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JIM-I Presentation


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With a mission "to continually upgrade and scale up the quality and spread of our educational endeavors”, JIM-Indore is not just a response to the growing demand of students seeking admission into JIM but also to bring in a contemporary perspective to management education, adding new technological infrastructural resources, and an academic team with a global & futuristic perspective and attitude.

JIM-Indore announces admissions to its 2-year PGDM (AICTE Approved). Visit for details.

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JIM-I Presentation

  2. 2. Growing bigger and powerful Employers Changing moving to lives of ‘e’ platform people globally DIGITALLY DRIVEN GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT Consumers All social and becoming economic tech savvy backgrounds impacted THE DIGITAL AGE
  3. 3. Cost DIGITAL BUSINESS reduction MODELS AND PRACTICES e- Marketing Efficiency e-HR e- Finance management Mass Customization e - Commerce e- Procurement Customer e- Supply chain management centric practices e- Services Management e- Real Estate Management Outsourcing e- Infrastructure Management Co-creation SUSTENANCE IN A GLOBAL, KNOWLEDGE & IDEA BASED ECONOMY
  4. 4. Need to embrace digital practices and e-Management to gain competitive edge Growing need for managers and entrepreneurs who lead their operations on the e-platform Lack of human resources who can conceptualize, strategize and execute technology driven path breaking ideas, products, processes and services NEED FOR TRAINED HUMAN RESOURCES
  5. 5. Integrate Digital Practices, Dynamics, Issues and Business models with Foundation and Perspective building courses in Management NEED: BRIDGING THE CURRICULUM GAP
  7. 7. 84 full time Faculty members 52 visiting Faculty members 150+ companies as Recruiters Over 150 MDP’s for top & middle level Managers 15 global Faculty members Student Exchange Programmes (UK, USA, Thailand, Finland & many more countries) Over 300 Research Papers published & presented 2200 Alumni JAIPURIA GROUP: ACADEMIC & INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES
  8. 8.  15th largest city of India  Popularly known as Mini Mumbai  Strong presence of  Indian Institute of Management  Indian Institute of Technology INDORE: THE EMERGING EDUCATION HUB OF INDIA
  10. 10. JIM- Indore -Powered by its Academic Council A. G. Balasubramanian, Fellow (IIMA) Director, JIM- Jaipur ,(JIM-J) Jay Ruparel K Ramachandran Executive Director & COO Ph.D, Professor, Family Azure Knowledge Center, Business & Wealth Ahmedabad Management, ISB, Hyderabad JIM- I : POWERED Gautam Raj Jain BY ITS Mathew Manimala Formerly, Professor (MICA), ACADEMIC Fellow (IIMA) Director, JIM- Indore (JIM-I) COUNCIL Professor, IIMB Pradeep Krishnatray, Pritam Singh Ph.D Professor and Dean Ph.D, Formerly Executive (MICA-MICORE), MICA Director, MDI, Gurgaon RENOWNED NAMES WHO STAND BY & SHAPE US
  11. 11. • Built up area of LEARNING • Currently for over 60000 sq ft 150 students • 5 stepped up RESOURCES • Common rooms auditorium style • Gymnasium lecture halls • Interactive white boards • Conference hall with • Mess • wi-fi access & bluetooth seating for 240 provision • Recreation & • Nine tutorial rooms Sports facilities • Library Resources : e- with flexible seating library with 2000+ books, • Round the clock • Central courtyard & CD-ROMs, Audio-Video security wide circulation aids, Peer Reviewed • Open air passages to give an Journals/ Magazines, amphitheatre open and airy feel Annual Reports of Companies, Online databases such as EBSCO, RESIDENTIAL EBRARY etc. FACILITY ACADEMIC BLOCK JIM-INDORE: A COMPLETE RESIDENTIAL B-SCHOOL
  12. 12. JIM-I’s PGDM (2010-12) Special focus on Digital Business Models & Practices AICTE Approved
  13. 13. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ECONOMICS AND LAW LEARNING Foundation of Management in Contemporary Business Environment 1 and 2 FRAMEWORK FOR Environment Business Law, Taxation and IPR EACH COURSE Introduction to Digital and Internet Technologies Cyber and Media Laws Perspective Building & New International Business Practices Idea Creation Managerial Economics 35% Marketing Management CORE Skills and practicum and Organisational Design and structure COURSES corporate interaction & Live Personal, Interpersonal and Group Dynamics Project RESEARCH 35% Accounting and Financial Management Practices Business Research Methods Digital based opportunities Consumer Behaviour and Value Strategies Business Statistics for Inferences and applications, issues 30% Understanding Technology Marketing Research Markstrat Data and Insight Mining Quantitative Methods and Operations Research COMMUNICATION &SOFT SKILLS Written Analysis and Communication – 1 and 2 Financial Reporting and Analysis for Decision Making Strategic Corporate Communications Costing and Management Control Leadership and Team Building Management Information System Communication in Cyber Space
  14. 14. Financial Business Policy & e- Business Management Strategies Services Marketing Organisation Management Management Development & HR Infrastructure & Operations Real Estate Management Management CAREER/CONCENTRATION ELECTIVE COURSES
  15. 15. Classroom learning: Lecture/ Discussions Internships/ Small Group Live projects Work PEDAGOGY Simulations Tutorial/ Remedial & Role Plays Self- Project & reflection & Field Work Self-learning
  16. 16. Centre of Digi-tech Innovation Students’ Exchange Programme JIM-Consulting Cell Centre of Entrepreneurship Centre for Global Immersion & Innovation JIM Leadership Lecture Personality Development & Series Counselling Cell Career Guidance & Assistance Cell COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF STUDENTS
  17. 17. JIM-I ‘Gold Medal’, Silver Medal’ & ‘Bronze Medal’ JIM-I Award for Creative & Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards, Best Student Award Honors & Recognition Best Communicator/Leader Award Most Transformed Student Award Best Dissertation Award Best Summer Project Report Award Best Winter Immersion Award for social impact Best Mentorship Award for SME competitiveness RIGHT FROM ADMISSION, MERITORIOUS STUDENTS OFFERED A FEE WAIVER OF RS. 50,000
  18. 18. Corporate Interface Cell (CIC) Summer Pre-placement Internship (SI) Preparation Collaborative Teaching Problem Solving and Winter Internship Aptitude Building Labs CSR collaborations Project: (WIP) Simulation Exercises Alumni Engagement Mentorship to Intra-preneurship MDPs SMEs Leadership Training Industrial Visits Lateral Placement Mock Interviews Consultancy and Live Projects For Students with Work Ex. Group Discussion Labs Guest Lectures Seminars Final Placement JIM Leadership Lecture Series Entrepreneurship JIM-I: PLACEMENT RESOURCES & INDUSTRY INTERFACE
  20. 20. CONNECT WITH US Ph: 09893619520, 07869916079 Main Campus: Dakachaya, Indore-Dewas Highway, Indore (M.P) - 453771 City Office: 407, 4th floor, Orbit Mall, AB Road, Indore, (M.P) - 452008