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Flipped learning workshop


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creating flipped learning resources using simple free tools

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Flipped learning workshop

  1. 1. Go to View > Header & Footer to edit June 24, 2013 | slide 1RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learningInsight 2013 - Flipped Learning workshopLyn Lall (Jisc RSC EM advisor)
  2. 2. June 24, 2013 | slide 2Objectives Understand what is meant by “Flipped Learning” Explore a range of tools to create flippedresources Create a flipped learning resource Be aware of how the RSC can support you witheffective use of technology to create flippedlearning resources
  3. 3. Flipped learningJune 24, 2013 | slide 3
  4. 4. The Flipped ClassroomJune 24, 2013 | slide 4
  5. 5. CIF Inspectors’ Handbook Learning outside classroom through technology Effective use of resources including technology Effective use of technology in assessmentJune 24, 2013 | slide 5
  6. 6. What are some benefitsof this method? Flexible access Personalised learning Stronger student/teacher relationships Share resources with other colleagues Class time for higher order thinking Supports differentiationJune 24, 2013 | slide 6
  7. 7. Screencasting – what might you use itfor?June 24, 2013 | slide 7How to guides e.g.Using software - e-registers, ProAchieveAccessing the VLEMoodle trainingGiving additional guidance about assignmentsGiving assignment feedback
  8. 8. Some tools for creating flippedresourcesXerteSkype masterclass Screencasting tools (Web based))– Screencast-o-matic– Screenr Software tools– Camstudio (free)– Camtasia– Jing (free)– Wink (free)– Audacity (free)June 24, 2013 | slide 9
  9. 9. Top tips for screencasting Define the purpose of your screencast; Keep it short ( less than five minutes – often justone or two minutes will be sufficient); Write a brief script/storyboard – maybe getsomeone to review it and offer feedback; Have all your materials ready Practise first before you record so you don’t needto edit afterwards.June 24, 2013 | slide 10
  10. 10. Moving from good to outstanding Get your learners to create screencasts for eachother Create a community of staff who sharescreencasts for staff development.June 24, 2013 | slide 11
  11. 11. Activity Use Jing to either:– Create a short “How to Guide” on a piece of software ofyour choice– Provide a virtual tour of a website– Login to RSC EM Moodle and find the resources forFlipped learning workshop Show and tellJune 24, 2013 | slide 12
  12. 12. TedED Activity TEDED Create a Flipped resources using TedEd– Create an account at– Find a Youtube video or an existing flipped video– Try flipping it Show and tellJune 24, 2013 | slide 13
  13. 13. Brainshark Activity Brainshark powerpoint Create an account on either Brainshark orPresentme Upload a presentation or a document to eitherBrainshark or Presentme Add narration, save and publish Show and tellJune 24, 2013 | slide 14
  14. 14. Presentme Activity Presentme presentation Create an account on Presentme Upload a presentation or a document toPresentme Add narration, save and publish Show and tellJune 24, 2013 | slide 15
  15. 15. Using ipads to create flipped resources Showme app EducreationsJune 24, 2013 | slide 16
  16. 16. How can the RSC help? Provide advice on the process of developingonline learning resources Provide advice and support for using tools todevelop learning resources Provide advice and support on effective use ofyour VLE to support training needs analysis andstaff developmentJune 24, 2013 | slide 17
  17. 17. June 24, 2013 | slide 18Presentation TitleJisc Regional Support Centres work withmore than 2,000 UK learning providershelping them to improve performanceand efficiency through the use
  18. 18. June 24, 2013 | slide 19Insight 2013All the resources from the Insight webinars andworkshops: Hosted on the RSC East Midlands Moodleplatform Web address - Will be constantly updated over the next week