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An interactive and collaborative approach to staff development - Marion Miller - Jisc Digital Festival 2014


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It can be a challenge to provide engaging and interactive staff development that equips staff with the skills they need to contextualise and apply technology in their own teaching. The challenge is even greater when you need to change attitudes towards technology and encourage team working.

This will demonstrate a ‘Roadshow’ approach and how this has made a major impact within Learning Providers. Armed with a variety of mobile technologies for participants to explore, the Roadshow provides interactive training with an emphasis on collaborative scenario based activities, aimed at teachers and trainers. Participants are encouraged to chose a scenario or invent their own scenario, taking into consideration a particular student/group that they teach. They then use the technology to create a resource they then ‘sell’ the idea to the whole group.

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An interactive and collaborative approach to staff development - Marion Miller - Jisc Digital Festival 2014

  1. 1. An interactive and collaborative approach to staff development Marion Miller, Manager Theresa Beattie, Senior e Learning Advisor
  2. 2. Jisc Regional Support Centres • 12 Regional Support Centres across the UK, operate as a single network, providing advice and support to their supported learning providers on the effective deployment of technology. • Support is provided to FE and Skills Learning Providers and HE. • Support is provided through onsite strategic consultation visits, peer networks and events. • More information at
  3. 3. • An overview of the Jisc RSC YH Roadshow staff development approach • Some examples of provider feedback and impact on staff development This session
  4. 4. • We take the technology around the region • The focus is on teaching and learning • Collaborative scenario planning based activities – learner centred • Outcomes The Roadshow
  5. 5. Learning Focus
  6. 6. Scenarios
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Provider Feedback
  9. 9. • A good insight into the practical applications of technology. • Very informative and useful session. • Well presented and thought provoking. • A good idea, motivating and as ever learnt as much through networking. • Practice using all the technology I have been made aware of today. I need to develop my confidence in using this technology and troubleshoot with confidence. • Perfectly pitched and refreshingly interactive- more please. • I have been absolutely 'wowed' today. • Very enthusing event. • This has made me think differently – can’t wait to go away and try it out Evaluations
  10. 10. The College Perspective • Emily Armstrong, Hull College •
  11. 11. Any Questions
  12. 12. Activity • In your groups, discuss a) ways in which staff development can influence the effective use of technology in teaching and learning b) the most effective ways of delivering staff development