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The Janet architecture and new Janet access infrastructure


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James Blessing discusses details of the new design architecture at our Tech 2 Tech event.

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The Janet architecture and new Janet access infrastructure

  1. 1. Janet Access Infrastructure James Blessing, Deputy Director, Network Architecture
  2. 2. Current Situation 2 London East 2 London Bristol South South West PSBA Wales Thames Valley KPSN Kent London East 1 NottinghamBirmingham West Midlands Yorkshire & Humberside Manchester North WestCumbria Northern Ireland Glasgow South East Scotland North East Scotland South West Scotland North East East Midlands EastERN London West Core PoP (Point of Presence) Regional network Transmission site Leeds JANET6 BACKBONE OVERVIEW – Oct 2015 14-May-2015 v06 / jas London Docklands
  3. 3. Current Situation 3 London East 2 London Bristol South South West PSBA Wales Thames Valley KPSN Kent London East 1 NottinghamBirmingham West Midlands Yorkshire & Humberside Manchester North WestCumbria Northern Ireland Glasgow South East Scotland North East Scotland South West Scotland North East East Midlands EastERN London West Core PoP (Point of Presence) Regional network Transmission site Leeds JANET6 BACKBONE OVERVIEW – Oct 2015 14-May-2015 v06 / jas London Docklands Regional infrastructure National (UK) backbone shared datacentres Global Internet GÉANT peerings & gateways Access layer global NRENs
  4. 4. A new infrastructure 4 •Overall aim: to reduce complexity of Janet access infrastructure, including: •Standardise equipment •Overarching management platform •Some estate rationalisation •More use of fibre •Including future Openreach products •Increase self-provisioning •…and break the cycle of re-procuring regional network telco contracts every 4-6 years Regional infrastructure National (UK) backbone Access layer National (UK) backbone Access layer
  5. 5. Steps towards a new Janet Access infrastructure 5 • 2017-Q2/3: Procurement for access provisioning strategy • Competitive dialogue • Range of approaches invited • Proposals mainly based around suppliers’ existing network infrastructures • Expensive - lacking flexibility & agility around provisioning & upgrade • Compared against Jisc build and operate approach (as with Janet6 backbone) • Self-build better meets overall aims • 17 Q4 Procurement for separate Hardware and connectivity solutions • Provider selected 18Q1 • DF procurement as a dynamic procurement system • Lots of providers • Build it • Region by region as existing arrangements finish • Boundaries may move to deal with ‘better’ fibre paths (e.g. E&W Midlands merge) • 4-year programme
  6. 6. Not just hardware 6 • New Management Platform • MCP (Monitor, Control, Plan) • Based on a microservices architecture allowing development of new applications • Orchestration Layer • Deploy new services across both regional and core (and externally) • BSS/OSS Development Programme • Development of the tools to handle the business rules (e.g. ordering an upgrade) • Netsight • First application to be refactored • NS3 launched • NS2 turned off end of 2019
  7. 7. Wet String, Light and Electricity 7
