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The loyal millennial: the next generation of employees in facilities management


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Explore the key characteristics that millennials look for and how facilities management could be the industry that meets their needs. At a time when the facilities management workforce is facing a baby-boom retirement, returning and retaining millennials to your workforce is the key to keep your facilities running. This infographic debunks the myth that millennials are "job hoppers" given the right opportunity and career path

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The loyal millennial: the next generation of employees in facilities management

  1. 1. 22% 17% 13% 11% 10% THE MILLENNIAL JOB-HOPPER According to a survey commissioned by JLL, millennials are loyal when they: According to a 2013 survey by Millennial Branding and Millennials want a challenging environment where they can innovate and effect change. Top 5 satisfaction drivers: Have growth opportunities I like what I do Salary Working environment There’s flexibility Amount of responsibility Can try new roles 98% 85% 81% Challenge PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT At companies that specialize in FM, facilities managers are central to operations, and are therefore highly valued and respected. Self-providers are unable to place so much emphasis on what is a support function in their organization. Companies with talent development experience are the obvious option for graduates who are looking for structured nurturing and mentoring. THE LOYAL MILLENNIAL? ATTRACTING AND RETAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF EMPLOYEES }} Top 3 most important ways of working according to millennials:} } Millennials have earned a reputation for jumping from job to job. As a result, some employers view the possibility of attracting a millennial employee as fraught with difficulties and extra expenses. But there’s more to the story. Research commissioned by JLL has identified what millennials want and need in a career — and once you take these desires into account, you’re likely to keep your millennials on staff for years. }} 3 ESSENTIALS FOR THE MILLENNIAL EMPLOYEE INNOVATION, CHALLENGE, AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT HOW TO ADDRESS MILLENNIAL CHALLENGES Innovating and effecting change in the organization Experiencing autonomyInteracting with a diverse group of people — clients and coworkers 92% wanted to work for an organization that offers personal and professional growth Feel they’re an important part of a larger organization + - }} HOW MILLENNIALS DESCRIBED THE CAREER THEY WANTED WHILE THEY WERE STILL IN SCHOOL: SEEK TO WORK IN A RESPECTED PROFESSION ARE SEEKING ESTABLISHED MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS The attraction in working for an industry leader is clear. Pioneers within their field, any industry leader allows graduates to learn from the best minds and experiences. ARE SEEKING TO WORK FOR AN INDUSTRY LEADER wanted access to cutting-edge technology and systems wanted to work in an innovative field desired to be challenged and learn new things on a daily basis wanted to rise to the highest level of the organization 87% 77% of millennials 60%of millennials 60%of millennials TALENT DEVELO PM ENT 101 SOURCE Based on an independent March 2014 study of 207 North American post-secondary students and professionals born between 1980 and 1998. 2013 survey conducted by Millennial Branding and to learn more about the talent gap and millennial awareness of facilities management careers. Visit e𝑖𝑥 = cos 𝑥 + 𝑖 sin 𝑥 e𝑖𝜋 + 1 = 0 𝑎² + 𝑏² = 𝑐² 𝑛! =�0 ∞ 𝑥 𝑛 𝑒-𝑥 𝑑𝑥 Companies that specialize in facilities management provide this environment by encouraging innovation and rewarding contribution regardless of seniority. 60%45% 30% of companies experience high turnover with millennials – by a 2:1 margin versus older generations. of millennials are leaving their company in less than three years of companies have lost 15% or more of their millennial employees in the past year. Most felt that at least 10% of the lost millennial employees went directly to their competitors