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Internal real estate benchmarking for banks


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Comparing your real estate costs to similar banks via industry reports can give you a general idea of where your spending lies on the spectrum. However, to truly realize potential savings, it's important to dig deeper into your own real estate footprint.

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Internal real estate benchmarking for banks

  1. 1. MAKING BETTER DECISIONS IN A COMPLEX BANKING WORLD How internal benchmarking gives deeper insight into your real estate portfolio.
  2. 2. Every bank wants to know how real estate costs impact their business. But getting a good picture of their portfolio can be challenging.
  3. 3. Measuring performance compared to competitors is a good start, but it has limitations. Every bank is different and comparing apples to oranges doesn’t produce the best insights.
  4. 4. That’s why more and more banks are turning to internal benchmarking – Assessing the performance of each location based on established standards and comparing the results to identify opportunities for improvement.
  5. 5. Internal benchmarking gives you a better picture of your business – so you can compare apples to apples. And that can mean clearer progress, better decisions and a more efficient portfolio.
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