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Eliminating online child sexual abuse


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A presentation at the Jisc security conference 2019 by William Few, development manager, Internet Watch Foundation.

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Eliminating online child sexual abuse

  1. 1. Internet Watch Foundation – IWF Eliminating child sexual abuse William Few, development manager, Internet watch foundation
  2. 2. Internet Watch Foundation - IWF Eliminating child sexual abuse William Few Development Manager InternetWatchFoundation @IWFhotline iwf
  3. 3. - #InternetWatchFoundation Olivia’s story I’ve seen Olivia grow up through cruel images and videos, suffering hideous abuse. She was repeatedly raped and sexually tortured. It’s highly likely that it was this man, her abuser, who first shared the images of Olivia’s suffering -Sam, IWF Analyst Names have been changed to protect identities.
  4. 4. - #InternetWatchFoundation What is the IWF? • Our vision is the global elimination of child sexual abuse imagery online. • An international hotline for reporting and removing online criminal child sexual abuse images and videos. • Actively search the internet • For 23 years we’ve given people a safe place to report child sexual abuse imagery, anonymously – now in 27 countries.
  5. 5. - #InternetWatchFoundation We prevent. We disrupt. We care. • IWF is a charity, not-for-profit organisation. • Funded by internet industry Members and European Commission. • Founder Member of the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE). • Independent of industry, government and law enforcement. • Work within UK Safer Internet Centre
  6. 6. - #InternetWatchFoundation Our amazing Analysts
  7. 7. - #InternetWatchFoundation Child sexual abuse webpages
  8. 8. - #InternetWatchFoundation Public report accuracy 28% Criminal content in remit 72% Out of remit 20% People left their details for feedback 80% Anonymous In 2018 we processed 229,328 reports:
  9. 9. - #InternetWatchFoundation Where is content hosted online?
  10. 10. - #InternetWatchFoundation UK-Hosted Child Sexual Abuse Imagery - 0.04%
  11. 11. - #InternetWatchFoundation Who are the victims?
  12. 12. - #InternetWatchFoundation Who are the victims?
  13. 13. Severity of abuse - #InternetWatchFoundation
  14. 14. - #InternetWatchFoundation Severity of abuse All actioned reports by age group and severity
  15. 15. - #InternetWatchFoundation IWF Tools & Services 1. Image Hash List 2. URL List 3. Keywords List 4. Newsgroups Alerts 5. Takedown Notices 6. Simultaneous Alerts (US only) 7. Domain Alerts 8. Payment Brands Alerts
  16. 16. - #InternetWatchFoundation Our Members
  17. 17. - #InternetWatchFoundation Steering Clear Campaign
  18. 18. - #InternetWatchFoundation Why This Campaign? Young men have a notable gap in their understanding of the law around CSAM, knowledge of how to report sexual images and videos of under 18s, and understanding of the harm caused to victims.
  19. 19. Increasing reach & engagement with young men Digital advertising of So Socking Simple viewed 7 million+ times • Twitch and Theo Baker collaborated to create a 4 hour gaming stream, attracting 42,000+ views • A video on Theo’s gaming channel achieved 7,000 views A range of films & articles produced by media outlets The Hook and LADbible were viewed 3 million+ times, with one film generating 3,500 comments, reactions and shares Feature piece with VICE, resulting in over 15,000 click throughs to the IWF’s website - #InternetWatchFoundation
  20. 20. Campaign Video - #InternetWatchFoundation
  21. 21. - #InternetWatchFoundation • Olivia was rescued by police in 2013. • In a three-month study, we saw Olivia's image 347 times – an average of five times each working day • 3 out of 5 images showed Olivia being raped or sexually tortured. We remove every single image we found of her • By creating cutting edge technology-for-good, we always innovate and fight to stop ‘repeat victimisation’ We protect victims
  22. 22. - #InternetWatchFoundation How can you help us? • Become Members of the IWF. All membership fees go directly to running our Hotline • Ensure your organisation is using services, like our URL List, to block anyone inadvertently trying to access content • Get involved with the next phase of the ‘Steering Clear’ campaign to raise awareness amongst students and staff
  23. 23. Thanks for listening InternetWatchFoundation @IWFhotline iwf 01223 20 30 30 07377 449 421
  24. 24. Thank you William Few Development manager T 01223 20 30 30 M 07377 449 421