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Health consequences of_obesity


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type2 diabetes

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Health consequences of_obesity

  1. 1. Health Consequences of Obesity- Type II Diabetes By Jeff E.
  2. 2. Overview • Growing Rate of Obesity in the United StatesObesity in • Epidemic that most be controlled U.S. • Health risk of Obesity Health • Life threatening diseases and conditions Issues • Causes and Effects of Type II Diabetes Type II • How to avoid getting Type II DiabetesDiabetes
  3. 3. General Health ConsequencesHeart DiseaseHypertensionStrokeType II Diabetes
  4. 4. Health Consequences Continued High blood pressure High blood sugar levels Poor Cholesterol levels
  5. 5. Type II Diabetes Causes EffectsRapid gain in weight Insulin resistance by cellsUnhealthy eating habits Sugar can not be stored as energyLong periods of inactivity High blood-sugar levels
  6. 6. Diabetes is Affecting MillionsDiagnosed 18 million peopleUndiagnosed 7 million peopleTotal 25 million peoplePrediabetes 78 million people
  7. 7. What is Type II Diabetes?
  8. 8. Loosing weight andmaintaining ahealthy lifestyle canreduce the risk ofacquiring Type IIdiabetes
  9. 9. Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Health ConsequencesEating healthy foods Avoid fast food Eat fruits and VegetablesStay active Exercise regularly Avoid long periods of inactivity
  10. 10. SummaryObesity effects a large portion of the populationMany health risks associated with obesityType II diabetes- Dangerous consequence of obesityHealth lifestyle choices-Greatly reduce health risk
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