Orientation for Online Learners at Madison College


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This presentation will be presented at the 2012 SLOAN-C International Conference on Online Learning. See the full presentation details and description here: http://sloanconsortium.org/conference/2012/aln/orientation-online-learners-madison-college

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Orientation for Online Learners at Madison College

  1. 1. Orientation for OnlineLearners at Madison College 2012 SLOAN-C INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Presenters: Jennifer Lewis Carly Brady Mac Adkins, Smarter Measure
  2. 2. Online Programs at Madison College• Increased between 2000 (4) and 2012 (7)• Current Programs Include: – Business Software Specialist – Administrative Professional Online Associate’s Degree – Supervisory Management Online Associate’s Degree – Marketing Online AA – Meeting and Event Management AA – Optometric Technician Online Technical Diploma – Associate Degree in Arts For more information: http://madisoncollege.edu/online-programs
  3. 3. Online Classes at Madison College
  4. 4. Online Enrollments at Madison College
  5. 5. Why Create an Orientation for Online Learners?• Inconsistencies across the college with online class descriptions and expectations of students and faculty.• Lower success rates in online classes (C or Better):
  6. 6. Orientation Main Objectives1. How to offer orientation? • When, where in the registration process?1. How to limit barriers which might deter students?2. Which platforms to use? • Integration with existing platforms: Blackboard, SmarterMeasure, PeopleSoft
  7. 7. Building the Orientation1. Information on the course format, including tips for success.  Video2. Way to verify students review the tips.  Comprehension Quiz3. Personalized assessment of qualities for success in the online format.  SmarterMeasure (READI) assessment
  8. 8. Online Format Video http://youtu.be/5yjwouHrIws
  9. 9. Comprehension Quiz• 6 MC questions using test tool in Blackboard• Traits/skills for success in online classes – motivation, time management• Purchase books early• Using Blackboard, email and technology• Blackboard and technology help
  10. 10. SmarterMeasure (READI) and Madison College• Originally an optional tool for students and faculty• Includes: TRY IT: http://madisoncollege.edu/readi-instructions
  11. 11. Updated SmarterMeasure for Online Orientation• Narrowed topics to three major categories: TRY IT: http://madisoncollege.edu/readi-instructions
  12. 12. Orientation “Tour”View the tour online: http://youtu.be/lanfHGCsbbo
  13. 13. Challenges with the Online Orientation• Difficulty with the authentication and callback message to PeopleSoft when an assessment was completed.• Took 5 months for Madison College & SmarterMeasure to get it to work.• Blackboard not fully updated last Spring, so new accounts cannot login to Blackboard until the next day.
  14. 14. Preliminary Feedback• Orientation information and videos shared with faculty – Preparing to Teach Online, Summer 2012 – Convocation, August 2012• Highly positive feedback from faculty• Desire to have videos accessible outside Orientation
  15. 15. AcknowledgementsMADISON COLLEGE:• Shawna Carter, School of Online And Accelerated Learning• Trey Mireles, Accelerated Methods Teaching Fellow• Mary Jo Black, Arden Rice and Peri Mills, Tech Services• Mark Shymanski, Institutional Research & EffectivenessSMARTER MEASURE:• Jason Fill• Tara Boozer
  16. 16. Thank You!For more information...Jennifer Lewis, jlnielsen@madisoncollege.edu, Skype: jennifer.l.nielsen, Twitter: GeoJenLewisCarly Brady, cbrady@madisoncollege.edu, Skype: carlybradyMac Adkins, mac@smarterservices.comSchool of Online and Accelerated Learning: http://madisoncollege.edu/online-accelerated-learningSmarterMeasure: http://www.smartermeasure.com/