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Giving students a voice - City of Wolverhampton College


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The learner voice and engagement strategies

Published in: Education
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Giving students a voice - City of Wolverhampton College

  1. 1. Giving our Students a Voice City of Wolverhampton College Conrad Taylor - E-learning Manager
  2. 2. Menu ▰ Us in context ▰ Our motivation ▰ Strategies for Engagement ▰ Analysing the data ▰ Where we are now... 2
  3. 3. Context 1
  4. 4. Context ▰ Staff - 453 ▻ Academic Staff - 224 ▰ Students - Total Number - 6215 ▻ FT 2330 PT 2983 ▻ 902 Apprentices ▰ Provision ▻ Pre-Entry → FDs ▻ Vocational, Sixth Form Commercial ▰ 4 Campuses
  5. 5. Our Journey 2012 - Inadequate Resources are tired and access to ILT is restricted. Rooms are NOT well equipped to support ILT VLE needs developing 2013 - Require Improvement Teachers integrate ILT in lesson, but missed opportunities for ILT to make a difference Teachers’ use of mobile technologies, video clips or other computerised resources is underdeveloped.
  6. 6. The Learner Voice - The motivation
  7. 7. The Learner Voice - The motivation ❏ Induction Survey ❏ On Programme Survey ❏ Suggestion Cards ❏ Sarah Knight - 2014 The power of the Student Voice ❏ Students views in the development of our Digital Strategy, environment & resources ❏ Impact of existing initiatives and return on investment The Motivation
  8. 8. Strategies for Engagement 2
  9. 9. The Learner Voice - The Pilot ❏ Pilot 16/17 ❏ 603 Responses ❏ Wifi blackspots ❏ Need for home loans and on-campus loan of IT equipment The Findings → ❏ Invest in Wifi Access across 4 Campuses ❏ iPads and Chromebooks now available for loans Our Response
  10. 10. The Community Voice - Engaging students and staff in the discussion ❏ 17/18 - Digital Experience insights Survey ❏ Understand the views of students and staff and to improve how well technology is embedded in teaching and learning. ❏ Email all academic staff, PT and Managers ❏ Inform of the survey, purpose and its importance, to learners, staff and the college ❏ Share survey link and discuss importance ❏ Including part time learners Strategies for engagement
  11. 11. Analysing the data Actionable Insights 3
  12. 12. Doing WellWhere to improve Analysing the data ▰ Customised questions ▻ The curriculum area , The level of study, campuses based at ▻ Whether learners felt that their teachers were using technology effectively to support their learning, both in and out of the classroom National benchmarking
  13. 13. Sharing the findings ▰ Insights service team ▻ Guidance and responsive support ▻ Templates (ppt, xls) ▰ Summarise the main points quickly ▰ Share the findings with staff and learners. ▻ Create a ‘You said. We did.’ campaign via posters
  14. 14. Our Actions from the learner’s voice Insights 10% wanted more IT equipment available for loan 8% would like their courses to develop their digital skills Purchase 100 smart devices for loan Identify Wifi black spots and address these issues Working with Curriculum managers and delivery team to identify opt for digital activities (SoW, Lesson Plans) Promote the expected standard for all VLE courses.
  15. 15. Our Actions from the learner’s voice Insights 7% would like more resources on the VLE Via CPD highlight existing digital resources i.e. BLC resources, e-safety, literacy, numeracy, employability and PREVENT Working closely with the IT manager and SEND manger CPD workshop for all academic staff on effective marking online in Moodle and Google Classroom 58% Online assessments are delivered and managed well 50% There course prepares then for the digital workplace 40% Nationally Develop learner Digital Skills via iDea initiative Oct 9th, 2018 45 Mins, digital skills induction for all FT and substantial PT Sep- Oct : Induction focus groups Nov-Dec : User Experience (relevancy & Interaction) Feb - Mar - User Experience (relevancy & Interaction)
  16. 16. Where we are now... Future Plans.. 4
  17. 17. 20 THANK YOU Any questions?