  8. 8. Ethernet Platform 8 • Needs to support 100G backhaul • Needs to support 1G/10G/100G access • Build on a 'family' of hardware to reduce complexity • Options • Traditional Vendor • White/Brite box
  9. 9. Ofcom vrs the World 9 • Ofcom – regulator for telecoms (and communications) • Regular reviews market • BCMR 2016 • “High speed connectivity market is broken” • Fix is a DF product • BT Group say no (CAT agreed) • OSA FC launched by Openreach • 2019 – The return of DF • Between non-competitive exchanges (i.e BT only) • For access use PIA2 (run your own cable in OR ducts)
  10. 10. Insert footer10
  11. 11. Building using OSA FC & DF 11 Need a national solution, national DF not (currently) an option everywhere Openreach Telephone Exchanges as POPs Effectively OSA FC is an optical layer, so can focus on Ethernet Establish DF framework, use where more cost effective that OSA FC Move to DF if/when it becomes available
  12. 12. BT Stroud (SD/ EX) BT Yeovil TE BT Bristol CTE (BS) BT Gloucester (GR/EX) BT Cheltenham (CM) BT Cirencester (CI) BT Hereford (HR/BN) BT Axminster (AX) E-Act - Badocks Wood EAD1000 Officefor Students EAD1000 South Gloucestershireand Stroud College, Filton Campus EAD1000 NERCHartland Magnetic Observatory EAD1000(ER) Petroc - North Devon Campus EAD1000 Petroc – Branhams Campus EAD1000 Ruskin Mill Trust Limited EAD1000 South Gloucestershireand Stroud College, Stroud Campus EAD1000 William Morris Camphill Community EAD1000 South Devon College, SW Energy Centre EAD1000 (ER) Bridgwater and Taunton College, Taunton CentreEAD1000 Foxes Academy EAD1000 (ER) Richard Huish College EAD1000 University ofPlymouth, Tamar Science Park OSA FC 10Gb Cornwall College, Camborne EAD1000 Cornwall Council, PCDL EAD1000 FXPlus (Universities of Exeter and Falmouth) Penryn campus [1]OSA FC 10Gb Goonhilly Earth Station 2OSA FC 10Gb Truro and Penwith College, AllynlBld EAD1000 Bristol City Council#2, OSA FC10Gb City of Bristol College, CollegeGreen Centre EAD1000 E-Act - Greenfield Academy EAD1000 E-Act - Hareclive Academy EAD1000 E-Act - Ilminster Avenue Academy EAD1000 E-Act - Perry Court Academy EAD1000 Jisc Bristol #1, EAD1000 Jisc Commercial1 WatershedEAD1000 University of Law EAD1000 WEA SW Region EAD1000 Officefor Students, Nicholson House EAD1000 University of Bristol, Merchants Ventures Building, DARKFIBRE University of theWest of England, Bristol #1 DARK FIBRE University of theWest of England, Bristol #2 DARK FIBRE The Cambian Group EAD1000 Yeovil College EAD1000 City College Plymouth EAD1000 Plymouth Collegeof Art, Tavistock Plc #1 EAD1000 Plymouth Marine Laboratory EAD10000 The MarineBiological Association ofthe United Kingdom EAD1000 University ofPlymouth, Davy Bld 1 OSAFC 10Gb University ofSt Mark &St John EAD1000 WEA, Plymouth EAD1000 Strode College EAD1000 Cornwall College, Saltash EAD10000 (moved from Plymouth TE) Plymouth Collegeof Art, Tavistock Plc #2 EAD1000 University ofPlymouth, Portland Square Building [2] OSAFC 10Gb University ofSt Mark &St John EAD10000 Gloucestershire College, Gloucester Campus EAD10000 Hartpury University OSAFC 10Gb University ofGloucestershire, The Park OSA FC 10Gb Goonhilly Earth Station 1OSA FC 10Gb Truro and Penwith College, Fal Blg EAD10000 FXPlus (Universities ofExeter and Falmouth) Penryn