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  • *When the documents are scanned they will automatically be placed into Sharepoint in the Secured Scanned Docs folder. There is nothing else that you are required to do to access them. ** Everytime you press the “Start” button you are creating a new file
  • 6/15/2010 Jacque Stojanovich x 3191 The Remark Office OMR software is only on one laptop computer (zero desktops) and that is laptop #029548. This laptop is assigned to Amy McCarty x 3599.
  • * To open the folder in Windows Explorer 1. On the drop down menu for “Actions” select “Open in Windows Explorer” 2. You can change the view by selecting “View” at the top of the screen
  • *View of site page on next screen
  • Remark office OMR

    1. 1. Remark Office OMR Steps to grade the Math & Reading test Scan Test ~ Read Data ~Export Data ~ Manage Data ~
    2. 2. Scan the documents To scan the hard copy of the test follow this procedure• Place hard copies in the tray face up & in the same direction• Select “email”• Select “To”• Type the letter “S”• Select “Change Address book”• Select “Add” & “Enter”• Staffing Secure Scan should appear & be highlighted• Select “Done”• Select “Options”• Select “file format”• Choose “Tiff”• Click “Save”• Then begin your scanning by clicking “Copy”*See note**See note
    3. 3. Choose Template Open the “Data Center” Start ~ All Programs Remark Office OMR 07 Remark Office OMR Data CenterOpen the form template
    4. 4. Choose the template that has already been created <<Math-Reading score sheet.omr>>It may be present in the “open” task paneor you may need to retrieve it fromits original location Click on “Browse” to find the location Location: C:Documents and SettingsUser*DesktopHR DeptOriginals OR Location: departments.haworthinc.comHR StaffingSecured Scanned Docs
    5. 5. Read Data
    6. 6. Click on “Read Wizard”The Read Method window should have the following buttons selected; To choose directly from “Secured Scanned Docs” on Sharepoint 1. Read from image files & server mode Click “Next”
    7. 7. On the Image Filters & Directories Selection screen selectIn the left pane you Select “Tiff” in the right paneshould choosewhere it is youwant to retrieveyour file from.To find the drivethat Secured Docs”is locate on select“Add Directory”.Then select “MyComputer”. Andchoose the “Z” drive & click “OK” Click NEXTNow you should see the “Z” drive in the left pane window.
    8. 8. TIPTip: If there is another location in this window, you will want to select it and remove it by clicking on “Delete Directory”Tip: If you choose “Read” instead of “Next” it will bypass the next screen and go directly to reading the images in secured scanned docs folder. If you choose “Next” you will have the choice to select/unselect the button for “Activate review exceptions”. This is a step that is chosen based on your preferences. If selected, you will be shown each exception as it occurs in the reading mode. So you will be able to verify the answers as it grades each answer for each test. If unselected, you will not be given this option until after all test are read.
    9. 9. Click “Read”Next you will see it working by the green bargoing side to side in the bottom right corner. It willautomatically continue searching until you select the“End server mode” button located at the top middleindicated by the button in “red”.You will not be able to do anything in the softwareuntil you have selected to end server mode.Now you should see all tests that you have scannedalong with the two test answer keys that reside inthe secured docs folder.
    10. 10. TIPTIP: Compare the number of test to ensure all are accounted for. In other words if you had 15 test scanned make sure you have those 15 and the 2 answer keys for a total of 17. You need to fix all exceptions before you export the data.
    11. 11. TIP TIP:Before starting be sure that you have the two answer keys in rows 1& 2. You can use the usual commands as you would in a wordprocessor. Caution:You need to have the same number of empty rows/columnsavailable in order to paste into those rows/columns. In other words ifyou want to take 2 rows from the bottom of the list and place them tobe the first 2 rows, you need to “insert row” twice and then pastethose two rows into the new inserted rows. See examples to follow.
    12. 12. Moving a Row1. Select cell & right click 2. Insert row twice3. Select rows to move & right click & cut 4. Select first cell & right click & paste
    13. 13. Check all exceptionsYou will want to visually look at the form inthe bottom right window pane for everyexception and select the answer thatapplies. Exceptions Blank = zero points Multi = zero points A, B, C, D = 1 point
    14. 14. Export Data
    15. 15. Click “Easy Grade”Report 101 Student Statistics Report is chosen bydefault. You can choose any report from the left panewindow. Report 301 Student Grade Report will provideeach individual test results. You can choose from theentire list of the test you graded any particular test youwant to retrieve results for with 301.
    16. 16. TIPTIP: Under Report Properties you can change the title of the report as well as many other report options.Caution – Be careful changing options under the Report Format Options tab.
    17. 17. Report Properties & ExportClick “ExportReport” to save thefirst of two reports Clickrequired “Report Properties” Change the title accordingly Click OK Report 1
    18. 18. Report #1 Properties & Export EXPORT REPORT To find the file you want to click on the blue box with the three dots in it and select; Secured Scanned Docs Drive: (Z) Name the file in the following format; Holland Testing 05-26-10 Click “Export” Report Properties All boxes should be checked, page range “All”, and XLS chosenLocation:departments.haworthinc.comHRStaffingSecured Scanned Docs
    19. 19. Close that report & print report 2
    20. 20. TIP• TIP: Be sure to use 2 digits in each part of the date• TIP: You can also copy & paste the location into the file name box which is to the left of the box with three dots in it. It is grey but is an interactive field.
    21. 21. Report # 2Click “Save data as” in the left windowpane to save the second of the tworeports Look in: Secured Scanned Docs drive: (Z) Completed folder Archive Test Results Folder Name the file with the following format Holland Testing 05-26-10 Archive
    22. 22. Close or minimize Remark Office TIP:If you minimize the window for now, thatinformation will be readily available to youif you need to run the report again. Anexample might be that you missed acorrection of an exception or you want tochange the date or title of the report.
    23. 23. Manage DataRetrieve the results ~ Maintenance
    24. 24. Retrieve the results
    25. 25. Open Report #1 Open the file saved on SecuredScanned Docs as in this example Holland Testing 05-26-10.xls Location: departments.haworthinc.comHRStaffingSecured Scanned Docs
    26. 26. Candidate ResultsEnter data into Successfactors Locate each candidate in Successfactors Enter the number correct into the appropriate fieldProtect the xls sheet Click on Tools » Protect Sheet » Check mark the following; » Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells » Select locked cells » Select unlocked cells
    27. 27. Save & CloseSave the file inside the appropriate folder (month anddate) located inside the folder labeled “Completed” inSecured Scanned Docs in Sharepoint Save & Close
    28. 28. Maintenance
    29. 29. Clean UpOpen the Secured Scanned Docs folder in SharepointLocation: departments.haworthinc.comHRStaffingSecure d Scanned DocsTIP: You may want to open this page in Windows Explorer view to be able to move items easily. This is an option under the “Actions” tab. * See note
    30. 30. Remove the trash & Move the last fileSelect all the docs that you just finished grading & deletethem. These would be the individual test that you scanned.* See noteSelect the xls file that you created as Report #2 asin; Holland Testing 05-26-10 Archive * See noteMove this to the Archive Test Results folder locatedinside the “Completed” folder * See noteTIP: Be sure to not select the 2 answer keys, Completed folder or any that you do not recognize
    31. 31. RedSave in this Sharepoint location Green Delete scanned test BlueMove report into folder shown in picture below PurpleMove report into folder shown in picture below Folders inside the Completed Folder
    32. 32. You’ve crossed the finish line!