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A strategic sourcing approach can accelerate enterprise growth


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Driven by technological advances and changes in workplace culture, real estate and facilities management (RE&FM) responsbilities have changed drastically in the past few years. In addition to simple transaction and building management, today's smartest companies build real estate teams that stratecially approach RE&FM to achieve cost savings, enhance productivity and employee satisfaction, improve risk management and more. The strongest teams are comprised of both internal employees and external consultants, who work with many facets of the organization--from IT to human resources--to develop and execute these holistic RE&FM programs.

To learn more and download the complete guide to how to build your strategic RE&FM team, and what to look for in a partner, visit:

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A strategic sourcing approach can accelerate enterprise growth

  1. 1. 69% Redefining Real Estate & Facilities Management The quality and sophistication of real estate and facilities services can affect many other departments: Location of offices Appeal of the work environment Organizational Impacts of Facilities Management Human Resources Procurement professionals are involved in corporate real estate sourcing decisions at Information Technology The right partner with the right strategy can help your company Characteristics to watch for in making sourcing decisions The provider’s emphasis on measurable goals An atmosphere of mutual trust RE&FM now represents an opportunity for strategic sourcing professionals to create value for the enterprise through worker enablement — especially when coupled with thoughtful IT and HR strategies. Can Accelerate Enterprise Growth Thinking Beyond The Short Term Real estate and facilities management (RE&FM), traditionally approached as a series of transactions coupled with building management, has become much more. This function now represents an opportunity for strategic sourcing professionals to create value for the enterprise through worker enablement. Pursuing the best workplace, facility and location strategies, and working with the right vendors to carry them out, can help companies improve on key metrics of success. Recruitment and retention are affected by: Employee productivity is affected by: Result: Less space required per employee Mobile and in-office technology enables more work to be done outside the office Which facilities are most in need of capital expenditures Logistics Location, design and management of facilities are factors present in every link in the supply chain C-suite The ability to prepare for contingencies can be critical in a fast-changing world, especially since real estate occupancy is a long-term commitment Finance A partner can help with such important decisions as: Office layout and comfort Flexibility of space to serve a range of needs Lease or own? How to get the most out of surplus properties Risk Management Facilities managers can: Improve disaster preparedness Speed up the recovery process Maintain mission-critical facilities Ensure safety and regulatory compliance Unique Industry Needs An outsourcing partner has to know not just how to run facilities, but how to run your facilities of companies but 15% among companies where procurement professionals are involved, have limited knowledge of CRE functions 58% 1 3 Enhance employee productivity of the top Optimize balance-sheet and P&L impact The icing on the cake: Reducing operational cost Meet strategic goals in areas ranging from M&A to sustainability expense line items AND Real estate and facilities management is RE&FM now represents an opportunity for strategic sourcing professionals to reduce costs or more on facilities spend within the first few years A first-generation outsourcing typically results in cost efficiencies of For more information, visit SOURCE Jacobs, Bryan. “A strategic sourcing approach can accelerate enterprise growth.” JLL. United States: 2014. Savings come from: Almost any good service provider can gain some level of savings without cutting facilities staff or compensation Reducing energy use and disposing of or subletting unused real estate Renegotiating vendor contracts Implementing ways to use existing space more effectively