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OpenAIRE-connect: Services for open science

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OpenAIRE-connect: Services for open science

  1. 1. OpenAIRE-Connect: Services for Open Science Leo Mack, Open Science Interoperability Senior Analyst
  2. 2. Contents 1. Background & Motivation 2. Project overview 3. Service outputs 4. Pilots 5. Benefits 2
  3. 3. Background 3
  4. 4. Motivation 4 Research communities Lack of culture, incentives, and solutions for Open Science publishing, e.g.: - No funding focus on scholarly communication practices - Limited Open Science tools and practices Repositories Lack of technical support solutions for Open Science publishing, e.g. - No best practices for handling of software, methods, packages. - Links between outputs disregarded - No suitable solutions for the continuous publishing of outputs (vs. “frozen” / one-off publishing) Research infrastructure Scholarly communication infrastructure Publishing Repeat, Reuse, Reproduce, Evaluate
  5. 5. 5 Motivation 0110101 0 0110000 1 1101001 0 Literature Articles, white papers, docs Research data Research data (raw) Research software E-infra, tools & services 0110101 0 0110000 1 1101001 0 Literature Repository 011010 011001 110010 Data Repository Software Repository 01101010 01100001 11010010 01101010 01100001 11010010 Package Reposito ry Research infrastructure Scholarly communication infrastructure Continuous publishing Repeat Reuse Reproduce Evaluate
  6. 6. Motivation 6 Transparent evaluation of research outputs Reproducibility of research Publishing of more diverse research artefacts (e.g. publications, data, software, methods, packages) Publishing of packages of research artefacts Publishing up-to-date records of research output metadata and links between artefacts Impacts Core service functions
  7. 7. Motivation 7 Research communities Content providers (publishers, publication repositories, data archives) Facilitate adoption of Open Science principles and practice via… …as-a-service publishing tools for diverse artefacts. …as-a-service, notification based tools for the communication of research outputs. …non-technical support actions, e.g. communities and content providers, training, interoperability guidelines to support adoption.
  8. 8. Project overview »Factsheet 8 Duration 30 months | January 2017 – June 2019 | Budget ca. €2million 3 technical partners • CNR (Italy) • Athena Research Centre (Greece) • ICM / UniWarsaw (Poland) 5 research communities • CNRS (France) • ICRE8 (Greece) • IRD (France) • PIN / Uni Florence (Italy) • Uni Bremen (Germany) 3 content provider reps • CERN (Switzerland) • University of Minho (Portugal) • Jisc (UK)
  9. 9. Project overview 23/03/2018 Title of presentation (Insert > Header & Footer > Slide > Footer > Apply to all) 9 Key objective of the project: Extending the technological services and networking bridges (human/social/support) today offered by the OpenAIRE › Open Science services – Research community services: Research Community Dashboard – Content provider services: Content Provider Dashboard and Catch-All-Broker › Open Science community capacities – Engaging communities and content providers – Interoperability guidelines to facilitate metadata exchange – Support of OpenAIRE networking services (NOADs, Helpdesk, webinars, blog, social)
  10. 10. Project approach 10 Project overview Builds on existing OpenAIRE Services Delivery of TRL8 services in M30 Service development Service operation Test & refine User engagement
  11. 11. 11 Project overview Catch-All- Notification Broker Software Packages Research Community Dashboard Data Search, navigate, and monitor research Impact Subscription & Notification Researcher communities & infrastructures Content providers Publications Data Projects Project communit y FunderStream Produc t Publication Data Software Organizat ion source Publications Software
  12. 12. Service outputs »Three main outputs of the project › Research Community Dashboard › Catch-All-Broker › Interoperability guidelines 12
  13. 13. 13 Service outputs – Research Community Dashboard Data Publications Software Project communit y FunderStream Produc t Publication Data Software Organization Research communities can… Claim products Claim links Search & navigate content Statistics on research impact Deposit products Additional links automatically generated based on inferences OpenAIRE Graph (deduplicated & enriched) ResearchCommunityDashboard Repositories & RI services Harvest & push metadata
