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Accessibility & Inclusion Forum - March 2013


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Looking at resources to support autism and visual impairments, and a visit to the Portland College multisensory white room. Full details of the forum on our Moodle site at

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Accessibility & Inclusion Forum - March 2013

  1. 1. Accessibility and Inclusion Forum 14 March Martin Cooke ILT Advisor RSC EM
  2. 2. Programme (flexible to take account of input, collaboration and networking)10.05 Plan B: explain your idea using only Martin Cooke the 1000 most used words10.45 apps and resources Matt Harrison11.20 break11.30 Jisc RSC update Martin Cooke12.00 How we created The White Room Sally Edwards12.20 Visit the White Room1.00 Lunch
  3. 3. is 114 x smaller thanbut it is also 114 x closer
  4. 4. explain your ideaCan you explain an ideausing only the 1000 most used words? love Inception PhD thesis It makes you really think about the text more inclusive a fresh approach teaches me to avoid metaphor
  5. 5. explain your ideaMost of us have one of these. We watch it. There is neveranything good on. Well, there was something good on lastSat if you come from the same place as me.If you still havent got it. Im on about something to look at andwatch things on, find out what is going on around us, make uslaugh, cry and fall asleep.The best thing to watch on this is something with lots of menand a ball. This is what I was on about at the start. We gotthree more than them. One more like this and we will go awayfrom home to some strange places. Matt Harrison
  6. 6. online events and webinarsTechnology to support autistic learnersLeeds Met17 April 2013 research into immersive tech for ASD withSeeper, Lincoln Uni and King’s College.hoping to input to the Leeds eventSeeper an audio-visual synthesizer to use Moodle to support ASD
  7. 7. resources on the RSC MoodleAccessibility courses for beginners from Accessibility Forums webinars
  8. 8. some links for LD and autismesafety for Learning difficulties and autism to help parents of schoolchildren with learning difficulties and autism.A collaboration from Cerebra, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism, aims tohelp parents limit negative experiences online. Also resources and links.Autism and educ assessment Net doc on autism and computersTransition Toolkit
  9. 9. some links for LD and autismSomantics suite of therapeutic applications that use touch, vocalisation and gesture inputstocapture and augment communication Magic XpressPredictableGrid PlayerTobii Sonoflex
  10. 10. some links for LD and autismConover Company Social Skills SamplerA must see. US but excellent videos for ASD social skillsDragon DictationAutism Pro Litefree app for tracking.categories include:happiness, stress, activity level, sensory arousal, weather and mood note. can begraphed and recorded on a calendar. Share individual events or screens with teamor medics.For WindowsMyStudyBarwww.eduapps.orgA suite of OS apps and utilities run off a pen drive.Xmind, magnifier, ruler, colour and font setting,text to speech and others.Free download
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Jisc FES Accessibility and Inclusion Projects DART 2 Discover JiscSE ISP Consortium Theme Access and Inclusion Henshaws CollegeCity Lit West of England Lancashire Adult College for Blind and Community and Partially Learning Service Sighted Young People
  13. 13. DART2 Includes some • Teaching • Technical • Learning support • therapy
  14. 14. Complex needs CPDipad for learning difficulties
  15. 15. iCALL guide to the iPad
  16. 16. iCALL guide to the iPad book includes chapters on:* Getting to grips with the iPad* Apps to support teaching & learning* Accessibility Options* iPad Accessories* iPad Resources* iPad in Assessments and Exams* Managing & Implementing the iPad* Glossary of Terms* iPad Management using iTunes: some useful tips
  17. 17. iPad Guided Access to set the learner free to concentrate on one feature or app iOS6 includes a way of shutting off areas of the tabletTherapyBox step-by-step guideto iOS6 features.aimed at support for learners with autismbut there may be benefits for those with motor impairments.• turn off touch• make the home button inactive• mask areas of the screen to prevent use
  18. 18. ipads for music therapyMany of these music apps are free so worth investigating.Essential iPad Apps for Music Therapists apps for therapy
  19. 19. apps for music therapy
  20. 20. Switch access to iPads
  21. 21. facely
  22. 22. is x smaller thanbut it is also x closer
  23. 23. BYODBring Your Own DeviceDo you find technology intractable, unbending and uncaring?Don’t give up – it can be liberating, empowering and enabling.Witness the revolution in mobile accessibility for many disabled people.BYOD is designed to make life more easy. Many providers haveaddressed the issue and are looking at ways of sustaininginfrastructure projects with a view to including some access forlearner devices.Sal Cooke on the JISC blog
  24. 24. Accessible MoodleThornbeck College case study•more interactive learning experience•Encourages independent learning•Learners access learning materials at home and college•immediate constructive feedback on completion of activities.•Feedback is centralised allowing reviewing of goals.•Development of embedded ILT skills along with vocational content•Can be used with assistive technology, allowing greater independence•computers for vocational and academic, not just personal
  25. 25. Accessible Moodle: easy readPoint and Insite are products from Widgit whichcan be used on websites and as plug-ins to MoodleMaking Moodle courses with Widgit symbol accessHere is a demo Moodle course with exampleshttp://moodle.widgit-online.comAs you roll over each word a Widgit symbol isrevealed.
  26. 26. From A Makaton AUP used by Hinwick Hall College
  27. 27. created in SymWriter
  28. 28. plain English policiesEDI policies in plain English, easy read or symbolsYour AUPs and Equality and esafety policies need to beunderstood by learners.Please share your examples.Here is one from the RNIB College website: Derwen College
  29. 29.
  30. 30. xerte on the iPadExamplesXerte version version
  31. 31. xerte
  32. 32. Present.me
  33. 33. JISC RSC Toolboxavailable for loano Wireless keyboard and mouseo USB camcordero MyStudyBar on a pen driveo Digital keyring - for reminderso Digital pen for recording notes with synced audioo voice recorder with integrated speech recognitiono Games console with educational softwareo Electronic Dictionary Bookmarko iPad 1A laptop loaded with Windows 7 and specialist software·
  34. 34. JISC RSC esafety offer
  35. 35. Ealing,Hammersmith andWest LondonCollege
  36. 36. email: Moodle