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Power Quality Problems and their best solutions


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Power Quality Problems and their best solutions,
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Comprehensive Energy Audit,
Electrical Safety Audit,
Active Harmonic Filter,
Energy Management System,
HVAC audit,
Electrical Engineering solutions,
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Power Quality Problems and their best solutions

  1. 1. INVENTUM POWER PVT. LTD. Power Quality and Energy Savings Solutions Call :- +91 9716667972, +91 9650334786 Email :- Visit us at :-
  2. 2. ABOUT US Inventum Power Private Limited is a leading power quality solutions & services provider. For LT & MV power factor correction system. Also providing refurbishing, repairing and upgradation of existing panel as per electrical network requirement. We are the authorised channel partner of Elspec, Isreal. Our's technology simplifies the understanding of the quality of power itself, is highly compatible & helps our customers enhance electrical network power quality. Our innovations can be found in almost any sector, spanning from the industrial, commercial to the utility sectors. Some of the more substantial installations include Automobile & Car Manufacturers, Commercial Buildings, Data Centres, Plastic & Silicon Factories, Electrical Utilities, Healthcare Centers, Port Authorities, etc. We have dedicated and expert team for services. Your first point of contact with Inventum Power care will be with our dedicated customer services team. We are highly skilled, motivated and fully trained to assist you. Our services team includes our expert, highly experienced advisors for power factor correction systems, harmonic filter and others Energy and Power Quality problems who have over 40 years combined experience for the same. Each team member is dedicated to offering a high level of customer care and also strives for excellence to ensure that you receive the perfect service
  4. 4. Solution Cycle Measure Simulate & Analysis Monitoring & Controlling Design & Construct
  5. 5. SOLUTIONS OFFERED POWER QUALITY SOLUTIONS • Active Harmonic Filter. • Real time Power Factor Correction System (cycle to cycle correction) • Power Factor Correction System (Automatic / Thyristor ) • Harmonic Filter (Detuned, Tuned and Hybrid) • Capacitor Bank • Harmonic Block Reactor / Line Reactor • High End Power Quality Analyzer (1 year continuous recording with high speed of 1024 sample/cycle) • 3 phase Power Quality Analyzer • PLC Automation
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS OFFERED Renewable Solar Grid Tie / Off Grid Solutions
  7. 7. LIST OF SERVICES OFFERED BY US:- • Comprehensive Energy Audit • Power Factor & Harmonics Studies • Electrical Safety Audit • Load Flow/voltage drop study • Root Cause Analysis of Electrical failures & Other Checkup • Checking of Power Factor Panel (PFC) and upgradation • Short-Circuit study • Relays/Protective device evaluation & Coordination • Thermography • Earthing Checkup • DG Efficiency test • Energy Meter Calibration • Energy Management System & Feasibility of new software: • Lighting Audit • Upgradation / renovation of existing system to automation PLC • Over fault, Earth fault , Under voltage and Relay test.
  9. 9. Burning or Overheating of Capacitors, Reactor, Wires / Cables, Voltage Fluctuation, Poor Voltage Regulation High KVA Demand, Poor Power Factor., Operational Problem on DG due to change over Breaker Tripping, Burning & Blowing Frequent Equipment Failures
  10. 10. Power Factor Harmonics & Power Quality Energy Monitoring Energy Consumption Demand Charges Voltage Flickering Poor Earthing
  11. 11. We can help you to measure, save & manage the Energy in efficient way through …..
  12. 12. ENERGY…  Audits  Saving & Conservation Technologies  Power Quality Solutions  Management
  13. 13. Analytical Tools • Multiple Point Fault & Wave form Recording Systems • Advanced Tools & Equipments for Audits • Advanced Analytical Software's
  14. 14.  Systematic and scientific  Cost benefit analysis  Verification, monitoring and analysis of the use of energy  Recommendations for practically achievable saving opportunities Services Presentation of INVENTUM POWER PVT. LTD.
  15. 15. Proposed Energy Audit Project Pre Audit Measurement and Data Collection Detailed Energy Audit Report Preparation Finding, recommendation & energy Saving Solutions Implementation Energy Audit Flow Chart
  16. 16. No Thresholds or other limitations Up to 1,024 Samples per Cycle Resolution with 1 Year of Data stored onboard of Every Cycle No more data compromises for recording speed Years of data for every network cycle is recoverable with no data gaps All data parameters are recorded, no need to select measurement parameters Multipoint time Synchronized Recording provides true snap-shot for any period of time Instruments
  17. 17.  Reduced energy costs  Increasing bottom line margins  Tradable Energy Savings Certificates  Optimize energy usage onsite  Accurate measurements to facilitate quick decisions  Preventive maintenance & fault finding through continuous recording of data  Lesser Breakdowns  Also resulting in reduced carbon/GHG emissions  Provides a specification for third party certification of energy management initiativesPresentation of INVENTUM POWER PVT. LTD.
  18. 18. For any query please contact : INVENTUM POWER PVT. LTD. 206, Building No.-7, Aditya Commercial Complex, Preet Vihar, Delhi -110092, INDIA M:- +91 9716667972, +91 9650334786, +91 7289951986 Email:- Visit us at :- Thanks:- Presentation of INVENTUM POWER PVT. LTD.