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Jisc updates - CORE, ORCID and RIOXX - Balviar Notay


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Part of Jisc's open access summer series of community events in 2018.

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Jisc updates - CORE, ORCID and RIOXX - Balviar Notay

  1. 1. CORE , ORCID and RIOXX Balviar Notay
  2. 2. UK ORCID consortium membership 01/08/2018 Jisc - UK ORCID support workshop 2 91
  3. 3. Complete 55% pre-launch 11% in development 2% not started 32% (MAY 2018) Integration status
  4. 4. UK ORCID growth Jisc - UK ORCID support workshop 4 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 Aug 2015 Feb 2016 Aug 2016 Feb 2017 Aug 2017 Feb 2018 May 2018 Growth of ORCID records email address over time # of records with a email address • 154,154ORCID records that contain a UK affiliation • 166,435 records with email address on an ORCID Record
  5. 5. The bread and butter: › Responding to technical and non technical support requests › Gathering technical interoperability requirements across UK universities and share with members › Designing, organising and facilitating UKORCID user community events, hackdays, webinars etc – act as a forum for networking, sharing of experiences and collaboration › Developing resources 5
  6. 6. 17/18 activity/focus Responding to requirements: › Development of EPrints plug-in and supporting release › DSpace – responding to requests for IRUS harvesting › Working with institutions and vendors (Worktribe, Haplo) › Support move to API 2.0 › Webinars › Hackdays 6
  7. 7. Priorities for 18/19 › Continue to progress technical infrastructure – Support for member integrations – working with vendors, repository systems – Support institutions with Collect and Connect – Monitor upgrade to API 3.0 when released › Foster communities of practice ethos › Monitor needs across the consortium › Events: hackdays, webinars, members day › Continue to develop UK ORCID consortium resources › Support Self Service 7
  8. 8. Renewal of consortium membership »Change in membership fees from Jan 2019 (email went out to institutions on 19th June) »Sustainability planning › Technical support and community engagement staff/activity has been subsidised by Jisc project funds since August 2015 › Needed to ensure ORCID consortium was a viable concern beyond 2019 › Ensure that it is still cheaper to go through Jisc consortium 16 June 2017 Jisc UK ORCID consortium event - Cultivating ORCID: encouraging growth 8
  9. 9. ORCID pricing 2019 - 2021 9 * Prices exclude and are subject toVAT. A transaction management charge, currently either £100 or £50 for invoices over and under £1000 respectively is also applicable. * For premium membership. As at June 2018, ORCID’s USD$200M pricing threshold broadly falls between Jisc Collection’s Band 5B and Band 6. Due to changes in the income of institutions, exchange rate movements and periodic re-evaluation of the Bands the savings expressed above should be treated as indicative and subject to change. FAQs: t_170/UK-ORCID-Consortium-Pricing- 2019-2021-Member-FAQ.pdf
  10. 10. Channels for communication » Website: » UK ORCID email list: » Jisc ORCID helpdesk: 10
  11. 11. RIOXX » Supports easier compliance and reporting to funders » Ability to track and share data between systems » Ability to de-duplicate » Supports robust aggregations and interrogation of research outputs » Better business intelligence (benchmarking, robust statistics) » Transparency » Robust service functionality/trust in services Standards facilitates interoperability
  12. 12. RIOXX »Requirement from UK funders for compliance to OA policies (RCUK and REF) »No consistent use of key and common metadata fields across scholarly systems »No consistent use of vocabularies »Metadata required by funders not being collected Why we developed RIOXX:
  13. 13. RIOXX (Research Papers) »Worked with RCUK and HEFCE »Developed by PaulWalk and Sheridan Brown (Key Perspectives) RIOXX metadata application profile and guidelines
  14. 14. RIOXX › Lists key and common metadata elements that institutions need to collect to support compliance to RCUK OA policy and most of REF requirements. ›
  15. 15. RIOXX implementation »Have developed applications for EPrints and DSpace to support RIOXX implementation. »
  16. 16. RIOXX and OpenAIRE » OpenAIRE Guidelines did not adequately fulfil UK metadata requirements »We are working with OpenAIRE to facilitate convergence where possible. »We are considering how to deal with divergence. »There is mapping between RIOXX and OpenAIRE »This will have to be reworked in light of new OpenAIRE Guidelines version 4. Mapping to OpenAIRE Guidelines
  17. 17. Metadata standards mapping » Mapping/ Reviewing RIOXX »Changes in funder landscape may have an impact on RIOXX (UKRI, Wellcome policy review…) »Plan to review RIOXX later this year with funders and experts. Developing visualisation tools
  18. 18. CORE Delivered in partnership with the Open University and Jisc Aggregate all open access content ditsributed across different repository systems worldwide, enrich this content and provide access to it through a set of services
  19. 19. CORE World’s largest open access articles collection 49TB of data 3,648Data providers ~ 50k Journals > 131,302,881 Metadata > 93,348,838 Abstracts > 11,250,039 Hosted full texts > 78,781,218 Links to full text
  20. 20. CORE CORE repository dashboard
  21. 21. CORE CORE Analytics Dashboard (alpha) • Will help analyse the impact of research at your institution. • See how you perform against competitors. • Slice and dice by discipline, field, any kind of a query
  22. 22. CORE • Main source of data for Naver Academic • IRIS.AI: A start up of 20 people entirely developing tools to help researchers be more productive. Highly dependent on CORE API. • ProQuest: CORE supplies data about OA publications to improve discovery of OA content in Primo and Summon (new) additional discovery collaborations on the way. • Providing a key API for OA Button Key customers/partners
  23. 23. • Harvesting and delivering data from UK repositories supporting RIOXX to OpenAIRE (every 2 weeks) on behalf of Jisc. • OpenAIRE to use CORE Publisher Connector • Delivering repository statistics data (including historical information) to OpenDOAR • IRUS-UK: IRUS has created in collaboration withCORE the IRUS-CORE service which integrates the capturing of download data from repositories with CORE. • OpenMinTeD: EU eInfrastructure project forTDM of research data. CORE the largest supplier of data. • EOSC/ResourceSync - Driving innovation in this area Integration with other OA services/initiatives