Insight into planning your curriculum


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Debra Gray, Assistant Principal, and Joe Fojut, Head of MIS, at Chesterfield College outline the curriculum planning work undertaken at the AoC Beacon award winning College that has improved success rates and created significant efficiencies whilst improving learner voice and employer relationships. This presenation is part of Insight 2013. More details at

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Insight into planning your curriculum

  1. 1. Insight intoPlanning yourCurriculumDebra GrayJoe Fojut
  2. 2. Debra GrayAssistant PrincipalIntroductionJoe FojutHead of MIS
  3. 3. • This session aims to highlight how effectivecurriculum planning can raise success ratesand create significant efficiencies whileimproving learner voice and employerrelationshipsSession Purpose
  4. 4. Specific AimsAs a result of attending this session you will be equippedto:• Review your curriculum holistically and ensure it isdirectly linked to local, region and national labourmarket intelligence• That each programme makes a financial contributionand how to improve accountability and responsibilityin curriculum managers• We will also explore how cross college workingbetween curriculum teams, MIS and finance have ledto a more effective offer and a better budget cycle
  5. 5. History and Background• A medium GFE• 80% Vocational• 10,000 learnersHistory and Background
  6. 6. Our CircumstancesRoll OverUninspiringLack of scrutiny and viability
  7. 7. Internal DriversFinanceSuccess RatesInnovation
  8. 8. External DriversWolfFunding MethodologyEmployability
  9. 9. The Audit540 HoursViability ReviewGrowth and Decline
  10. 10. JuneOffer complete on EBS and finalised budgetsMayDraft Timetables (inc induction)AprilCurriculum Set Up and draft budgets createdMarchOffer PurchasedFebruaryDraft Curriculum OfferDecemberCurriculum Planning DayThe Cycle
  11. 11. Launch DayAll relevant academic and support managersOffsiteActive and interactive
  12. 12. Planning DayBespoke to each facultyMIS and Finance repsOffsite away day
  13. 13. LMILocal, regional and nationalMatched to new offers and retired offersCreation of pathways and additionality
  14. 14. English and MathsCareful choiceFS are still the qual of choice for mostvocational learnersGCSEs could compromise your success rates– the cohort needs to be chosen carefully
  15. 15. AdditionalityDo not reduce just to save on teaching and exam feesPowerful tool in your success rates arsenalClear employment benefits to learners
  16. 16. EnrichmentLink towellbeing andresilienceLink toemployabilityand successrates
  17. 17. The PurchasePanel meeting of MIS, Finance, SMT with theHead and Curriculum Managers of an areaLine by line analysis of the proposed offerApproval, decline or resubmission
  18. 18. The Systems and ITWhat data needed capturing:QualificationInformationDeliveryParticulars –Hours/Dates etcCosts – Staffing,Course Costs,Learner CostsIncome – Fundingand Fees ContributionPlanned LearnerNumbers – byfunding type
  19. 19. Planning for 2012/13• First year for fully costed planning• Short development timescale and no budget• Developed large detailed XLS for each area• Linked to LARA extract for funding• Captured all required information• Income, Costs and Contribution derived• MIS system updated with plannedinformationPlanning for 2012/13
  20. 20. Planning for 2013/14• Unable to continue with Spreadsheetsolution due to:- Wolf changes- Diverging, complex funding methodologies- Undefined funding rules• In-house development time excessive andcontinuing• Risk too greatPlanning for 2012/13
  21. 21. System for 2013/14• 4Cast – Drake Lane Associates• Re-written for 2013/14 planning• SQL Server Client based application• Replicated our spreadsheets in easy tonavigate forms• Support has been excellent• Open to suggestionsSystem for 2013/14
  22. 22. • Permission based access to required level ofdata• Imported 13/14 course file• Able to plan a programme of courses as botha Wolf Programme for 16-18s and as a set ofindividual aims for adults• Live link to LARA extract and SFA qualsspreadsheet• Managers understood the process already4Cast
  23. 23. Information and Outputs• Flexible/Multiple Screen Layouts available• Summary Information visible• Dashboard Views are included• Inbuilt Validation Rules• Can export to XLS, XML or PDFInformation and Outputs
  24. 24. Programme View of a course - headlineProgramme View of a course - headline
  25. 25. Income and Costs for a course
  26. 26. Dashboard ViewDashboard View
  27. 27. The PartnershipMISCurriculumFinance
  28. 28. The Response“4cast allows me to see how our programmes fittogether; going away for planning is brilliant; thenwhen we sit down with SMT it feels good when we gettheir stamp of approval when they purchase ouroffer.”Paul Maude – Curriculum Manager Catering and HospitalityThe Response
  29. 29. • “The new process means that we are not justdoing the same curriculum planning everyyear. It is under continual review, and we cansee direct comparisons against historic dataon a live basis.Trevor Burton, Head of Advanced TechnologiesThe Response
  30. 30. “We had a new, and what appeared to be complicated, processdropped on us at short notice to ‘help make Curriculum moreefficient and its planning more effective’. As you can probablygather from my opening statement I was not looking forwardto this process! “My initial, sceptical, opinion was soon quashedas I began to explore the document and I found just howpowerful this spreadsheet was. All of my Curriculum in oneplace, with all the associated information with it; dates,numbers of learners, qualification aims, funding, material costsand a wealth of information to assist me in consolidating theCurriculum. Most importantly, we can actually see how ourcourses perform financially and ensure that we are a viablearea.Humble pie tastes quite good when it is a simple to swallow asthis was!”Nick Rudkin – Curriculum Manager, Carpentry and Joinery
  31. 31. • The College had its Curriculum offer in placeby Easter 2013, which is 6-8 weeks earlierthan normal. Whilst the full impact of thenew Wolf compliant study programmes is yetto be realised the College is happy that theircurriculum offer is robust ,exceptionally wellplanned and made the best use of crosscollege expertise in MIS, Finance andbusiness development.The Results
  32. 32. Saving of£2.2million in2012/13Projectedsavings of£1.7 millionin 2013/14 IncreasedsuccessratesThe Results
  33. 33. Next StepsFurtherconsolidationIncreasinglysophisticatedLMITrainingprogrammesfor CMs andHeadsNext Steps