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Keynote: How iDEA is developing digital citizens - Kerensa Jennings


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How iDEA is developing digital citizens
Presented by Kerensa Jennings, Director, Office of HRH the Duke of York

Published in: Education
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Keynote: How iDEA is developing digital citizens - Kerensa Jennings

  1. 1. WHATISIDEA? The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an international programme helping people of all ages develop skills to enhance their chances on the job market. It is the digital and enterprise equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award. It's completely free and accessible on any device all around the world. Earn iDEA digital badges anytime, anywhere you can get online.
  2. 2. IT’SABOUTSTAGE,NOTAGE iDEA is for everyone, young people and adults alike. Bronze is beginner level, Silver intermediate and Gold advanced. The iDEA bite size badges are very flexible – you can do them with your friends, on your own, or in classroom, workshop or club environments.
  4. 4. IT’SABOUTOPENINGUP OPPORTUNITIES The challenges are split into core categories, each with their own set of badges. As well as being fun, the badges provide a visual acknowledgment of achievement which can then lead to increased employment marketability in the technology and enterprise sectors.
  5. 5. IT’SABOUTSHOWCASING YOURACHIEVEMENTS iDEA has developed a Record of Achievement. This enables learners at any point in their learning experience to download, print and share their iDEA achievements to date.
  6. 6. BADGECATEGORIES Citizen BadgesCitizen BadgesCitizen BadgesCitizen Badges Digital awareness, safety and ethics. Worker BadgesWorker BadgesWorker BadgesWorker Badges Tools and techniques which are useful in the workplace. Maker BadgesMaker BadgesMaker BadgesMaker Badges Digital creativity and how to build and make in the digital world. Entrepreneur BadgesEntrepreneur BadgesEntrepreneur BadgesEntrepreneur Badges Learn how to originate ideas and bring them to life. Gamer BadgesGamer BadgesGamer BadgesGamer Badges Gamification techniques and how to make games. Independent BadgesIndependent BadgesIndependent BadgesIndependent Badges Badges we are making with partners to accredit their digital and enterprise learning events and experiences.
  7. 7. IT’SABOUTLIFELONGLEARNING iDEA badges support vocational training as well as formal and informal learning. iDEA badges have been mapped against the UK National Curricula as well as the Skills Framework for the Information Age. Many Organisers are using iDEA resources as valuable CPD to become acquainted with key digital and enterprise skills and knowledge e.g. about cloud computing, the Internet of Things and key aspects of digital literacy.
  8. 8. EXPERIENCEBADGES iDEA accredits partner activities such as learning events and vocational workshops. Points earned from participating in these activities count towards the iDEA Bronze Award.
  9. 9. AFTERANACCOUNTHAS BEENUPGRADEDTO “ORGANISER”USERS WILLHAVEACCESSTO TWOKEYFEATURES! iDEA has created two key features for anyone who organises cohorts of learners. First, Organisers can RERERERE----DODODODO completed badges without losing points. Organisers are able to practice in advance and demonstrate badges during sessions. This makes using the website with a group simple and effective and gives Organisers valuable CPD opportunities. 1.
  10. 10. AFTERANACCOUNTHAS BEENUPGRADEDTO “ORGANISER”USERS WILLHAVEACCESSTO TWOKEYFEATURES! Secondly, Organiser Codes enable the iDEA team to track ANALYTICSANALYTICSANALYTICSANALYTICS for users by linking learners to their institution. The iDEA team can generate a snapshot of learner progress for Organisers. Different institutions can have multiple Organiser Codes which can be used to gather analytics for each cohort. 2.
  11. 11. STEP1 Contact the iDEA team via the link on the website to ask for a standard account to be upgraded to Organiser Status. It is helpful to the team if you can provide details about your institution and/or class when applying for your free Organiser Account. STEP2 iDEA HQ will ask you what you need and send you Organiser Codes via email to suit your requirements. The Organiser Code is what will be used to link your learners to your institution and to help you trace the analytics. Learner information and security is protected.
  12. 12. STEP3 Ask your learners to input the ‘Organiser Code’ we assign you. They can do this anytime, to link back to all previous activity. If the learner already has an active account, ask them to update their profile: edit profile, input the Organiser Code and press update. The learner will then see a green banner confirming that their profile has been updated.
  13. 13. ASANADDEDBONUS… When a user is logged into their Organiser account they will be able to see a RERERERE----DO BADGEDO BADGEDO BADGEDO BADGE button on each complted badge. By clicking this button the Organiser can go back and start the badge again without losing points. Thisenables organisersto practicebadges inadvanceand givelive demonstrations duringsessions totheirgroupof learners.
  14. 14. ADDITIONALRESOURCES The iDEA Badge Directory and other useful resources are available for download at: