In brief induction may 2014


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Using technology to help with induction of students and staff.

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In brief induction may 2014

  1. 1. Technological tips and tricks to help with the business of getting students and staff on board and familiar with the organisation. 06/05/2014 Induction andTechnology
  2. 2. Induction 2 Phil Hardcastle, Catriona Moore,Trevor Eeles
  3. 3. Aims and Objectives  To make some practical suggestions about how some aspects of the induction process can be delivered online.  To help make Student and staff induction a more useful experience.  To give some ideas about the ways that technology can be used to provide activities which will help the induction process. 3 We hope, in this webinar:
  4. 4. Why do induction? Understand the ethos of the organisation – what it expects of its staff and students and what it will do for them. Orientation – help newcomers to know what to do, where to go and how to get there. The underlying objective is to get both staff and students settled in quickly and working productively.
  5. 5. Induction in detail Generic – organisational induction • Ethos • Familiarise students with the site and buildings • Discipline • Safety & Support • Social & Recreational Course induction • Learning programme • Guidance • Study skills 5
  6. 6. There’s a lot to cover 6 The dreaded checklist – death by tickbox!
  7. 7. How do you do induction?
  8. 8. Depends on the business model. ACL, WBL may be recruiting and inducting learners as they go. FE/HE may have a significant induction need in October. Both have their problems – consistency and impact are problems with the roll on, roll off method.The large numbers involved in induction days predicate against individual attention. 8 Roll on, roll off or all at once 0 500 1000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec StudentNos Enrolment Patterns ACL WBL FE Geographical dispersion is also an issue – county wide ACL services have to induct people in a wide variety of venues.
  9. 9. 1 Adult and Community Learning 2 FE College 3 Specialist College 4 Work-based Learning 9 Which sector are you?
  10. 10. The key to successful induction is to spread it out. There is a huge amount of information to be given, but not all of it needs to come in one day. Besides, students ability to absorb all this is limited – remember the 20 minute attention span! Pre- Induction •Familiarisation •Making friends •Transmitting ethos •Preparation On the day •Ethos, essential geography During the week •Forms, IT •Course info 10 Induction: breaking it down
  11. 11. Using social media it is possible to provide new students with a link to the organisation and to their peers who are also starting. Web based activities such as familiarisation with the layout of the buildings through a virtual tour – particularly useful for students with accessibility needs. See example from New College, Stamford Attitudes towards the course could be influenced by short video clips of other students talking about the course and their experience. FAQs could be set up which answer the most commonly asked questions. 11 Pre-induction activities
  12. 12. Friendly welcome Lots of signposting to web and mobile resources Information via multiple channels Receive important College information: Talk to our tutors: Talk to our students: Find out about the support available to you: 12 The Open Day
  13. 13. Many students/learners will have mobiles – think about how you can use this as a channel of information. Facebook and other social media are now predominantly using mobile. If you’re going to use mobile prepare the students by telling them which apps they might need – a QR reader for example. 13 Get their mobiles ready
  14. 14. Examples of video being used “Sorry I can't be with you” video Pre-induction welcome Induction: getting to know you for students Post-induction video wall 14 UseVideo
  15. 15. WBL Trevor Eeles from Lagat Web-site used to get info to students Adult and Community Learning Derby City staff induction Learner induction by tutor Some providers now emailing essential info out early Complaints about form filling from learners 15 Dispersed staff and students Examples
  16. 16. Induction day 16 Ok, so much of this might be face to face - but everyone gets bored with long checklists. Data collection is important, but too much makes it a tedious introduction to the course. Are there ways some of it could be put online for filling in later? Give them a break – do a mystery tour with clues and QR codes. Use IT as an icebreaker – Mentimeter, Padlet etc. Games – see induction video on our Moodle Get feedback through mobile voting systems. Signpost to more detailed info onVLE/Website
  17. 17. Induction week There’s lots of different inductions needed – IT in particular with e-safety, & IT systems etc to be sorted. Much of this can be done online the first time they log on. Reminders – posters with QR codes with photos of the people who can help – IAG, Student Support, Health Issues, Counselling Lots of signposting to web info – remember lots of learners/students will have their own mobiles.
  18. 18. How can it be improved? Less form filling Shorter More online information Fewer speeches Your views
  19. 19. Did it work? Information overload, both verbal and printed. Avoid hours of speeches and presentations and voluminous policy manuals or information packages. What matters is what the student/employee understands and retains, not how much he/she is told. The process is too passive. Provide activities that students/employees can participate in, not just watch and listen to.The most important ones are self-training (eg computer-based) and having 'real work' to do from an early stage. Information is irrelevant. Remember to start with the 'basic survival' principle, and gradually build from there. – how was it for you? Reasons why induction programmes fail
  20. 20. Links & Upcoming Events ILT Forum Basford Hall,Wednesday 7th May, 9:30am for 10am Work Based Learning Forum, 16th May. MESMA will talk about their software for quality improvement planning and KMTraining of Derby will be sharing details of theirTraineeship Staff support programme. Moodle user group, 23rd May at Derby College’s Roundhouse site next to the railway station. Finally there is our summer jamboree of online and face to face workshops – Insight 2014. As last year there are two days of online events (5th & 6th June) and a face to face day repeated in Leicester and Nottingham (10th & 11th June). Booking is open from this weekwhen the programme details will be available.
  21. 21. Links and Events EMFEC are running a workshop on Active approaches to learner induction on Tue 13 May 2014.Time: 09:30 - 16:00
  22. 22. Contact Information RSC Phil Hardcastle Catriona Moore Trevor Eeles