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  1. 22 February 2023 1 E-mail: Website: Bahir Dar University TGSH COVID Preparedness With students readmission College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  2. • Since the first reported case in our country the hospital has established COVID-19 response team. • Under this we do have sub-teams 1. Case management team 2. Logistics team 3. IPC team 4. Training and scientific update team 5. Monitoring and evaluation 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 2
  3. How patient flow looks like Isolation ROOM NP/OP samples collected here Pre-triage Cough /fever clinic ER Others 2/22/2023 Tretament center Regural non covid Rx
  4. • The above diagram is basically works for every patient who sis suspected and we have arranged such flow for the Students too. 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 4
  5. What to do during admission • Creating awareness to students – Refreshing one hour lecture about COVID-19 – Basic infection prevention orientation(training) 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 5
  6. What to do for suspected , symptomatic student • The TGSH COVID response team will be notified . • One Health care worker is needed which works at students clinic committed for COVid related symptoms. • Symptomatic student will be isolated at the designated area(one of the buildings) and get treated . • Sample for COVID will be collected and sent to our own laboratory. 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 6
  7. Students precaution • Students will be given orientation • Hand sanitizer is being prepared for every student 0.5 liter per head per month. • Medical mask will be delivered (three per day) • Clinical year students examination gloves are arranged ( 15 pairs per day) will be given. 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 7
  8. Dormitory setup • Since we are accepting only half of the students the dormitories could be arranged with fewer students per dormitories. • Basic infection prevention precautions(IPC) will be applied at dormitory area • Active surveillance of symptomatic students • Telemedicine service for students if they are symptomatic. 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 8
  9. Academic arrangements • Clinical students will have clinical attachments 6 days per week (Including Saturday). • Number of students could be minimized per bedside and round session. • Lectures will be extensive and shortened 22 February 2023 E-mail: Website: 9