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Productivity: Corporate Australia


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At the beginning of 2014, we surveyed 20 CEOs in Australia across a variety of industries and asked them about their key business focus areas and how they measure productivity.

Most notable was that the CEOs estimated an average of over 60% of their time was spent focusing on people. Whilst people are of course the key to a productive organisation, we discovered some essential foundations had to be in place and constantly reviewed for their effectiveness, relevance and strength, in order to provide people with the opportunity to be productive. These foundations helped make up our productivity framework and are: Leadership, Systems and Processes, and Work Environment. These crucial components, if constantly accessed to fit with a business’s objectives, are enablers of productivity. If they are not aligned to the business strategy, they can equally be inhibitors.

Given the strong focus on knowledge worker productivity, the workplace is an important catalyst for human performance. Creating the right physical environment will drive the organisational culture, collaboration, innovation and team to create productivity improvements.

In our experience, a contributing factor to workplace success, is the effectiveness of multiple teams working together to deliver business outcomes. In designing a work environment, a company needs to consider how to create space that stimulates the effectiveness of these teams, as well as understand what tasks these teams perform that contribute the most value to the organisation and delivering the appropriate physical environment to support these tasks.

To download the complete paper, Perspectives on Productivity: Corporate Australia, please visit:

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Productivity: Corporate Australia

  1. 1. Perspectives on Productivity Corporate Australia
  2. 2. Click here to download the complete paper: Perspectives on Productivity: Corporate Australia