i books, itunes u, and the learning materials revolution


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One-iPad-per-child schools are growing in number, in the quest for a digital alternative to the backpack full of textbooks. The new iTunes U app reveals a new emphasis on ‘courses’ of digital texts created by instructors. Combine these with the desire for mobile-ready learning materials, and we may have a perfect storm guaranteed to capsize traditional learning materials.

In addition to providing a chance for audience discussion about these trends, this presentation covered iTunes U basics; showed how to make an iPad-ready iBook; and offered tips on making mobile-ready learning materials for non-Apple devices as well.

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  • Free, Mac and Windows & handheldsOver 800 universities plus schools, plus beyond campusFeatured
  • Like an alternative browser, and an organiserTop left LIBRARY is what you have downloaded to your computerMid left STORE is theiTunes store
  • Like an alternative browser, and an organiserTop left LIBRARY is what you have downloaded to your computerMid left STORE is theiTunes store
  • Like an alternative browser, and an organiserTop left LIBRARY is what you have downloaded to your computerMid left STORE is theiTunes store
  • 31% of American internet users
  • i books, itunes u, and the learning materials revolution

    1. 1. iBooks, iTunes U, and the learning materials revolution Terese Bird Learning Technologist & SCORE Research Fellow University of Leicester JISC East Midlands RSC e-fair, Nottingham, 21 June 2012www.le.ac.uk
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    3. 3. What will we talk about?• iTunes U FAQs• Ebook trends• How to make an ebook for different devices Photo courtesy of womensnet_gallery, Flickr
    4. 4. iTunes U: free learning since 2007
    5. 5. iTunes U how to: mp3, mp4, pdf, epub
    6. 6. iTunes U v YouTube YouTube iTunes UEase to publish Easy Not so easyEase to grab Easy-ish EasyEase to adapt Not so easy Not so easyCC Catered for but hidden Catered for and ?Formats Video Audio, video, epub, pdfAcademic quality Mixed, diluted Very GoodInternet connection Required at the time Not required at the timeSoftware Any browser Free iTunes softwareTime limit 10 – 15 minutes* NoneRestrictions Banned in China, others NoneRestrictions in UK Schools don’t like Some unis don’t likeMobile-ready Smartphones, tablets All including non-smart iPods, best on AppleAds Irritating ads No ads
    7. 7. How universities make use of iTunes U• Both current learning and marketing• “It’s the great learning material that brings the registrations.” (Bean, 2011)• Research vignettes• Library and resources• Usually both iTunes U and YouTube
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    14. 14. Trends
    15. 15. Trends – Apple is dropping prices• One-third of US high school students own iPhone (price drop on iPhone 3Gs) (Slivka, 2012)• iPad2 for £329• In our Spring 2012 survey, 34% of students owned a tablet computer (same percentage as iPhones), up from 29% in Fall 2011 and 22% last Spring. Of those tablet owners, 70% owned iPads, 19% owned Android tablets, and 11% owned Kindle Fires. 53% of iPad owners also owned an iPhone, demonstrating the halo effect of entry devices like the iPhone.
    16. 16. iPads in learning• Over 600 American school districts are using iPads (StaffWriters, 2012)• Many UK university iPad pilots• Leicester iPads(Iman, 2012)
    17. 17. Now iTunes U has ‘Courses’• Course: A series of educational lectures, lessons, interviews, and so on, in a particular subject. Courses consist of info (including an overview, outline, and instructor profile), posts (including assignments), and materials (for example, audio and video items). Instructors can create and prepare content for a course by recording lectures, developing assignments, creating videos and podcasts, uploading keynote presentations or other documents and handouts, and much more. (Apple, 2012)
    18. 18. Now iTunes U has ‘Courses’
    19. 19. Now iTunes U has ‘Courses’
    20. 20. How to make Courses• Need to be in iTunes U• Apple’s own instructions ‘iTunes U Course Manager’ (Apple, 2012)• Cedar’s School of Excellence tutorials on iTunes U are excellent (Speirs, 2012)
    21. 21. eBooks for all devices!• Calibre – free, open- source, cross-platform• mobi – Kindle• epub – everything else• iPads read epub!• There’s always pdf but…
    22. 22. eBooks for all devices!• How-to video on YouTube and iTunes U, view on http://www.le.ac.uk/duckling• Instructions at: http://tinyurl.com/calibreinstruc• Findings from DUCKLING project – JISC-funded
    23. 23. Should we just ignore Apple, iPads &iTunes U?• Must keep them in sight• iPad2 discount – affordable?• Apple playing a long game (Hill, 2012)• iPad is number 1 tablet in education, no one else is doing anything like iTunes U
    24. 24. Try epub,consider iTunes U• www.le.ac.uk/ manufacturingpasts as example of trying all formats
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