5 Japanese Aesthetic Ideas (Applied to Presentation Design)


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Japanese artistic tradition has endured for centuries and is built around certain central principles. Learn these key aesthetic ideas and work them in to your own presentations to achieve a more harmonious and memorable design.

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5 Japanese Aesthetic Ideas (Applied to Presentation Design)

  1. 5 5 Japanese Aesthetic Ideas (Applied to Presentation Design)
  2. 1. Shibui 渋い
  3. 1. Shibui 渋い Simple, subtle, unobtrusive beauty is the ultimate goal for any design.
  4. 1. Shibui 渋い The Macbook Air’s sleek sparing design embodies the Shibui aesthetic .
  5. “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” -Leonardo DaVinci
  6. Shibui Applied to Presentation Design HOW TO BRIDGE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN BUSINESS STRATEGY AND DESIGN Slide by Marty Neumeir Strip away everything except the core concept for a slide that is powerful, elegant, memorable and (above all) simple.
  7. 2. Wabi-Sabi 侘寂
  8. 2. Wabi-Sabi 侘寂 Natural beauty is enhanced by a slight degree of asymmetry or imperfection.
  9. 2. Wabi Sabi 侘寂 Jeans improve with each wear and imperfection. This is a perfect example of Wabi-Sabi
  10. Wabi-Sabi Applied to Presentation Design Without Wabi-Sabi Ads are Brief Just enough to cover what’s important. With Wabi-Sabi Ads are Brief Just enough to cover what’s important. Slide by @slidecomet Artful imperfection gives a slide an added dimension of character and personality that makes it more visually pleasing and memorable.
  11. 3. Iki 粋
  12. 3. Iki 粋 Attitude or tone that is confident, calm and ironically detached — i.e. “cool.”
  13. 3. Iki 粋 James Dean’s air of effortless confidence exemplifies the notion of Iki
  14. Iki Applied to Presentation Design Slide by @mzkagan Slide by @JesseDee Inject your slides with an air of informal detachment. This will make your message more impactful by cutting through the normal pretensions of business communication.
  15. 4. Yūgen 幽玄
  16. 4. Yūgen 幽玄 Use of subtlety and allusion to hint at deeper meaning and invite interpretation.
  17. 4. Yūgen 幽玄 Alfred Hitchcok’s use of artful suspense in Psycho is a wonderful illustration of Yūgen
  18. Yūgen Applied to Presentation Design Infuse your slides with drama by giving your audience room to speculate and fill in the blanks for themselves. Slide by Jeff Brenman
  19. 5. Jo-ha-kyū 序破急
  20. 5. Jo-ha-kyū 序破急 Using tempo and build-up to create tension and excitement that enhances a story.
  21. 5. Jo-ha-kyū 序破急 The juxtaposition of climbs and falls in roller coasters embodies a core characteristic of Jo-ha-kyū
  22. Steve Jobs Jo-ha-kyū Master Toy with your audience’s expectations and keep them anticipating the big reveal. This is what Job’s did during the original iPhone Keynote.
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