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Landing Page Best Practices


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A high level view of Landing Page dos and don'ts

Landing Page Best Practices

  1. 1. Landing Page Best Practices James Hipkin 415-505-0632
  2. 2. LP Best Practices Why it’s important?• In addition to depressing response the following also diminishes goodwill: ✓ Hiding info I want ✓ Punishing me for not doing things your way ✓ Asking me for info you don’t really need ✓ Shucking and jiving me ✓ Putting sizzle in my way ✓ Looking amateurish
  3. 3. LP Best Practices Why it’s important?• In addition to improving response the following also improves goodwill: ✓ Know what people want to do and make it obvious and easy ✓ Tell me what I want to know ✓ Save me steps whenever you can ✓ Put effort into it ✓ Know what questions I’m likely to have, and answer them
  4. 4. LP Best Practices• ONE purpose — persuade visitors to take a particular action or have a particular POV ✓ A Landing Page is not a web site
  5. 5. LP Best Practices• The best landing pages answer three questions, in less than 5 seconds: ✓ What are you offering? ✓ Why would I care? ✓ What do I need to do?
  6. 6. Don’t make it hard• Communicate instantly that they have arrived at the correct destination• Use landscape efficiently• Be clear and to the point
  7. 7. Don’t make it hard• The exception — make it hard to leave ✓ Minimize / de-emphasize exit points
  8. 8. Am I in the right place? Goes to this
  9. 9. Am I in the right place? Not this
  10. 10. Use landscape efficientlyEye-tracking research by Eyetools, Inc. and thePoynter Institute defines the relative zones of onscreen attention. (Dark = most)
  11. 11. Use landscape efficiently• Use best practices template as a guide• Beware of visual Primary area CTA noise• Not everyone has broadband yet — LP Secondary area Tertiary area must look good, and load quickly
  12. 12. Use landscape efficiently• The number of columns in your landing page will effect conversion rates
  13. 13. Clear and to the point• The headline — the most valuable asset on your page ✓ At the top ✓ Clear, sharp and easily scanned ✓ Instantly communicates the purpose of the page ✓ Grabs their attention, and ✓ Encourages viewers to stay
  14. 14. Clear and to the point• Keep text uncluttered — makes the page easy to scan ✓ Lots of heads, sub-heads and bullets ✓ Space, preferably white space, around text ✓ Stick to simple, easy to read fonts - Avoid light grey/purple/brown/red (anything but black and blue) fonts - Avoid white type on black backgrounds ✓ Use a larger font — especially if the target is over 40
  15. 15. Clear and to the point• Tell visitors, in the first sentence, what they want to know ✓ Content takes the reader to the next stage ✓ Focused on the site’s primary objective ✓ All major points above the fold ✓ Dont say too much or bounce around ✓ Make link destinations clear in the first few words
  16. 16. Clear and to the point• Primary CTA toward the top of the page• Tell them what to do ✓ "Sign up" "Call now" "Order Now!"• Multiple CTAs throughout the landing page — above and below the fold
  17. 17. Buttons are your friends • Buttons guide consumers to a desired action on a landing page Not This This Dodge’s LP confuses consumers with multiple Live Nation has just as many CTAs as Dodge, but CTAs and too many visual cues consumers know what to do, and how to do itFrom Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Guide
  18. 18. Final thought• All this and $4 will get you a cup of coffee in San Francisco ✓ Assume nothing, test everything ✓ Small changes can have a big impact on conversion
  19. 19. Sample Site* Just the images required to support the campaign No animation What is Clear headline the offer Text is shortand to the point 19 * Not my work Multiple CTAs—what should they do
  20. 20. Sample Sites* Just the images required to support the campaign Clear headline 20 Text is shortand to the point What is the offer Multiple CTAs—what should they do* Not my work
  21. 21. Conclusion• Focus on the primary objective — everyone will benefit• Assess every element on its ability to impact the primary objective• Don’t make them work — you have 5 seconds• Test everything