cows.
    If you still want to drink milk, the experts say you should only consume organic whole milk. It is still pasteurized, but void of BGH and antibiotics.
    Better choices: Soy milk (Silk brand), almond milk, or rice milk (Rice Dream Brand).
  • When you reward your children with sweets, you are loving them to death.
    Sugar goes from your lips to your hips! Have you ever seen what 5 pounds of fat looks like?
    CANCER THRIVES ON SUGAR because it makes your body acidic.
    What’s in a can of Pepsi?: Caramel color, 35 mg. of sodium, caffeine, phosphoric acid, citric acid, and 41 grams of sugar (approximately 12 packets of sugar).
    The phosphoric acid in coke has a Ph of 2.8, enough to dissolve a nail or a t-bone steak in about a week!
  • Applies to any artificial sweetener
  • Wp With Visuals

    1. 1. Purchased, May 3rd 2006
    2. 2. Reduce Stress WE ARE STRESSED OUT Stress causes free radical damage,which then leads to all diseases including cancer and heart disease! Exercise, meditation, massages, deep breathing and 7-8 hours of sleep will help neutralize stress
    3. 3. Not Enough Exercise!
    4. 4. Drink More Water Most people do not drink enough! • Hydrates & Eliminates cellular waste • Reduces constipation • Drink half your body weight in pounds, in ounces of water
    5. 5. Eliminate The 5 White Poisons! • Chemically treated • Most nutrients are destroyed • Little nutritional value. 1. Enriched White Flour
    6. 6. 2. Table Salt • Commercially refined • Most nutrients removed • A Better Choice - Sea Salt with 70 naturally occurring minerals.
    7. 7. 3. Milk/Dairy • We are the only creatures that drink milk from another animal. • Three problems: 1. Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) linked to cancer 2. Antibiotics 3. Pasteurization – Destroys 95% of the protein (protein + Heat =casein/glue) Alternatives To Milk: Soy, almond, rice or organic milk
    8. 8. 4. Sugar Sugar – The average child consumes ¾ lb of sugar (per day) 5 lb. bag of sugar (per week) Sugar goes from your lips to your hips: 5 lbs. of artificial fat. The following items contain this much sugar: Grams/Packets (of sugar) 1. Pepsi 41g/13pkt 2. Tropicana 16 fl. oz. 44g/14pkt 3. Ocean Spray Cran Grape 61g/19pkt 4. M & M’s 56g/17pkt Substitute Sugar with Stevia, Sucanat, honey or Agave nectar, available in health food stores.
    9. 9. 5. Aspartame/Artificial Sweeteners • NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Splenda & Sucralose • Diet soda, sugar-free gum, mints, etc. • At 86ºF wood alcohol in aspartame  Formaldehyde Formic Acid  metabolic acidosis…. What’s Your Body Temperature? • Weakens immune system and prevents weight loss
    10. 10. What we Should Consume Daily GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN GOOD FATS FIBER FRUITS AND VEGETABLES These recommendations are not meant to diagnose or treat any specific disease but to help in reducing the risk.
    11. 11. Omega 3 and 6
    12. 12. Good Protein & Omega 3 and 6
    13. 13. Good Source of Fiber
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