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the mashroo3 project


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the msahroo3 project - concept overview

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the mashroo3 project

  1. 1. i give,therefore i exist(*) Noun [ mash-rou-’‫ع‬ ] - an individual or collaborativeenterprise planned and designed to achieve a goalmashroo3 is a project of e3lam group – Private & Confidential
  2. 2. OVERVIEWwhat is crowd funding?how does it work?what are its benefits?what makes it work?CONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  3. 3. Traditional MarketplaceTraditional marketplace economicshave prevailed for millennia.Traditional AuctioningThe web gave suppliers morepower by leveraging the e-crowdCrowd Funding is an alternative method of raising funds orfinancing for a business, project or idea through the massesBeforeTraditional FinancingHowever, investing and access tofinancing still excludes small playersCollective Buying PowerNow though, crowds are able tocollectively buy pre-arrangeddiscounted products (many-to-1)Collective Lending PowerCrowds can also decide to lendhow much to which microprojects (many-to-many)Collective Fund RaisingFurthermore, crowds are now ableto fund or invest in projects, eventsor causes (many-to-many)AfterCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  4. 4. Additional SupportersPrivate EquityInvestors & LendersFriends of FamilyFriends of Friendshow does it work?Extended SupportersCore SupportersExtendedFriendsExtendedFamilyVenture CapitalCloseFriendsAngelInvestorsProjectTeam+IdeaCloseFamilyBy leveraging the power of social networks, Crowd Funding tapsinto the wisdom and decision-making power of the crowdCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  5. 5. what are its benefits?Crowd funding works better when there’s a real story to tell – apersonal challenge, a passionate vision or actual social impactGet free helpor supportIdentify your firstbrand ambassadorsGet FREEviral marketingCall for actionand reactionCrowd Funding worksbest for ideas thatpeople can relate toRaise socialawarenessBuild up astrong fan andsupport baseGenerate socialbuzzGet free feedbackfrom futurecustomersPublicize earlysigns of successStart the process ofloyalty inceptionCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  6. 6. what makes it work?Crowd funding has five pillars of success that make all thedifference between success or failure of a fundraising campaignCONFIDENTIALDriver ImpactCrowdfunding platforms condition releasingdonations to the funding target being metSettingAttainable GoalsThis encourages entrepreneurs to remainrealistic and backers to escalate supportRunning aFull CampaignA funding page is linked to a larger on- andoffline awareness and fundraising campaignsThis ensures that project owners are doingtheir best to rally people around their causeOfferingStaggered RewardsRewards are offered in a staggered mannerto reward differing levels of funding/supportThis gives donors a reason to bump up theirfunding commitment a bit more each timeMaintainingTransparencyFundraisers keep their backers engaged byupdating them at each campaign milestoneTransparency through frequent updatesgives fundraisers credibility in the long termKeepingthe PromiseFundraisers have a moral obligation vis-à-vistheir backers to deliver on their promiseSuccessful “finishers” will be able to againtap the market in the future successfullye3lam group – Private & Confidential
  7. 7. THE MASHROO3 PROJECTwhat is the mashroo3 project?what is the mashroo3 shop?how is a new mashroo3 published?what is the a mashroo3’s lifecycle?CONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  8. 8. The Mashroo3 Project aims at connecting micropreneurs, artists& social/community champions to networks of supporterswhat is the mashroo3 project?CommunityChampionsPeople with agood causeSocialpreneursMicropreneursArtistsMASHROO3People who areseeking to place smallbets on potentiallygreat ideasPeople who feel theneed to be part ofsomething meaningfulPeople who want to berecognized and seen asbackers of great ideasCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  9. 9. The mashroo3 shop is a virtual space to publish a mashroo3,broadcast key messages and allow backers to pledge fundswhat is the mashroo3 shop?Engage donors and keep themupdated to ensure increasedmomentum that could lead toa successful campaignDeliver supportingmaterial in multimediaformat (photos, videos,soundbites, etc.)Showcase the details ofidea, cause, project ormission along with anyspecifics related to theaction planHigh levelobjectivesSpecificActionsMeasurableKPIsCreate a new projectpage (the ‘mashroo3’)and set the fundraisingtarget for your potentialbackers and supportersCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  10. 