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Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum

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Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum

  1. 1. Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum 13 December 2022
  2. 2. Welcome and house keeping • Online delegates microphones and cameras are enable. Please can you remain muted unless involved in discussions to avoid disruption • If you have any technical issues, please put this into the main chat pane, make sure you select ‘hosts and panellists’ • If you have any general comments, please use the main chat pane, make sure you select ‘everyone’ • The live transcript has been enabled for this event. If you’d like to amend your personal viewing options, you can do so at the bottom of your screen • Please put any questions into Slido. Link and QR will be shown in a later slide Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum 2
  3. 3. Agenda Duration Session Time Welcome and introductions Jason Miles-Campbell 10 minutes Strategic review of 2021-22 Heidi Fraser-Krauss 20 minutes Break 15 minutes Jisc in Northern Ireland Review Jason Miles-Campbell 15 minutes Discussion: Addressing Northern Ireland priorities All 45 minutes Questions and finish All 5 minutes 3 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  4. 4. Questions and comments To ask a question or make a comment: Use Slido via the app or website 4 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  5. 5. Strategic review of 2021-22 Heidi Fraser-Krauss, chief executive officer, Jisc
  6. 6. Annual review 6 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  7. 7. Leadership 7 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  8. 8. A fairer future £31.3m open access publishing costs avoided 74 open access agreements available 24,245 articles to be published immediately 96% of UKRI funded output Elsevier negotiations netted World’s largest open access agreement 8 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  9. 9. A digital future 30 colleges co-designed and piloted the Digital elevation tool 180 FE members have already signed up to the tool 9 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  10. 10. A sustainable future 10 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  11. 11. A secure future 16 questions you need to ask to assess your cyber security posture ( 11 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  12. 12. Over £20m Customer income 12 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  13. 13. 2022 Reflections on the year 13 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  14. 14. Our purpose To improve lives through the digital transformation of education, research and innovation. Our vision For the UK to be a world leader in technology for education, research and innovation. 14 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  15. 15. Our strategy 2022-25 The trusted partner in digital transformation Building on our core strengths and leveraging the collective power of the sectors to maximise our impact We will achieve this by focusing on three things: Delivering the right solutions Empowering communities Be a force for good 15 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  16. 16. Delivering the right solutions “Providing solutions to our customers through our portfolio of products and services. Striking the right balance between partnering and in house development to ensure they respond to our customer needs” E-infrastructure Data Brokerage Further education Higher education and research 16 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  17. 17. Empowering communities “Our power comes from our customers, sectors and communities. We bring insight and inspiration as a sector body, and work with them to innovate and imagine new solutions” Convening Collaborating Innovation Practical support 17 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  18. 18. A force for good “As a driver for change, we are focused on our commercial and financial sustainability but always aware of our place in and impact on the world” Financial sustainability Data Net Zero Global community 18 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  19. 19. Break
  20. 20. Jisc in Northern Ireland – a review Reporting on Jisc’s value to the Northern Ireland FE and HE sectors Jason Miles-Campbell, director of Scotland and Northern Ireland, Jisc
  21. 21. Network 21 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  22. 22. Cybersecurity 22 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  23. 23. Engagement successes in Northern Ireland 23 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  24. 24. Impact in Numbers 24 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  25. 25. Jisc support for Northern Irish members 1 Delivering the right solutions Cloud Cyber Research Frameworks Data Analytics Resources Student experience Connectivity Trust and identity 2 Empowering communities Sector transformation Community engagement Sectoral partnerships Sector surveys and insights 3 Be a force for good 25 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum Global reach Net zero Savings and value Support for Ukraine
  26. 26. Northern Irish member challenges and priorities for Jisc 1 Delivering the right solutions 2 Empowering communities 3 Be a force for good 26 Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum
  27. 27. Discussion: Addressing Northern Ireland’s priorities
  28. 28. Three key questions Exercise using Post-Its. Task 10 mins per question, feedback 15 mins 1.From your strategic understanding, what do you see as the benefits and added value digital, data and technology can provide across your business? 2.What is your vision for how digital, data and technology could be used in four years time? (In learning and teaching, research, business operations, and stakeholder engagement) 3.What changes to the learning and teaching delivery model will prepare learners for the future, digital workplace? Jisc Northern Ireland strategy forum 28
  29. 29. Questions and finish

Editor's Notes

  • Our chair of trustees, Paul Boyle gave an overview of Jisc’s achievements over the past year
    You can find a lot of this information, and far more detail, in our recently published annual review, a link to which was in your joining instructuions for this event, and a link to it will also be in the chat.

  • A recent achievement of note was the completion of our merger with HESA, The merger will combine our capabilities and positions Jisc as the provider of much of the sector’s data and digital needs going forward.

  • A fairer future
    Our work with the research community to implement UKRI’s Open Access policy is helping to transform the Uks approach to publishing academic research.
    Some of the highlights are listed here, I won’t go through them all, but you can see the scale and impact of our work on behalf of the sector in this space.

