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European Industrial & Logistics Corporate Occupier Conditions – Industrial Q4 2016


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Total take-up set a new record in 2016 with over 19 million sq m for the first time in the European market. The final quarter pushed the total to a new record. There was over 6 million sq m in take-up in Q4 alone.

European Industrial & Logistics Occupier Market outlook for 2017

• Occupier demand is forecast to remain resilient despite mainly modest economic growth and heightened political risks. Our Supply Chain Activity Index points to a slight deceleration on 2016’s record high, but still trending upward.
• New supply is likely to still be predominantly BTS. Vacancy rates are therefore projected to stay low in most major markets.
• Our model-based forecasts imply moderate rental growth in aggregate across Europe this year, but specific supply and demand dynamics will determine growth rates in local markets.

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European Industrial & Logistics Corporate Occupier Conditions – Industrial Q4 2016

  1. 1. European Industrial & Logistics Current Conditions Countries identified as tenant favourable* Prime Rental Levels France Finland Hungary Russia Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Corporate Occupier Conditions Q4 2016 2015 17 million sq m 19 millionsq m 2016surpasses2015take-up recordby2millionsqm 2016 JLL’s Supply Chain Activity Index* continues upward trend after increasing to 130.0 in Q4 Low <€52/sq m/yr Mid-range €52-72/sq m/yr High >€72/sq m/yr Guy Gueirard Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Jon Sleeman Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research Alexandra Tornow EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research Ryan Loftus EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research For more information, contact: ©2017JonesLangLaSalleIP,Inc.Allrightsreserved.TheinformationcontainedinthisdocumentisproprietarytoJLLandshallbeusedsolelyforthepurposes ofevaluatingthisproposal.AllsuchdocumentationandinformationremainsthepropertyofJLLandshallbekeptconfidential.Reproductionofanypartofthis documentisauthorizedonlytotheextentnecessaryforitsevaluation.ItisnottobeshowntoanythirdpartywithoutthepriorwrittenauthorizationofJLL.All informationcontainedhereinisfromsourcesdeemedreliable;however,norepresentationorwarrantyismadeastotheaccuracythereof. Antwerp Athens Bratislava Bucharest Budapest Lille Lisbon Lyon Milan Poznan Prague Rome Warsaw Belgrade Berlin Brussels Dusseldorf Edinburgh Gothenburg Hamburg Madrid Moscow Paris Rotterdam St. Petersburg Zagreb Amsterdam Barcelona Birmingham Copenhagen Dublin Frankfurt Helsinki Istanbul London Manchester Munich Oslo Stockholm JLL’s Supply Chain Activity Index is a composite index of economic and supply chain variables that the EMEA Industrial & Logistics Group has constructed to forecast short-term corporate demand for logistics (distribution warehouse) space across Europe. 130.0 *Tenant favourable identified as countries with markets with high availability and/or low rental rates