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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Location/ Establishing shot My film Opening Existing FilmThis shot is the first shot within both my film but also the hustle clip I have takenthe shot from. This type of shot is conventional for all film openings as it helps toset the scene and location of the film to help show the audience what type oflocation and setting the film is set and therefore the genre of film that this film is.Hustle has used an establishing shot that shows a city, this has connotations andstereotypes of wealth and a busy life, along with stereotypes of upper class peopleand business men in suits this therefore also shows what type of characters maybe in the film. Although I have not taken this shot in a city I still feel I this shot is stillconventional. To further improve this shot I could have taken this shot so that itincludes more high rising buildings that are conventional for large busy cities.
  3. 3. Introduction of main character My Film Opening Existing FilmThe main character of the film is usually the first character that the audiencegets introduced to. Within both openings that are shown we are introduced tothe main character this may be seen as conventional as along with theestablishing shot it may help to set the storyline. Within my film opening I feelthat I have not given an indication of the storyline however I have introducedthe main character so that we can get an idea of the type of character he is. Bydoing this it helps to establish what the characters lifestyle is like and thereforemay give an indication of what the film is going to be like. this may also be aconvention as it may incise the audience to watch on.
  4. 4. Costume My Film Opening Existing FilmNot only do costumes help to identify one character from another but it also helpsthe audience relate to stereotypes that may be associated with the costume forexample businessmen and suits. The conventional costume that can be seen withinthe action crime genre is that of a smart well dressed business man like costume. Ifeel that this is something that can be seen in both films shown. A further use ofcostume that is also conventional for film could also include helping to separate thecharacters from one another and to also show whether they are good or bad. Withinmy film I have done this through the colour ties that the characters. For example themain character is wearing a red tie this may be seen as a positive colour andtherefore shows that he is good whereas the mark within the opening is seen
  5. 5. Props My Film Opening Existing FilmThe Main use for props is to help identify something or somewhere for examplea group of tables and coffee mugs helps to indentify the location as being at acafe. On the other hand props can also help to identify different types ofcharacters for example a man with a brief case stereotypically would be seen asa business man. The type of props we have used do both of these things. Thecoffee mug and tip tray on the table helps to identify the location of the scene asbeing at a cafe but we have also used a phone and car keys to help show thatthe mark within this shot is busy. Using props is conventional for all films as it ispart of the mis en sene of the film.
  6. 6. My Film Opening Existing FilmIt is conventional for all films to use titles at the beginning of the film to helpshow who was involved in the creation of the film. These titles mayconventionally include the director, producer, writers and the main actors thatfeature in the film. I feel that my film is conventional as I have not only addedthese titles but I have also added the conventional jobs that the people do.Different films display these titles and text in different ways to match the genreof the film. The way I have chosen to display this is through placing the textover the film this is to avoid splitting the film up and therefore making the filmmake sense. An example where this method can be seen could be in theopening to Italian job 1969 On the other hand the existing film that I have
  7. 7. Film Title My Film Opening Existing FilmTitles of the film can be seen as the most important part of a film opening as itinforms the reader about the name of the film. Title are conventionally placedon titles screens this is to make the text stand out and look important, this issomething that both film openings shown have included. The type of font that Ihave used within my titles can also be seen as conventional to the genre inwhich I have chosen. The type of font that I have used is bold and may carryconnotations of graffiti which helps to link the film to the genre of action crime. Ihave also chosen to use a black background and white text because I feel thatthis is a bold clean look which helps to relate to the type of film.
  8. 8. Transitions My Film Opening Existing FilmDifferent types of films may use different transitions however a conventionaltransition for the genre that I have chosen is the push slide this transition couldeither push the shot/ film out of view so that it revels a black screen or it couldpush a second shot into view. Both of these methods are conventional for thegenre that I have chosen. A further convention to the genre could also includea variation to the direction that the transition moves. I have ensure thatthroughout my opening I have used different directions so that it feels moreedgy and therefore matches the feel of the film.
  9. 9. Camera effects My Film Opening Existing FilmSplitting the screen during post production helps to show different multiplethings that are happening at the same time but also different perspectives whilethe action is taking place. this type of effect is not conventional for filmopenings or films within the genre to use however some films do use this tohelp set the scene and to also give the audience an advantage to seeing whatis going on.
  10. 10. Effects My Film Opening Existing FilmVisual effects are added during post production stage and help to focused theaudiences attention to a specific thing on the screen. The effect used here isslow motion, this helps to add an effect to the shot as it makes it seem moredramatic as well as focusing the audience attention on the action that is goingon. This type of effect is conventional to films within the action crime genrealthough this effect may not be used across all films.