10. New Projects will go through a screening process before they arepublished for the world to see and support themhow is a new mashroo3 published?• Refine andstrengthen idea• Finalize pitchideasprojectsThe masrhoo3page creationdreamsthoughtstestsIdea Collection• Review• ScreenSupport from team toimprove presentation• Publish• CampaignIdeas are published forthe world to see/judgeand for the audience toreview and select ideasthey’d like to back and/or pledge money forRejected ideasIdeas put on hold /more info requiredBackground-check eachmashroo3teamCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  11. 11. A mashroo3 is first published on the platform and succeeds byreaching its funding target – then continues on beyond…what is the lifecycle of a mashroo3?(*) A new mashroo3 will be approved based on the stage-gate process outlined in previous slide Build on past successesand achievements to set anew fundraisingtarget for a newmilestone/project Share your success withyour backer (photos,videos, newsletters, etc.)on your mashroo3 page,and on- and off-line If you reach your fundingtarget, collect your funds andcomplete your workmilestone. You need to keepyour promise if you want tocome back to this marketplace– and the crowd will rate you! Create your mashroo3page on the platform Create/upload all relevantmaterial to get it approved* Share your mashroo3across social networks Reach your supportersthroughout various e-channels/e-campaigns Break your big targetinto milestones Prepare on- andoff-line and showearly progressCONFIDENTIALDefineYour Next /New GoalsPublishYourProjectMobilizeYourBackersReach YourFundraisingTargetMaterializeYour ProjectPromisePublishYourSuccessStoryTheCrowdfundingCycle123456e3lam group – Private & Confidential
  12. 12. BUSINESS MODELthe payment modelthe outreach of the platformabout mashroo3.meCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential
  13. 13. Funds seemingly travelling between donors’ e-wallets andproject pots are in reality all co-mingled till the final transactionthe payment modelCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & ConfidentialDonors fill up their e-wallets with moneyusing the availablepayment channelsmashroo3yWhen donors decideto fund a project,they send moneyfrom their e-walletsinto the project potWhen donations arefinalized, a confirmationnotice is sent to thedonors by the platformthemashroo3cycleDonors monitor theproject progress,support it and getnotified of newfundraising roundsE-wallet Top-up Funds Pledging Payment Confirmation Monitor & SupportDonors fill their e-wallets usingavailable payment channels bycrediting a mashroo3 escrow accountmashroo3escrow accountDebit e-wallet / .. Credit project potDonations made are treated asaccounting entries, but noactual money movement occursDebit donation amount (minus fees) /. Credit project bank accountOnly when a funding round is successfullycompleted that funds move from mashroo3’sescrow account to the project bank accountWebsiteworkflowActualworkflow
  14. 14. White Label Plug-inMulti-lingual Platformmashroo3 will be a multi-lingual platform connecting to variouson- and off-line channels, with white-labeling capabilitiesthe outreach of the platformCONFIDENTIALmashroo3ye3lam group – Private & ConfidentialA mobile app will allow fasterupdates delivery whileallowing easier contributionsfrom donorsRegular e-mail newsletterskeep the supporter-baseupdated when not activelyfollowing the campaignThe platform will offer accessto Twitter in order to keepsupporters updated andrecruit new followersThe ability to connect toFacebook pages, profiles,Share updates /news /storieswill enable fundraisers to casttheir net wideLinks to share news bits andupdates with LinkedIncommunities will furtherincrease a project’s outreachSimilar links with Google+ willallow a broader and morecomplete coverage acrossmany groups & communitiesAwareness campaigns are anessential element of anyfundraising effortEvents (fundraisers, galadinners, auctions, productdemos, etc.) support onlinecampaigns and generate buzzNewspaper/magazineinterviews and national andsatellite TV appearancesadvertise the idea widerRegular blogs and onlineposts keep supportersupdated when not activelyfollowing the campaign
  15. 15. TechnologyPartnerProjectOwners /FundraisersStrategicPartnerse3lam groupSponsors /Followers / joins a team of entrepreneurs + strategic partnersworking to deliver the region’s first Arabic fundraising platformabout mashroo3.meCONFIDENTIALe3lam group – Private & Confidential- Banking partner- Strategic alliances- Institutional supporters- CSR Programs
  16. 16. Next Steps Build mashrou3 platform (MVP* in progress) Secure strategic partners Start marketing campaign to raise awareness– Draw attention of fund raisers– Mobilize supporters and donors(*) MVP Minimum Value Proposition