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Mary Lou Forward

  1. 1. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. Open Sharing, Global Benefits The OpenCourseWare Consortium
  2. 2. wfryer/2516648940 /
  3. 3. What is OpenCourseWare? • High quality educational materials organized  as courses  A course is package of educational materials starting a  particular point in the knowledge spectrum, designed to lead  to greater understanding of the issue or topic
  4. 4. What is OpenCourseWare? • Materials organized as courses • Course planning documents, thematic content, learning  activities and evaluation instruments • Openly licensed for distribution, re‐use and  modification, available to all on the internet
  5. 5. What is OpenCourseWare? • Materials organized as courses • Course planning documents, thematic content, learning  activities and evaluation instruments • Openly licensed and freely available • Materials are a reflection of the education  provided at that institution and author – Quality assurance through the backing and  reputation of the institution
  6. 6. Our mission  to advance formal and informal learning  through the worldwide sharing and use of  free, open, high‐quality education materials  organized as courses.
  7. 7. Who we are
  8. 8. The OCW Consortium • ~250 members • ~100 live OCW sites • ~13,000 courses
  9. 9. Geographic Location of Members v
  10. 10. Consortium Staff Members ∗ Mary Lou Forward  ∗ Clay Whipkey ∗ Igor Lesko Executive Director Technical Director Memberships Services Coordinator Vermont, USA California, USA Johannesburg, South Africa ∗ Meena Hwang ∗ Terri Bays ∗ Marcela Morales Director of Community Outreach Special Projects Manager Memberships Services Coordinator Seoul, Korea Connecticut, USA Monterrey, Mexico
  12. 12. OCW Course Growth Globally
  13. 13. How can OpenCourseWare make a difference?
  14. 14. . Current Roles of OCW Expands access  to education
  15. 15. Current Roles of OCW Showcases existing  courses and  educational quality Many universities  choose to start by  opening their  specialties James Cridland - CC BY 3.0
  16. 16. Current Roles of OCW Strengthens teaching  and curricular  alignment within an  institution trey.menefee CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  17. 17. Current Roles of OCW Services to students and institution: • Increased visibility of institution on local and global stages • Virtual advising tool • Keeping alumni attached  • Community relations through lifelong learning • Faculty development  • International engagement
  18. 18. Future of OCW Bridge between  secondary and higher  education Gadgetdude CC BY 3.0
  19. 19. . Future of OCW Workforce  development • Updating skills • Retraining sectors that are  downsizing or becoming  dated • Pathways to short courses  or certificates Alex Proimos CC BY 3.0
  20. 20. Future of OCW Public education CC BY 3.0
  21. 21. Future of OCW Curricular mapping on a grander scale • National • Regional • Global CC BY 3.0
  22. 22. Future of OCW Enhancement of  self‐learner tools Planning, mapping,  discovery based on  individual interests CC BY 3.0
  23. 23. Future of OCW Increased faculty  engagement and  global knowledge  generation through  examining critical  global issues 6/ CC BY 3.0
  24. 24. Future of OCW Cultural  understanding  and citizen  diplomacy CC BY SA 3.0
  25. 25. Future of OCW New mobile platforms for greater accessibility CC BY 3.0
  26. 26. Steps being taken now: Case Studies of OER around  the world
  27. 27. African Virtual University
  28. 28. Inter‐governmental Charter Increase access to high quality higher  education and training
  29. 29. Change of Direction • What is most relevant for African learners? • Create networks to enhance sharing and open  sharing • Localize and create content
  30. 30. Open and Distance eLearning Centers Teacher Education Project OER Repository
  31. 31. Open and  Distance  eLearning  Centres
  32. 32. Teacher  Education  Project
  33. 33. OER in South Korea
  34. 34. Background:  • High value placed on  education • University ranking is very      important, big factor in  economic/social success • University admission is very  competitive • Lots of money spent on  private tutoring
  35. 35. Annual expenditures on education: public vs private monies 15.6 trillion dollars spent on  private education in 2008
  36. 36. Monthly expenditure for private education Low income family High income family Student in first $100 year of high school $751 Student in third  $70 year of high school $832
  37. 37. Problem 1: too large an expenditure on  private education Problem 2: low income and high income  families differ greatly in expenditure,  possibly causing educational, social and  economic divides
  38. 38. Solution: OER – online classes and materials to supplement the current  curriculum in primary and secondary education. 
  39. 39. Free college entrance prep course offers free college entrance prep course. The Ministry of Education, Science,  and Technology has announced that up to 70% of the college entrance examination may be  taken from the online lectures on EBS is the equivalent of PBS and is subsidized  by the Ministry. The Ministry expects these online lectures to end the dependency on private  Schooling after school.  Classes in both middle school and high school levels are offered.  Free. Needs to buy EBS books to go with the lectures. Needs to log in. 
