Insight into using digital media with BUFVC


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The BUFVC supports education by delivering unique services and advice to promote the production, study and use of moving image and sound across all subject areas in post-compulsory education.

This presentation was part of a session that looked at BUFVC resources - how they can help you find, access and use audiovisual resources in teaching and learning, including resources that are open to all FE/HE institutions and some that are entirely free of charge.

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Insight into using digital media with BUFVC

  1. 1. The advancement of education by promoting the production, study and use of moving image, sound and related media within post-compulsory education and research The Charity Objects
  2. 2. The advancement of education by promoting the production, study [with] and use of moving image, sound and related media within post-compulsory education and research The Charity Objects
  3. 3. • Who we are • Who are our members? • What we do – and why we do it • Access • Expertise • Advocacy • Research
  4. 4. • Founded in 1948 - 65 years of accumulated knowledge • Established by academic staff • Main funders are Jisc • Represents and serves the interests of 274 members – 83% of HEIs in UK are members (2011-12) – 93% of UK HE students have access to BUFVC resources – All staff and students have access to our resources – Use Athens / Shibboleth account access BUFVC – who we are
  5. 5. • Access – core services allow HEIs to access moving image and sound through a range of databases, online & offline services. • Expertise – sharing information and advice through specialist knowledge – practice, sources, copyright; courses, events, etc. • Advocacy – encouraging high quality use of and access to moving image and sound in education. HE/FE, industry, national bodies, legislators, HEFCE/Jisc, etc. • Research – partnering with academia and industry to create high quality research outputs that can be re-used BUFVC – what we do
  6. 6. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research • Improve access to, use and understanding of moving image and sound in all academic subject disciplines. • Provide cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality shared services (e.g. BoB National) • Transform teaching and the student experience via the easy access to millions of audiovisual records
  7. 7. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research Our resources include: •TRILT – Broadcast listings •Moving Image Gateway •Specialist listings •BoB National (Box of Broadcasts) •Chronicle - BBC Northern Ireland’s TV news from the 60s & 70s •Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service Many accessible via the BUFVC federated search function • News on Screen • Shakespeare • Find DVDs
  8. 8. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research BUFVC federated search function: • Contains 9 of the BUFVC databases via one search box • Over 16 millions records relating to moving image & sound • Intuitive result filters • Intelligently generated related searches • Detailed user history • Links to BoB National & the Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service
  9. 9. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research • Assist HEIs in improving the quality of learning, teaching and research through the use of moving image and sound content • Supporting institutions to understand the practices, laws and licenses available for greater access to audiovisual resources • Enabling members to easily search, find and use content
  10. 10. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research • To communicate effectively and strategically, informing practice, policy and standards at a national level • To create alliances and partnerships with organisations beyond academia to aid access to content, knowledge transfer and research • Learning on Screen Awards 2013 – View the leading productions in learning, teaching & research
  11. 11. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research • To support and conduct research with, and of, moving image & sound with a strong focus on information technology • Unique integrated approach bridging academia, industry & technology • Work in partnership with HEIs throughout the research life cycle from grant application to publishing outputs
  12. 12. Access  Expertise  Advocacy  Research •Conducted / involved with 19 projects since 1999 – Channel 4 & British Film Culture with University of Portsmouth (AHRC) – EUscreen XL (EC) – Shared Services (HEFCE) – e.g. AVcitations – RES project (Jisc & BBC) •
  13. 13. Questions? Markeda Cole, Off Air Recordings Officer 020 7393 1514 Join us on Twitter @bufvc Contact our help desk: or 020 393 1500