    I would like to highlight the completion of the Elsevier negotitations – which represents the world’s largest open access agreement. It is a major step towards full, equitable and affordable open scholarship. 
  • A digital future

    The pandemic accelerated digital transformation in education with a rise in staff and student capabilities and a growing awareness of the need for truly digital leaders. We’ve been supporting universities and colleges to assess, adapt and optimise their digital learning offers around the UK.  

    A highlight from the year has been the well received Digital Elevation Tool. Co-designed and piloted with 30 colleges, just 9 months after its launch at Digifest in March, there are now 179 FE members signed up to the use the tool. The tool provides senior strategic leaders in FE and skills organisations with an online self-assessment that allows them to validate their organisation’s current digital position and map their digital journey. 

  • A sustainable future 

    How we shape a sustainable future could be the most important and urgent question education has ever had to address.

    Earlier this year we published a report that takes an indepth look at the carbon footprint on all our digital lives and offers practical advice and guidance on reducing it.  
  • A secure future 

    The Janet network and Eduroam-related services continue to provide the backbone that allows our member organisations to function effectively.

    Investing in cyber security remains a key priority to maximise our protection for members. We will continue to enhance and improve these services for universities and colleges, alongside the provision of advice and guidance, such as our 16 questions you need to ask to assess your cyber security position. 

  • Customer

    In addition to working with member organisations we’re providing world-class digital solutions for industry, local government, public sector and UK education and research providers. Every penny we earn is reinvested towards our mission to support research education and our customers. 

    That work, this year, bought in over 20 million pounds in income
    Open Athens – Broke through £7m in income for the first time – demonstrating a doubling in income in just 5 years.
    Our commercial team brought in £7.8m in income from our customers in adjacent markets
    Student services (including prospects and HEDD) brought over £5.5m of income
  • So Jisc have achieved an enormous amount to be proud of in the last year.
    That year was also my first full year as chief exec.
    This time last year I was in the middle of my first 100 days, and was in the middle of some intense engagement –
    Meeting with our members, over 60 member visits over the last year, HE and FE, large and small, across all 4 nations.
    Meeting with our funders, owners, government bodies at UK level, but also in the devolved nations.
    And also with our staff, getting under the skin of Jisc.
    In all of those conversations, I heard about the things we are doing well. but I also heard about where we could be doing more, or could be doing better
    Those conversations have helped shape our strategy for the next 3 years, which I will quickly run you through and use to frame some of our priorities for the coming year..
  • It is important to highlight that the new strategy is an evolution, not a revolution.
    Our purpose and vision remain the same.
    We are a technology and data organisation focussed around positive change in the education and research sectors.   
    The change is about ‘How’ we will go about achieving our aims.
  • Our new strategy is focussed on building on our core strengths and leveraging the collective power of the sectors, to become THE trusted partner in digital transformation
    We will do this by maximising our impact in three key ways:
    Delivering the right solutions
    Empowering our communities
    Being a force for good.
  • Delivering the right solutions - what does this mean? In a nutshell it means we will
    focus on the needs of the FE, HE and research sectors when developing new products
    Look to increase our effectiveness and agility by looking to partner rather than build when that is the right approach
    Professionalise our portfolio management, to ensure we are able to deliver responsive products and services at pace.

    You can see some of the areas of focus for the next year listed below, but I wanted to highlight our drive around cyber security particularly. Where we are Building towards a fully managed security operation centre or SOC.
  • When we talk about empowering communities, we are talking about…
    Providing advice, guidance and inspiration - Insight based, which is gathered through feedback and data analytics. 
    Imagining new possibilities – we’re proactively scan the horizon – and working with members, customers and partners to co-design innovative solutions. 
    We will act as a convener – bringing together members and communities around our areas of strength. 

    A couple of things I’d highlight here –
    Firstly, our events continue to be a great place where our commuinities come together.
    Digifest is our next priority event, in March of next year, and registration is now open (a link will be shared)
    Secondly, highlight the ongoing work of our communities of practice. These groups highlight pioneers, best practice and the benefits of collaboration. Just last week we celebrated the 50th meeting of the student experience experts group, one of our longest running communities of practice.
  • Finally, a force for good - what do we mean by it…
    We are part of a global community, and we are active in that for the benefit of our members and customers. We focus on making a positive global impact
    Sustainability is an organisational imperative. We need to safeguard our financial and commercial sustainability but Environmental sustainability is a global priority, and we are working to minimise the harm we do to our environment, and to support our members and customers to do the same. 
    And finally, we recognise, that as an organisation our people are our key asset and we aspire to a culture that enables an engaged, skilled, well led and inclusive workforce.

    A key thing to highlight here is a project we have commissioned with the university of Bristol, where we are working to understand the carbon impact of digital technology at an institutional level
    This project is working alongside our internal Net Zero project, which is planning the collection of information about the carbon emissions of Jisc products and services to inform our baselining, targets and Net Zero plan.