campus [2] - TBC Bath College, Somer Valley Campus EAD1000 Bath Spa University, Sion HillOSA FC 10Gb (swapped sites over) Fairfield Farm Trust, EAD1000 University ofBath, OSA FC 10Gb Wiltshire College, EAD10000 Exeter College, Hele Rd Centre OSAFC 10Gb Exeter Royal Academy for DeafEducation EAD1000 Met Office OSA FC 10Gb Rothamsted Research Limited EAD1000 (ER) University ofExeter, Laver Bld 1 OSA FC 10Gb University ofExeter, Halls OSA FC 10Gb WEA, Exeter EAD1000 Herefordshire College of Arts EAD1000 Hereford Sixth Form College EAD1000 Herefordshire Council EAD1000 Herefordshire and Ludlow College EAD10000** The Royal National College for the Blind EAD1000 BT Exchange (Janet PoP) Openreach core link Openreach connected customer Crownhill TE Bridgwater and Taunton College – Bridgwater Centre EAD 10000 Gloucestershire College EAD1000 Hartpury University EAD1000 Higher Education Statistics Agency Limited EAD1000 National Star Foundation EAD1000 The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service EAD1000 University ofGloucestershire OSA FC 10Gb Cirencester College EAD10000 Jisc Commercial Limited EAD1000 Royal Agricultural University EAD1000 Uni of Bristol RNEP1 UWE RNEP2 Jisc, Eduserve office (Bristol) EAD1000 (WF5753) Bristol City CouncilDARK FIBRE (CP) University ofBristol, Computer Centre [1] DARK FIBRE UWE, IT Services [3]DARKFIBRE Bath College, City Centre EAD1000 Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus OSAFC 10Gb (swapped sites over) St Brendan's Sixth Form College EAD1000 University of Bath, John Wood OSA FC10Gb BT Filton (FIO) BT Bristol West (BS/D) BT Saltford TE (XLD) BT Radstock (RAE) BT Street (SUG) BT Exeter TE (EX) Kennford TE BT Paignton TE (PAC) BT PLYMOUTH TE (STANBURY HOUSE) (PY) BT St Austell (SAJ) BT Truro (TO) BT BODMIN (BJP) BT BUDE (BST) BT Barnstaple (BP/EX) BT Taunton Toneside (TU/C) BT Bridgwater (BNU) Exeter College, Victoria Hs EAD10000 Met Office OSA FC 10Gb South Devon College, Paignton Campus EAD1000 (ER) University ofExeter, Data Centre, Old Library [2] OSA FC 10Gb WESC Foundation EAD1000 City ofBristolCollege, Ashley Down Road EAD10000 E-Act - St Ursula’s Academy EAD1000 Jisc Bristol #2 EAD1000 TheConservatoire for Dance andDrama, EAD1000 (Moved from Bristol CTE) BT Exchange (Transit Only) Customerprovided connection Newconnection requirement 24.2 km 10.87 Km 2.45 km 26.5 km 22.58 km 3.1 km 13.02 km 22.17 km 37.8 km 27.99 km 40.04 km 51.76 Km 12.05 Km 37.05 Km 29.66 Km 4.91 Km 37.27 Km 54.58 Km 24.4 km 64.84 km 52.46 km 59.56 km 48.33 km 18 km 8.58 Km 40.18 Km 50.74 Km * NewConnection ** Change of Bandwidth Callington TE Ross-on- Wye TE Winscombe TE CHIPPING SODBURY TE Dursley TE Ivybridge TE Newquay TE Okehampton TE Bampton TE 30.08 km 14.9 km28 km 26.5 Km 27.16 km 41.68 km 38.39 Km 29.28 km 38.14 km 33 km 28.5 Km 39.82 Km 37.68 Km 39.36 Km King's College London, quintdown BPEAD1000 (moved from Truro) South Gloucestershireand Stroud College, TP EAD1000 (moved from Stroud) Weston CollegeEAD 10000 (moved from Bridgwater) Moved sitefrom another exchange What does it look like? 12
