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Going dragon hunting: using digital storytelling to enhance the student experience


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Chris Thomson, subject specialist, Jisc
Liz Austen, senior lecturer - research, evaluation and student engagement, Sheffield Hallam University
Richard Beggs, curriculum design consultant, Ulster University

Be inspired by people who are using digital storytelling to enhance the student experience with examples in teaching and learning and listening to the student voice. Try out activities you can use to get yourself and others telling stories and see how to make the best use of technology to create and share them.

Published in: Education
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Going dragon hunting: using digital storytelling to enhance the student experience

  1. 1. The student digital experience Going Dragon Hunting Using digital storytelling to enhance the student experience 6 March 2018 | ICC, Birmingham
  2. 2. >Answer what do we mean by digital storytelling? >Hear how digital storytelling is being used >Draw on your storytelling skills >Construct and share a story about an experience >Consider how it might fit into your own practice What’s going to happen?
  3. 3. Dragons by Tristyan Schmurr CC-BY 2.0Dragons by Tristan Schmurr CC-BY 2.0
  4. 4. Emma looks surprised by Jay Ryness CC-BY 2.0
  5. 5. What do we mean by digital storytelling?
  6. 6. WIS3361 by marco Antonio torres CC-BY-SA 2.0
  7. 7. Stories are for sense making
  8. 8. The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo by Milos Milosevic CC-BY 2.0
  9. 9. Dr Liz Austen Sheffield Hallam University
  10. 10. Digital Storytelling for capturing student voices Dr Liz Austen Sheffield Hallam University
  11. 11. Exploring belonging • Engaging 'hard-to-reach' student groups in digital storytelling • February - May 2017 – BME students – Mature students – White males from lower socio economic / deprived areas – Students with non-standard qualifications – Care leavers • Resources and toolkit for supporting digital storytelling storytelling
  12. 12. Student voices My Journey to University Becoming a Mature Student
  13. 13. Rationale • Authentic • Innovative • Illuminating Challenges • Ethics • Recruitment • Time Lessons • Access • Barriers • Flexibility
  14. 14. Dr Liz Austen Senior Lecturer in Research Evaluation and Student Engagement I have been… @lizaustenbooth
  15. 15. Richard Beggs Recorded presentation
  16. 16. Where did it start?
  17. 17. Richar Beggs Ulster University Hydra Battle by Ray Harryhausen Public Domain sourced from:
  18. 18. The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo by Milos Milosevic CC-BY 2.0
  19. 19. Northern Ireland is at Peace video Maire Braniff, Ulster Uni
  20. 20. Copyright Ulster University
  21. 21. Domino background by Padrinan CC-0
  22. 22. Where next?
  23. 23. Old Wood Desktop by Raw Pixel CC-0
  24. 24. Thanks, questions?
  25. 25. Now it’s your turn…
  26. 26. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Juhan Sonin CC-BY 2.0
  27. 27. >Think back to your own experiences as a learner >Think about a transformative moment(that you’re willing to share) >A discovery >A conversation >A success >A failure >Don’t share it yet… Tell your story (Part 1)
  28. 28. “I remember this time when…”
  29. 29. >Making it visual >Think beginning, middle and end >What came before >Then what happened? >What came next? >Find an image that illustrates or encapsulates each of those stages >Share your story with 1 other person Tell your story (Part 2)
  30. 30. Next steps..
  31. 31. Some digital tools to try..
  32. 32. Adobe Spark >Create videos, pages and graphics >Via Browser or iOS apps >Free (needs Adobe, Facebook or Google account) >
  33. 33. Microsoft Sway >Mix media and text into scrollable page. >Incorporated into Office 365 >Free >
  34. 34. How would you do digital storytelling?
  35. 35. What opportunities can you identify for digital storytelling at your institution?
  36. 36. What will you need to consider to ensure your digital storytelling project is successful?
  37. 37. Thanks for participating What questions do you have?
  38. 38. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. Chris Thomson Subject specialist at jisc I have been… T 07468 722981 @cbthomson