Recognising Malcolm Read on his retirement


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Recognising Malcolm Read on his retirement

  1. 1. Recognising Malcolm Read on his retirement
  2. 2. Malcolm must take the lion's share of the credit for the very high reputation for ground-breaking innovation combined with reliable delivery that JISC now has. Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea Chair of JISC Principal and vice-chancellor, University of Edinburgh
  3. 3. Malcolm provided for JISC a defining purpose and ethos - risk taking when it had to be, intellectually robust, technically expert and inspirationally obscure at times, but visionary and capable of delivering. Allison Allden Chief Executive, Higher Education Statistics Agency
  4. 4. The UK library world owes Malcolm enormously for [its] foundations and for the opportunities they gave individuals and the sector to develop skills and services which have... sustained and adapted to the very different world of the 21st century. Dame Lynne Brindley Chief executive, British Library
  5. 5. As I travel around the world, the very mention of JISC evokes a look of acknowledgement and envy. I feel it a privilege to have worked with Malcolm on the JISC board and with his invaluable diplomatic advice. Professor John Wood Former committee chair, JISC
  6. 6. We have enjoyed the support and endurance Malcolm demonstrated to shape and manage the ever more complex and integrated global IT infrastructure in the UK and beyond. Wim Leibrand SURF, the Netherlands
  7. 7. Knowledge Exchange... has surely been a ground breaking experiment in international collaboration. Without Malcolm’s unfailing dedication it would not have been possible to see it through its tougher years and see it blossom. Anne Maja, Keith Russell and all at the Knowledge Exchange
  8. 8. Malcolm has inspired and steered the development of Danish Agency for Libraries and Media, or DEFF. His leadership and advice have been invaluable to us, and we are very grateful. Bo Öhrström Deputy Director, Danish Agency for Libraries and Media
  9. 9. I speak for myself and the rest of Malcolm’s fans in this part of the world when I say: Malcolm, you have made a lasting contribution to our community. Thank you for making us all richer and wiser. Diana Oblinger President and chief executive, EDUCAUSE, United States
  10. 10. The phrase ‘end of an era’ is often overused; but here it is apposite. UK education – and government – owes Malcolm a great debt. He is to be congratulated for all his work. Professor David Baker Deputy chair, JISC
  11. 11. © HEFCE 2012 The Higher Education Funding Council for England, on behalf of JISC, permits reuse of this presentation and its contents under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK England & Wales Licence.