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Practical strategies to enagage human resource teams sarah knight


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Practical strategies to engage human resource teams - Led by Sarah Knight.

Published in: Education
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Practical strategies to enagage human resource teams sarah knight

  1. 1. Human Resource teams building digital capabilities of staff Sarah Knight, Lou McGill Image attributed to Flickr user: wocintech stock - 127 22/05/2018
  2. 2. HR digital capabilities study »What are HR departments doing to support staff in dealing with the challenges and making the most of the opportunities offered by technologies? »How HR teams link up with institutional strategies and activities round digital capabilities »How confident are HR teams of their own digital capabilities to support staff in their institutions? Short term study by Lou McGill andTim Gray 22/05/2018 How do Human Resource teams support staff digital capabilities 2
  3. 3. HR digital capabilities study »October 2017 to March 2018 »Snapshot of current practice in the UK › Online survey › In-depth interviews »Vignettes of good practice Scope 22/05/2018 How do Human Resource teams support staff digital capabilities 3
  4. 4. HR digital capabilities study »Timescale extended to July 2018 »Focus change › Early evidence suggested that HR teams are just starting to become engaged with digital capabilities › Need for materials to help them engage and link to wider institutional initiatives/approaches » Survey is still live » Change of scope 22/05/2018 How do Human Resource teams support staff digital capabilities 4
  5. 5. HR digital capabilities study »Considering areas of HR activity and how they link to the framework »Two sets of slides that could be used with teams to focus on existing practice and identify areas they could build on – similar content but different focus or lens › HR activity areas › Digital capability framework areas Engaging HR teams with the digital capability framework 22/05/2018 How do Human Resource teams support staff digital capabilities 5
  6. 6. HR activities Health and wellbeing Physical health Mental health/Digital identity Specific health aspects identity, financial health, cyber security Onboarding Systems and procedures Organisation-wide training Departmental training Recruitment and selection Job descriptions and person specifications Applications and interviews Appraisal/performance review Systems and procedures Appraiser activities Identifying strengths and weaknesses Absence and capability monitoring and support Learning and development CPD/training Identifying training needs by staff/manager In-house/External training and/or education Relationship management Internal and external relationships Effective communication channels Conflict resolution/disciplinary procedures ICT proficiency Information, media and data literacy Digital creation, innovation & scholarship Input to organisational strategy, policy, operations and change management Digital learning and self development Digital creation, innovation & scholarship ICT proficiency Digital learning and self development ICT proficiency Information, media and data literacy Digital communication, collaboration & participation Digital identity and wellbeing
  7. 7. Health and wellbeing Mental health 02 ● Safe online environments ● Safe online behavior ● Appropriate online interactions ● Conflict resolution ● Appropriate staff support 01 ● Safe physical environment ● Ergonomics ● Safe online environments ● Supporting healthy choices Digital health reviews Ergonomics checks Training and guidance Understanding areas of responsibility Guidance and support Training and education Arbitration Wellbeing checks/sessions Effective reporting mechanisms and responses Specific health aspects03 ● Financial health ● Digital identity ● Cyber security Specific training sessions Tools and applications Clear policies and procedures Physical health Set of slides focusing on HR activity areas
  8. 8. Digital identity and wellbeing Onboarding Emphasise importance of digital wellbeing during induction Highlight institutional mechanisms and own responsibility through guidance and support materials Appraisal/performance review Mechanisms for identifying digital wellbeing of individuals Consider digital identities and identify actions to enhance and maintain them if appropriate for their job role Consider digital wellbeing in relation to absence and capability management and support Learning and development Adding learning and development activities to digital professional portfolios Supporting the development of positive and safe digital activities Supporting students to develop professional digital identities Health and wellbeing Offer guidance and support on digital wellbeing and for specific areas of this such as financial wellbeing, e-safety, cyber security, bullying Ensuring that staff and students with disabilities are not disadvantaged by technologies Mechanisms to deal with staff or students experiencing mental health problems due to digital interactions Ergonomic checks to ensure physical health when participating in digital activities Monitoring absence data, triggers and supporting staff Relationship management Maintaining positive digital communication activities Conflict management and mental health awareness 05 01 02 03 04 Set of slides focusing on Framework
  9. 9. Activity »How would you be able to use these in your own context? »Complete our brief survey into the usefulness of these materials on-hr-materials Look at the two sets of slides 07/09/2016 Creating online learning experiences that learners will value 9
  10. 10. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND Lou McGill 07/09/2016 10