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City Momentum Index


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Recognizing that commercial real estate is no longer just a consequence of a city’s success but a driver of it, Jones Lang LaSalle has identified San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Wuhan at the forefront of cities that demonstrate the combination of strong short term socio-economic and commercial real estate momentum and longer term foundations for success. In its new, proprietary City Momentum Index (CMI), Jones Lang LaSalle goes beyond traditional, static economic rankings to delve into the underlying drivers that are the hallmark of highly dynamic cities.

According to Jeremy Kelly, Director, Global Research for Jones Lang LaSalle: “City momentum is about far more than just raw GDP growth. The true foundation of highly dynamic cities emerges from such factors as speed of innovation and creation of cutting-edge businesses along with new building construction, property price movement and investment in real estate from cross-border investors and corporations.

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City Momentum Index

  1. 1. JLL City Momentum Index January 2014
  2. 2. JLL City Momentum Index The World’s 20 Most Dynamic Cities Socio - Economic Commercial Real Estate Momentum Momentum 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 San Francisco London Dubai Shanghai Wuhan New York Austin Hong Kong San Jose Singapore Shenzhen Jakarta Beijing Chengdu Los Angeles Tianjin Boston Seattle Tokyo Lima High - Value Incubators Top Quintile 2nd Quintile 3rd Quintile 4th Quintile Bottom Quintile Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2014 2
  3. 3. City Momentum Index Global Top 20 – U.S. and China’s Cities Dominate Seattle San Francisco San Jose Los Angeles London Austin Boston New York Dubai Chengdu Beijing Tianjin Wuhan Tokyo Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong Singapore Lima Jakarta Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2014 3
  4. 4. City Momentum Index Dissecting the Momentum Los Angeles Munich, Seoul Seattle, Sydney Toronto, Tokyo San Francisco Bay London New York, Austin Hong Kong Singapore Shanghai, Beijing Dubai, Shenzhen High -Value Incubators Boston, Paris Berlin, Chicago Randstad Copenhagen Highest Wuhan Chengdu, Tianjin Jakarta, Lima Lowest Lowest Short - Term Momentum Highest Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, January 2014 4
  5. 5. City Momentum Index Covers 111 Major Cities North America (29) EMEA (45) Asia Pacific (29) Vancouver, Calgary Toronto, Montreal Oslo, Stockholm Copenhagen, Helsinki Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo Washington DC, Baltimore Philadelphia, New York, Boston Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh Manchester, Birmingham, London Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai Chengdu, Wuhan Guangzhou, Shenzhen Minneapolis, Chicago St Louis, Detroit Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon Hong Kong, Taipei Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart Munich, Zurich, Vienna Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami Denver, Austin, Dallas, Houston Las Vegas, Phoenix Seattle, Portland, San Francisco San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego Latin America (8) Mexico City, Monterrey Lima, Bogota Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Santiago, Buenos Aires Milan, Rome, Athens Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Jakarta, Manila Prague, Budapest, Warsaw Bucharest, Kiev Moscow, St Petersburg Perth, Brisbane Melbourne, Sydney Auckland Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona Istanbul Abu Dhabi, Dubai Jeddah, Riyadh Casablanca, Cairo Cape Town, Johannesburg Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2014 5
  6. 6. City Momentum Index – The Ingredients Socio - economic Momentum Commercial Real Estate Momentum High - value incubators Air Connectivity Construction, Absorption, Price Higher Education Infrastructure Fortune 2000 HQs Investment Transactions Innovation Capability Foreign Direct Investment Transparency Technology/Venture Capital Economic Output Population Short - term Momentum High - value incubators City Momentum Index Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2014 6
  7. 7. For further information please contact: Contributing authors: Ben Breslau Andrew Burrell Jeremy Kelly Director, Global Research +44 (0) 20 3147 1199 Rosemary Feenan Head of Global Research Programmes +44 (0) 20 3147 1198 >> Download the full report: City Momentum Index Oliver Kummerfeldt Jane Murray Josh Gelormini Craig Plumb David Green-Morgan David Rees Myles Huang This presentation is the sole property of Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. and must not be copied, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, either in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources generally regarded to be reliable. However, no representation is made, or warranty given, in respect of the accuracy of this information. We would like to be informed of any inaccuracies so that we may correct them. Jones Lang LaSalle does not accept any liability in negligence or otherwise for any loss or damage suffered by any party resulting from reliance on this publication.