Ohmydeal --- Présentation INMA 2012


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Ohmydeal --- Présentation INMA 2012

  1. 1. ACHAT GROUPEPOINT D’ETAPE JUIN 2012 Jonathan Besnaïnou
  2. 2. Agenda Ohmydeal Groupon New categories, better targeting for consumers Merchants Mobile Focus/ Media & Group buying
  3. 3. Ohmydeal: daily deals platform for consumers andpublishers 40 partenaires pour 5000 offres flash par mois dans les 10 plus grandes villes de France Fournisseurs de contenu Supports de distribution EDITEURS BtoCWEBSITE NEWSLETTER IPHONE IPAD RESEAUX SOCIAUX BtoB TEST
  4. 4. Groupon is RED HOT
  5. 5. Groupon is on top of the daily deals market UNIQUE SCALE100KUnique 36MMerchants ActivePer Usersquarter CATEGORIES CATEGORIES MERCHANTS MOBILE
  6. 6. New categories lead to better targeting & personalizationfor consumers: the example of French market Généralistes Niches Spectacles Produits Autres Voyages
  7. 7. Categories: the power of national deals Broader distribution Higher margins Easier sourcingSource: Yipit Data
  8. 8. Merchant tools increase daily deals experience of bothlocal commerces and consumers• Online booking • Loyalty program• Schedule • Payment firstmanagement step• AnalyticsFREE FREE At Groupon, 40% are now returning merchants (vs 16% in Q3 2011) and they consistently perform 20%+ better than new merchants
  9. 9. BUT it seems that average quality of merchants is declining A B C Booming number of deals Best merchants running off Eroding Yelp reviewsSource: Giorgios Zervas, Yale University / Venturebeat
  10. 10. MOBILE is the only way out • 30% of transactions completed on mobile • 25% of interactions through mobile • Groupon Now: • On-demand, highly persihable deals • Instant application like Groupon Now • Location-based solution for consumers • Inventory management for merchants • 500 iPads offered to merchants in London to proceed • 1.5M Groupons sold on Now! payments • Payment solution like Square • Offering iPod Touch & Card reader • 15M mobile users • 750K merchants • Partnership with • Control stake in • O2 More: globally Groupon Voucher Cloud (57%) « information and • Partnerships with • Push out deals to • UK only offer on your favorite daily deals operators users things » • Testing Premium • Multiple European • 10M subscribers Specials countries
  11. 11. Focus/ Media companies & Group buying market Strategic moves (Europe) Assets bought BRAND AUTHORITY bought AUDIENCE bought EXISTING BONDS WITH SMBS bought White label services launched launched Mission: provide a platform that enables publishers and media companies to get into the launched dailydeals market Launched March 2011 Founders: Ex Double Click CEO and top mgt partnered with Investors: Bob Pitman (MTV), Spark,(Boston) Carmel (Israel) Funding: $41M Staff: 125 in North America and Europe partnered with Contracts: Meredith, Hearst, NYT, Daily Candy, etc 30% growth in month-to-month revenues
  12. 12. Thank You Jonathan Besnaïnou jjb@ohmydeal.fr +33614145756 http://www.businessinsider.com/author/jonathan-besnanou