  40. 40. K‐OCW Central Repository Requirement for government funded university projects
  41. 41. ACE project Purpose: to use OER/OCW as means to improve quality of education. Based on thoughts  That transparency in education improves teaching and ultimately learning experiences. ACE project: grant program awarded to 10 teaching universities to improve education.  One of the selection criteria was opening educational content, and all schools submitted Proposal for OER/OCW projects. CC BY NC SA 3.0
  42. 42. Ulsan University
  43. 43. Korea OCW Consortium University network, no government sponsorship
  44. 44. CC-BY-NC-SA Next step: Advocacy for OER production and use to be considered in  National univeristy ranking system
  45. 45. OER in Brazil
  46. 46. Observation: Brazil supportive of Open Access, but little done in education Question: How to get widespread adoption of OER? Answer: Need support from both grassroots movements and policy  makers
  47. 47. How?
  48. 48. create networks of support
  49. 49.
  50. 50. 8 July 2010: Congressional Hearing on OER
  51. 51. Recommendations of Parliamentarian Paulo Teixeira: 1. Validate the recommendations of Brazil OER project by publishing them as Congressional recommendations; 2. Present recommendations to the Minister of Education;  3. Write a bill of law to provide legal incentive for OER; 4. Publish all meeting materials; 5. Formulate concrete actions for training policy makers on OER.
  52. 52. Actions taken since 8 July: Online conversations with Congressional  consultants and aides to formalize OER  recommendations and draft a bill By end of August, first draft of bill ready for  discussion with potential supporters and  Minister of Education
  53. 53. OER in Manor, Texas, USA
  54. 54. Manor’s challenges •Slow economic growth,  marked by expansion of  retail chain stores •Growing, but small  population (+/‐ 6,000) •Mix of long‐time residents  (ranchers) and new  commuters *Needed to build community and stimulate economic growth
  55. 55. Improve Manor through innovative, interactive technology
  56. 56. How Are Participants Rewarded? • Innobucks – A virtual online currency that can be traded in for real tangible products and services from the Manor Labs storefront. • Users receive Innobucks in various quantities depending upon the action they complete. – For example: Users receive 5,000 Innobucks when submitting an idea for us to consider. Twitter @manorlabs Web
  57. 57. How Will Manor Labs Participate With OCW? • Manor Labs will reward Individuals For Participating in OCW Courses (“X” Innobucks Per Course) • Manor Labs will create a Certificate Program to encourage professional development. • Publish 10 OCW Courses By May 2012 – Examples: Urban Planning, Governmental Innovation, etc. Twitter @manorlabs Web
  58. 58.
  59. 59. More OER around the world
  60. 60. Inter‐state, governmental agency to improve education at all levels Works closely with the regional accrediting agency March 2010 issued policy guidelines for digital sharing of resources
  61. 61. 1st Guideline: States (as well as colleges, universities, districts, and schools) should ensure that the commitment to sharing and disseminating digital educational resources is explicit.
  62. 62.
  63. 63.
  64. 64. National initiative: Wikiwijs > June 2008: policy of ‘schoolbooks for free’ > Sept. 2008: Advice of the Education Council to the  Parliament: ‘Make more use of OER for innovation of  education’ > December 2008: Minister of Education launches  Wikiwijs as a national OER initiative > April 2009: broad support in Parliament > May 2009: OU & Kennisnet start preparing this  programme > July 2009: delivery Programme Plan > 12th Aug. 2009: Minister’s final OK
  65. 65. Wikiwijs offers … • a Repository of open educational resources • a Referatory to digital educational resources: > open and closed > free access and access to be paid for > public and commercial • easy to use arrangement and development tools for teachers / professors • end‐user support for teachers / professors  when creating and using learning materials
  66. 66.
  67. 67. Thomas Edison Program for Environment  and E‐Learning Development, India
  68. 68. JOCW Beginnings (2004‐2006): • 6 Prestigious Universities in  Japan • High level commitment  from administrators
  69. 69. Number of Courses by JOCW members
  70. 70. Membership in JOCW
  71. 71. All initiatives require  participation and leadership
  72. 72. African Virtual University
  73. 73. OER in Manor, Texas, USA
  74. 74. OER in Brazil
  75. 75. It won’t happen without us
  76. 76. Get the word out – raise awareness CC-BY-NC-SA
  77. 77. Impact / CC BY 3.0
  78. 78. Develop a  library of OER  case studies   for everyone   to access
  79. 79. Promote and disseminate research
  80. 80. Continue OER Advocacy
  81. 81. Greater Usability CC BY SA 3.0
  82. 82. CC BY 3.0
  83. 83. Modified from
  84. 84. wfryer/2516648940 /
  85. 85. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. Open Sharing, Global Benefits The OpenCourseWare Consortium
  86. 86. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. Photo credits: Share rnelluniversitylibrary/348596028 cc‐by IMG_4591 cc‐by‐sa La belle tzigane cc‐by‐sa Karen and Sharon cc‐by‐nc‐sa Learn cc‐by‐nc‐sa Discussion  cc‐by‐nc‐sa Asian Library Interior 5 cc‐by‐nc‐sa Petru cc‐by‐nc‐sa Opensourceways cc‐by‐sa
  87. 87. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. Activities of the OpenCourseWare Consortium are generously supported by: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Sustaining Members of the OCW Consortium: China Open Resources for Education Delft University of Technology Japan OpenCourseWare Consortium Johns Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health Korea OpenCourseWare Consortium Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Universiteit Tecnológico de Monterrey Tufts University Universidad Politécnica de Madrid University of California, Irvine University of Michigan University of the Western Cape And contributions of member organizations
  88. 88. advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses.