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Altc - openness - when ideals meet reality


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Part of a session at ALT-C 2012 on Openness: Learning from our history , by Amber Thomas, JISC.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Altc - openness - when ideals meet reality

  1. 1. When ideals meet reality:lessons from open source, open standards and open access Amber Thomas, JISC. ALT-C September 2012
  2. 2. cynical curious pragmatic ev angelistic jaded puristcurves and cycles: hype, change, learn
  3. 3. polar- -isation “The use of technology seems to divide people into strong pro- and anti-camps or perhaps utopian and dystopian perspectives” Martin Weller, The Digital ScholarThe End of I hate MOOCs the VLEs ba dg e takeuniversity are dead s Over
  4. 4. dialecticsof open and free
  5. 5. branching
  6. 6. tipping points into the mainstream
  7. 7. pace
  8. 8. key messagesWe are all unique in our encounters withnew things. Polarisation often masks thereal questions. There is often a dialecticaround open and free. Often it’s not justone model that comes to dominate.Sometimes when mainstreaming happenswe don’t recognise it. Change can take alot longer than we hope
  9. 9. Picture Credits 3 7 1 2 4 6 8 51 (c) tanahaku CC BY2 (c) Peter Reed CC BY NC3 (c) Travel Afficionado CC BY NC4 (c) Carbon NCY CC BY5 (c) Tinu Bao CC BY6 (c) Elias Lar CC BY NC ND7 (c) Jgarber BY NC SA8 (c) Redteam CC BY NC ND