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6 Degree of Openness - Antonio Acuna


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Antonio's keynote presentation at the Jisc/British Library Discovery Summit 2013
February 2013, London

Published in: Education
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6 Degree of Openness - Antonio Acuna

  1. 1. degrees of openness
  2. 2. datasets40,000 points of dataOver 1000 mapsOver 900m weather data points3,136,598 visits2,322,657 unique visitors
  3. 3. markets
  4. 4. • A closed market is a crippled market• An open market is larger than the sum of its parts• Data services is one part of the equation• Added-value Services completes it
  5. 5. 256 apps
  6. 6. barriers
  7. 7. • Old mechanisms for profit may not work in the new world• Restrictions on licensing may well be a restriction on growth• Do not localise your horizon
  8. 8. awareness
  9. 9. • Not knowing what I can do means not doing it• Usage must be a determining factor in looking forward• Knowing the benefits is half the journey
  10. 10. discovery
  11. 11. • If I can’t find it, it does not exists in my world...• Finding data is a topological adventure
  12. 12. quality
  13. 13. • A rose by any other name IS NOT still a rose• Metadata, metadata, metadata
  14. 14. openness
  15. 15. • Available, reusable, unrestricted (it can be conditioned)• Of good quality, with good metadata• Linked and with supporting infrastructures
  16. 16. We are aiming for…
  17. 17. • We search in the data not for the data (results bring back content not just references to content)
  18. 18. • Data IS the interface