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Digital insights and impact at University of Derby


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Digital practice programme ideas

Published in: Education
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Digital insights and impact at University of Derby

  1. 1. Sensitivity: Internal
  2. 2. Sensitivity: Internal Motivation
  3. 3. Sensitivity: Internal TEL Strategy 2017-2021 Deliver an excellent digital learning experience for ALL students across four key areas: 1. Digital Practice 2. Digital Capability 3. Digital Infrastructure 4. Data & Research informed approach.
  4. 4. Peter Bryant: Future Happens
  5. 5. Sensitivity: Internal Engaging students
  6. 6. Sensitivity: Internal Engaging staff
  7. 7. Digital Practice Programme Baselines Communication Digital Course Material
  8. 8. Sensitivity: Internal Analysing the data
  9. 9. Sensitivity: Internal Actions taken
  10. 10. Sensitivity: Internal
  11. 11. Sensitivity: Internal Feeding back
  12. 12. Sensitivity: Internal Next steps
  13. 13. …students continue to express concerns that their courses do not fully prepare them for a digital workplace. This issue must be addressed as a matter of urgency...
  14. 14. Sensitivity: Internal