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Four Global Corporate Real Estate Trends in 2015 [Infographic]


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JLL’s report, Elevate to Excellence, highlights an immediate need for change in the CRE industry. We’ve identified four themes that characterize the challenge ahead: Centralization, Integration, Expectation and Outsourcing. Find out more at:

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Four Global Corporate Real Estate Trends in 2015 [Infographic]

  1. 1. to excellence ELEVATE Global Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 rank LACK OF EFFECTIVE DATA AND ANALYTICS as a TOP CONSTRAINT to elevating the CRE functions report INCREASING DEMANDS to REDUCE OPERATING EXPENSES report INCREASING DEMANDS to ENHANCE PRODUCTIVITY of the real estate portfolio 52% 77%75% £ £ are ACTIVELY OUTSOURCING elements of their CRE activities have an INTERNAL PROCUREMENT FUNCTION involved in CRE decisions view outsourcing decisions as STRATEGIC AND FOCUSED on LONG-TERM VALUE of respondents PREDICT FULL OUTSOURCING of the following in the next three years: Lease Administration Transaction Management Transaction Execution Project and Construction Management Facilities and Property Management 86% 70% 49% 25% £ £ £ £ have a GLOBAL HEAD OF CRE in place of CRE heads REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE C-SUITE rank BUILDING AND SUSTAINING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS as a TOP OPPORTUNITY to elevate the CRE function rank LACK OF INTEGRATION WITH THE WIDER BUSINESS as a TOP CONSTRAINT to elevating the CRE function have a FORMAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT PROGRAM in place have ADOPTED A SHARED SERVICES MODEL, well behind 2013 predictions only expect GREATER CENTRALISATION AND CONTROL over the next 3 years 92% 57% 50% 45% 43% 12% 17% 86% CRE teams are becoming increasingly centralized and global, more formally connected to the C-suite and better empowered to drive change. Demand to deliver across a range of tactical and strategic activity continues to intensify, challenging the composition and skills of CRE teams and creating a “pressure cooker” of expectations. Interaction and integration with other business functions and stakeholders is a growing need, but is a feature of only a few CRE teams. As pressure grows, CRE teams are using outsourced service providers across more geographies and industry sectors; but, many are still missing the opportunity to drive strategic, long-term value through outsourcing partnerships. THEME 1 CENTRALIZATION THEME 3 EXPECTATION THEME 2 INTEGRATION THEME 4 OUTSOURCING 61% in 2013 VS say their CRE MANDATE IS STRONGER than 3 years ago 73% 2013 2014 2015 feel WELL-EQUIPPED to meet changing demands 28%in 2013 VS only Elevate to excellence: Global Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 © Jones Lang LaSalle 2015 2015 2016 2017