Branding Guidelines: Top 10 tips for successfully branding your product, service or organization.


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Presentation will cover a brief introduction to the origins of branding and the importance of branding in today’s market place followed by the top 10 branding tips to implement a successful marketing campaign. Join us and discover quick, easy to remember tips for gaining the competitive edge in today’s brand saturated world.

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Branding Guidelines: Top 10 tips for successfully branding your product, service or organization.

  1. 1. Top 10 Tips to Gain the Competitive Edge JJ Lassberg | Schipul - The Web Marketing Company |
  2. 2. Young p p view more g people than 40,000 ads , per year on television alone… l
  3. 3. Our success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand. p g Greg Norman “The Great White Shark”
  4. 4. Branding 101 Top 10 Tips #1 Take Away
  5. 5. Branding 101:  A b d i th id tit of a specific product, brand is the identity f ifi d t service, or business
  6. 6. Brands Can Be: • Name • Sign World's First Trademark? • Symbol • Color Combo • Slogan
  7. 7. Top 10 Tips: 1. Focus 2. T li Tagline 3. Consistency 4. Quality 4 Q lit 5. Use It 6 Share It 6. 7. Talk the Talk 8 Harness Fans 8. 9. Reputation 10. Let Go A Little
  8. 8. What are you going to do for me?  Focus on the #1 thing you provide
  9. 9. “The best most The convenient drugstore with d ih high profit per customer visit” Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap...and Other's Don't
  10. 10. Get One!  Be Short, Be Clear, Tell Me What You Do
  11. 11. Taste Great! Less Filling!
  12. 12. Pick It & Stick With It  10 Years to build brand recognition
  13. 13. Are You Top of the Line?  No Cheese, No Fuzz, No Old
  14. 14. Everywhere.  Site, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Zazzle, Amazon Store, Business Cards, Banners, Brochures, Shirts, Pens, Stickers, Cups…
  15. 15. Press Kit:  Make it easy for others to use… and they will
  16. 16. What to put in it? 1. Logos 1. For Print 2 For Web 2. 2. Hi-Res Photos (remember… Quality) 3. Needto Know NOW! Media Contact 4. Generous,Easy to Understand, Rules of Use. Use
  17. 17. Train Your Employees  Focus on the #1, say th same thi F th #1 the thing, say it over and over and over again
  18. 18. “It’s My Pleasure Pleasure” It’s not in the phraseology, it’s in the attitude. It truly is our pleasure to serve you. ~ Mike Schisler, Regional Management Consultant
  19. 19. Let Your Fans Rave  Ask f A k for raves. Tell ‘ T ll ‘em where t rave. M k it h to Make easy to rave.
  20. 20. More Important than Pretty Pics  A b d reputation can b d f i and d dl bad t ti be deafening d deadly
  21. 21. Don’t Make an A** of Yourself  Be F B Fun, Be Kind, Be G t f l B Ki d B Grateful
  22. 22. If you don’t get anything else… get this.
  23. 23. Be Consistent
  24. 24. THE END. Schipul - The Web Marketing Company
  25. 25. Thanx a million for the pics! All photos used are Creative Commons Licensed and linked from Flickr Galleries available here: 1. 1 http // flickr com/photos/jjlassberg/g alleries/72157624358073116/ 2. alleries/72157624244696533/