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The challenge of attracting millennials to integrated facilities management


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Today’s facilities management (FM) workforce is aging. Companies must close the talent gap by recruiting millennial talent, but according to an independent study commissioned by JLL, millennials are unaware of FM as a career.

However, the key to the future of facilities management is recruiting the new wave of talent that’s entering the workforce. By the end of 2014, millennials are expected to make up 47% of the workforce. Explore the challenge of attracting millennials to intergrated facilities management and let us help you find solutions.

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The challenge of attracting millennials to integrated facilities management

  1. 1. Millennials prefer direct modes of contact with sources they use in making career decisions. 1% 43% THE CHALLENGE OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: WHAT MILLENNIALS KNOW STUDENTS ARE UNAWARE OF CAREERS IN FM 45% 29% 18% 14% 9% 20% 3% FM: HOW TO RECRUIT MILLENIALS What are the students surveyed studying? Older millennials are more likely to know about FM: Men are also more likely to know about FM: What types of roles do today’s students see themselves in following graduation? Today’s facilities management workforce is aging, creating a talent gap. Companies are at risk because of the difficulties in recruiting and attracting millennials. JLL commissioned an independent study in March, 2014, asking over 200 students about FM as a career. Here’s what we learned. INTEGRATED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT ATTRACTING MILLENNIALS TO FM SOURCE Based on an independent March 2014 study of 207 North American post-secondary students and professionals born between 1980 and 1998. 76% 60% 59% Most useful sources for choosing a career, according to millennials Self-performers lack the resources to recruit FM talent: to learn more about the talent gap and millennial awareness of facilities management careers. Just Vs. think they will enter a career in facilities management! Science, engineering, or math Business or accounting Architecture or building science 53% 22% 14% 6% 4% Scientist, technologist, engineer, mathematician Business management, accounting audit Government (including defense) Building science/architect Project/construction management }} VISIT }} 67% 25% of those who are 30-34 years old of students who are 21-24 Vs. 56% 30% of men Among students who have heard of FM, few knew what the job actually entails have heard of facilities management didn’t specify or just left the question blank mentioned they believed FM involves “managing facilities” or a general “managing” role mentioned daily operations or upkeep of a facility mentioned building or facilities maintenance Campus recruiting Internships of women Internships Friends and Family Talks from industry professionals 44% 49% 57% Company website or brochure Career centers Online sources Vs. Social media recruiting Skills learned from the science, technology, engineering, and math fields support increasingly technology-driven facilities management (FM) roles, but despite a wide-open job pipeline, few qualified students envision a career in FM after they graduate. Companies are being exposed to risk as a result.