  14. 14. 14 Service outputs – Catch-All-Broker Service 14 Repository A Repository B Software Project communit y FunderStream Produc t Publication Data Software Organization Analyzes OpenAIRE graph Sends notifications to relevant subscribers Additional links automatically generated based on inferences OpenAIREGraph (deduplicated & enriched) Catch-All-Broker Harvest & push metadata Notifications e.g. to repositories
  15. 15. »Types of notification events sent by the Catch-All-Broker Service 15 Service outputs – Catch-All-Broker Service Enrichments • Properties or links which are not available in the records Additions • Records which should be in a repository, but are not Alerts • Wrong links in existing entries
  16. 16. Service outputs – Interoperability guidelines »A set of guidelines to support the take up of OpenAIRE-Connect services, disseminated via appropriate communication, training, and other support measures. »Aims: › Facilitate programmatic exchange of research artefacts across the scholarly communication infrastructure › Complete the OpenAIRE guidelines, which define exchange mechanisms for publications and datasets › Will be used to push & publish research artefacts within OpenAIRE services 16
  17. 17. Pilots »Five research community pilots (March 2018 – June 2019) 17 Research Community Dashboard Earth and Environmental Sciences (PANGAEA and ATLAS community) Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities (PARTHENOS research infrastructure) Neuroinformatics (France Life Imaging national infrastructure – CNRS) Fisheries and aquaculture management (BlueBridge & MARBEC infrastructures) Environment & Economy (national/EU node of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Testing
  18. 18. Pilots »General content provider pilot (March 2018 – June 2019) 18 Catch-All- Broker Service & Content Provider Dashboard International representatives of Open Access publishers eLife, EuropePMC, Frontiers (coordinated by Jisc) Publication repositories (COAR and OpenAIRE NOADs, coordinated by University of Minho) Data archives (ICSUWorld Data Systems/WDS, coordinated by CERN / Zenodo) Testing
  19. 19. »Interoperability pilot between Catch-All-Broker and Jisc’s Publications Router 19 Pilots Producers of events Subscriptions Subscriptions Consumers of events subscribe notify subscribe notify Exchanging Subscriptions & channeling notifications Unilateral exchange of subscriptions and notifications from CAB to the Jisc Publications Router. › Handling of subscription behind the scenes. › Classification of interoperable notifications to ensure metadata transfer. › Paving the way for a general framework of interoperability for scientific communication broker service.
  20. 20. Benefits »Benefits for research communities 20 Community-oriented Open Science publishing tools • Scientists can continue using RI services and publishing practices, but can also find support for publishing/interlinking any kind of outputs. Collaborative curation of a community-specific scholarly communication information space • Community information space to share, discover, interlink, and reuse (reproduce) scientific results. Community-oriented Reporting and Open Science monitoring • Easier reporting to funders, facilitates development of reward strategies covering all research outputs.
  21. 21. Benefits »Benefits for content providers / repositories 21 Extending repository metadata models to Open Science practices • Promoting addition of links from/to products of any kind. Keeping collections up-to-date (via notifications for alerts, enrichments, additions) • Regular updates to ensure comprehensive and accurate exchange of information: notifications about links to other outputs, missing properties, missing products, and possible errors in the metadata. Fostering notification-based dissemination of knowledge in a federated environment • Promoting repositories as pro-active and interactive elements of the scholarly communication infrastructure.
  22. 22. ThankYou Leo Mack Open Science Interoperability Senior Analyst Digital Futures e: t: +44 7458 086305 22

Editor's Notes

  • Notifications come via API (pull-mode) or webhooks / SWORD protocol (push-mode)

    Data sources
    Publication repositories from OpenDOAR
    Data Archives from
  • Dashboard will be configured and used (depending of the community):
    Configuration of research impact and inference algorithm of OpenAIRE
    Use to interlink the artefacts of the Thematic Research infrastructures
    Deposition of research artefacts in Zenodo, claiming of artefacts, claiming of interlinks, creation of packages of artefacts
    Deposition of research artefacts constituting a “dynamic publication” (linking VREs)
    Engaging researchers towards Open Science practices (Publishing datasets & methods)
    Extend content providers of tool and workflows artefacts for publishing tool and artefact packages in OpenAIRE via OpenAIRE-Publishing API