Knowledge Base+ Presentation to JISC Collections AGM 2012


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Presentation to the JISC Collections AGM 2012 on Knowledge Base+, the rationale behind the project, current status and future developments

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  • DataAccuracy and availabilityContextualisationInteroperabilityData silos and flowsImplementation of standardsWorkflows“the workflow support problem” (NISO, 2012)Duplication of effort Maintaining numerous KBs WITHIN an institutionMaintaining numerous KBs ACROSS institutions
  • Leverage investment Improve quality of data for allOpennessTechnologyDataRelationships – UK, international, suppliersStandards and Best Practice Structured and accurate dataPromote interoperability and exchange of data Prioritise existing issuesSave time and money from the outsetCohesive activity, tools and servicesJISC servicesCommercial and non-commercial suppliersAcademic institutions
  • 2 Major releases in December 2012 and July 2013Ongoing incremental releases every 3 weeks
  • Knowledge Base+ Presentation to JISC Collections AGM 2012

    1. 1. JISC Collections AGM 2012
    2. 2. AgendaWhy?What have we done so far?What’s happening now?What will be happening in the next year?SustainabilityGetting involved
    3. 3. Why are we doing this?
    4. 4. “ My sales rep asked me if we could let them know which of theirjournals we subscribe to. We didn’t know so we asked our agent, but they didn’t know either” Librarian JISC Collections Roadshow 12th June 2012
    5. 5. Data
    6. 6. Interoperability
    7. 7. Workflows
    8. 8. Duplicated Effort
    10. 10. Phase 1 Release
    11. 11. Dashboard
    12. 12. Packages
    13. 13. Subscription information
    14. 14. Manage entitlements
    15. 15. Licence information
    16. 16. Alerts
    17. 17. Reports
    18. 18. What will be happening this year?
    19. 19. Software developmentData Management Updates to Licence and Subscription information with the ability to cascade changes to the local levelMajor processes and Workflows Support for management and tracking of change in major entities (Title Instances, Platforms, Packages, Subscriptions and Licences, especially with reference to start/end/mid-term processesMulti-year representation Navigation / filtering of multi-year data in user interface, reports and exportsImproved User Interface Display more of the underlying KB+ data
    20. 20. Software DevelopmentConsortium relationships Functionality to enable consortia to use KB+ efficiently, drawing on the SHEDL exemplarCommunication Improvement of Notes and Alerts to support communication and annotation across the KB+ communityIntegration JUSP and Elcat Other third party services via imports and exports of dataReports Ensure that reports continue to function during changes and add new reports in light of user feedback
    21. 21. DataMaintain and update all current data for 2013Add in new agreements especially non-JISCagreements E-journal agreements Full text databases E-book agreements Open accessPreparing priorities based on JUSP andinstitutional data
    22. 22. Historical DataCollect and normalise historical data relating tojournal agreements Title lists and licencesInvite institutions to submit data in any format Electronic and paper copiesNormalise data and load into KB+Supports activity around Post-CancellationAccess
    23. 23. SustainabilityFree until August 2013 Complete 2 major releases Pre-populate with local and national dataRelationship to JISC offer Continue as part of central offering? Standalone service? Part of a collection of other services?Provisional pricing based on new JISC bands
    24. 24. Getting involvedCurrently 26 institutions using/preparing to useKB+All institutions are welcome to sign up fortraining now Though you can just explore it now!All institutions can join the historicalentitlements data collection project
    25. 25. Thank