  13. 13. What does it look like? 13 31km31km 5km 67km 70km SSE Aldershot BT Guildford BT Withdean BT Hove BT Chichester BT Cosham SSE Wymering BT Ogle Road SSE S’hampton BT Harestock BT B’stoke 21km 4km58km29km 1km31km1km 29km BT Winton SSE B’mouth SSE Andover Daisy Reading 65km96km 50km BT Reigate BT Crawley BT Uckfield BT Bexhill BT Eastbourne OSAFC OSAFC OSAFC OSAFC OSAFC ArtsUniBournemouth #1 (4km) Bournemouth Uni #1 (4km) ArtsUniBournemouth #2 (2km) Southampton Solent Uni #1 (2km) Uniof Southampton #1 (6km) Uniof Winchester #1 (28km) Uniof Portsmouth #1 (8km) Uniof Southampton #2 (18km) Uniof Southampton #2 (26km) Southampton Solent Uni #2 (30km) Uniof Chichester #1 (2km) Uniof Brighton #1 (8km) Uniof Chichester #2(49km) Uniof Sussex #1 (11km) Uniof Sussex (ACCACentre) Uniof Creative Arts #1 (5km) Alton College,EAD1000 Basingstoke CoT #1, EAD1000 Queen Mary’s College,EAD1000 Treloar Trust,EAD1000 Bexhill College,EAD1000 E.Sussex CollegeGroup #2, EAD10000 Brighton & HoveCouncil, EAD1000 Brighton, Hove & Sussex 6FC,EAD10000 Greater Brighton Met College #1, EAD1000 Greater Brighton Met College #3, EAD1000 Worthing College, EAD1000 Chichester College#1, EAD1000 Chichester College#2,EAD1000 Havant & S Downs Coll,EAD1000 HighburyCollege, EAD1000 Isle of Wight College,EAD1000 Portsmouth CityCouncil,EAD1000 Portsmouth College, EAD1000 Uniof Portsmouth #2, OSAFC 10Gb West Sussex Council, EAD1000 Chichester College#2,EAD1000 EasySurrey College, EAD1000 TheCollege of Richard Collyer (Horsham) EAD1000 TheNationalCentrefor Young People with EpilepsyEAD1000 E.Sussex CollegeGroup (SDC) EAD1000 NERC, EAD1000 Brooklands College, EAD1000 Farnborough CoT #1, EAD1000 Godalming College, EAD1000 Guildford Collegeof FE #1,EAD1000 Pirbright Institute#1, EAD1000 Universityof Creative Arts #2, EAD10000 Universityof Surrey #2, OSAFC 10Gb Woking College, EAD1000 Peter Symonds College, EAD10000 SparsholtCollege, EAD1000 Uniof Winchester #2, EAD1000 Fareham Coll#1, EAD1000RO2 Itchen College, EAD1000 NERC, NOC OSAFC 10Gb Southampton CityColl, EAD1000 East Surrey College EAD10000 NE Surrey CoT, EAD10000 ReigateCollege, EAD1000 NCYPE, EAD1000 Uniof Sussex #2, EAD1000 AECC Uni College EAD1000RO2 B’mouth & PooleCollege #2, EAD1000 Bournemouth Uni #2, OSAFC Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy EAD1000 TheBournemouth & PooleCollege EAD1000 E.Sussex CollegeGroup #3, EAD1000 Greater Brighton Met Coll #2, EAD1000 Plumpton College, EAD1000 Uniof Brighton #2, EAD10000 Uniof Sussex #2, OSAFC 10Gb Varndean College,EAD1000 Basingstoke CoT #2, EAD1000 Farnborough CoT #2, EAD1000 Guildford College#2,EAD1000 Pirbright Institute#2, EAD1000 The6FC Farnborough, EAD10000 MRC, Porton Down EAD1000 STFC, EAD1000 STFC (netpath+), OSAFC Sparsholt College, EAD1000 AECC Uni Coll, EAD1000RO2 Borough of Poole,EAD1000 Kingston Maurward, EAD1000(ER) QMUL, EAD1000 TheB’mouth & PooleCol #1, EAD1000 Weymouth College, EAD1000 Barton Peveril6FC, EAD10000 Brockenhurst Coll,EAD10000 DSTL DF (customer provided) Eastleigh College, EAD1000 NERC NOC, OSAFC 10Gb Lighthouse Trust (RTSFC) #1, EAD1000 TottonCollege, EAD1000 DSTL – Portsmouth DC Fareham Coll#2,EAD1000 Havant S Downs Col,EAD1000 Isle of Wight Col,EAD1000 Isle of Wight Council, EAD1000 Lighthouse Learning Trust (St Vincent College) EAD1000 Janet South Version: GB Date: 21/05/19 SSE co-lo BT exchange Openreach core link SSE fibre core link Fibre connected customer Openreach connectedcustomer Customerprovided Change