Best of Biotech 2014 – Information


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JIC is a partner of Best of Biotech competition. In this presentation, you will find all the details about schedule, deadlines and conditions.

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Best of Biotech 2014 – Information

  1. 1. aws BOB – best of biotech 2 Goal BOB is an international life science business plan competition motivating scientists to translate scientific innovations into business concepts. Academia, Research Funds Scientific innovations generated by the life science community in Central Europe Best of Biotech/ Partners Phase 1: Business Idea Phase 2: Business Plan Public and private financing institutions Start-up Company Commerical exploitations of life science ideas developed in Central Europe (IPO, Trade sale, Licensing agreements, etc.)
  2. 2. aws BOB – best of biotech 3 BOB Facts Number of participating projects: 324 Company foundations: 77 Price money paid: € 256.060,- Achievements A large number of new ventures have been set up by previous BOB participants since the first event in 2000.
  3. 3. aws BOB – best of biotech 4 For scientists / BOB participants •Development of professional business plan, supported by experts in One-on-One-Meetings, Coaching session and by webvideos. •Intensives feedback from evaluators during Phase 1 and Phase 2, as well as from the jury in Phase 2 •Evaluation of the business concept by a distinguished, international jury •Cash Prizes: Best 3 Business Ideas receive each €1.500 Best 3 Business Plans: 1. €15.000, 2. €10.000, 3. €5.000 LISAvienna Medtech Award: €10.000 •Establishment of entrepreneural network (contact to potential investors) Benefits Participants translate their ideas into professional business plans and thereby, the entrepreneural potential of the life sciences is raised.
  4. 4. aws BOB – best of biotech 5 Organisation In cooperation with international and regional partners, BOB intends not to miss any life science idea with commercialization potential. Organiser LISA (Life Science Austria), a program of aws On behalf of Partners in Austria AplusB-Centers (Academia plus Business), the business incubators of the different Austrian federal states International partners •Italy: Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, Torino •Polany: Life Science Cluster, Kraków •Czech Repuplic: Südmährisches Innovationszentrum JIC, Brno •Hungary: Hungarian Biotechnology Association
  5. 5. aws BOB – best of biotech 6 Jury/ Evaluatores Distinguished experts from the world of science, industry and finance select the best business plans and provide feedback to all teams. Coaches Coaches from AplusB-centers and partner organisations support BOB participants with one-on-one-meetings and coaching session during business plan compliation Sponsors Organisation BOB is strongly supported by a distinguished international jury, coaches and sponsors, all information is treated strictly confidential.
  6. 6. aws BOB – best of biotech 7 Requirements Phase 1 Business Idea • Format: max. 5 A4-pages • Business Idea: 1. Innovation 2. USP 3. Market/Competition 4. Protection of the IP 5. Revenue 6. Team General • International • Official language is English • Phase 1 and Phase 1 are not linked together • Companies can not be older than 1 year (Cut-off date June 1st , 2013)
  7. 7. aws BOB – best of biotech 8 Phase 2 Business Plan • Format: max. 35 A4-pages • Business Plan: 1. Executive Summary 2. Produkt Idea 3. Team 4. Market/Competition 5. Market Entry Barrier 6. Marketing/Sales 7. Implementation Plan 8. Financing Planning 9. Opportunities/Risks • Jury Presentation: 10 pages, PowerPoint Requirements
  8. 8. aws BOB – best of biotech 9 Deadline/Event Date Location Start Phase 2 Starting 28.11.14 Online Business Plan and Presentation Submission Ending 13.02.15 Online Selection of 10 best Business Plans Ending 20.03.15 Online Coaching Session for 10 best teams 10. & 11.04.15 Vienna Submission of reworked 10 best Business Plans Ending 23.04.15 Online Jury meeting and phase 2 award ceremony 05. & 06.05.15 Vienna Phase II – Business Plans Deadline/Event Date Location Start Phase 1 Starting 02.06.14 Online Business Idea Submission Ending 15.09.14 Online Award for the 3 best business ideas 26.11.14 Vienna Phase I – Business Ideas Timeline
  9. 9. aws BOB – best of biotech 10 Phase II – Business Plans Feb AprilJune July Aug Sept MayOct Phase I – Business Idea 02.06. 11.06. 15.09. 19.11. 26.11. 10./11.04. 13.02. 05./06.05. One-on-one Meeting Regional partners Start:Phase1 Deadline:BusinessIdea Submission Nov One-on-one Meeting Regional partners Dec Jan March Deadline:Business plansubmission Deadline:EvaluationSelection of10best Deadline:Reworked BPsubmission CoachingSession for10bestteams Jurymeetingand awardceremony Award:PhaseI EvaluatorsParty Deadline:P1 Evaluation Timeline
  10. 10. aws BOB – best of biotech 11 Elvira Kainersdorfer Eva Maria Beck +43 1 501 75 390 /-548 Contact