Plant the Right Seeds: Marketing on a Small Budget<br />Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or ...
Social Media…<br />How will you make your garden grow?<br />
What’s your Goal?<br />
Where should I plant my seeds?<br />
Linked In: The possibilities are endless <br /><ul><li>Growing Awareness
Expanding your network
Recruit donors, volunteers etc.
Point them towards your SM efforts
Set Targeted Ads</li></li></ul><li>Facebook: Target you Market<br /><ul><li>Create a Fan Page
Start a Cause
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Plant The Right Seeds


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Not-for-Profit Organizations often have small budgets for marketing and awareness campaigns. Utilizing social media tactics can help them reach exponential amounts of people and grow awareness for their organization.

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  • Welcome to our SM seminar. *I am the marketing person for a local accounting firm, Tom Hastings is our practice leader for not-for-profits, so if you have questions about Social Media ask me, if you have questions about anything related to dollar signs ask Tom. Through trial and error and a lot of research we have successfully launched a SM implementation and continue to grow and use it every day. Through our successes we decided to share our story with our clients, friends and community because we figured if we can do it in a traditionally conservative industry so can everyone else.Welcome to Social Media for the Not-for-Profit – Planting the Right Seeds to Grow your OrganizationWhen it comes down to a vote – Social Media is the right choice at the right price??? Please stop me if you have questions or don’t understand something. It is a lot of information to take in a short period of time. What you will find in your folder.Evaluation Form – please fill outLinked IN 101 and Linked In Beyond the BasicsSocial Media Start Up Checklist and worksheetSlides – notesSome articles regarding SM and the different tools I will discuss to give you detailed tips and more info.Including Twitter tips for NFPs
  • Social Media – Social = conversations, people talking. Media = Sources that reach and influence a wide range of people.You may have heard the term Web 2.0 and basically that means that Web 1.0 was all about pushing messages out websites with static content. Web 2.0 pulls people in and is a dialogue between brands and their people. It is a powerful medium.Across the board I would hands down say that Word of Mouth Marketing will create the highest ROI over any other media source. SM is a way to facilitate and encourage WOM for your organization.Online content created by people recorded and distributed via online technologies.Why is this great? Grows awareness, allows people (volunteers, employees, donors, etc.) to spread the good word. Word of “mouth” marketing is the most beneficialNFP’s Need People With to provide to People Without. Common tactic is sharing stories of the less fortunate to encourage conviction to give. Social Media is all about people sharing stories, opinions, thoughts, etc.It is not a fad it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate – (Example of Ray D’s Story) I finally felt old the other day when I realized I had seen not one but two pieces of technology complete a full life cycle in my lifetime. VHS and CDs In the end Social Media is a tool to help you reach a goal. It is a support mechanism just like any other marketing/fundraising tactic, however this one has taken the world by storm and its changing the way people all over the world interact.Is your target audience on SM? Chances are they are from younger generations who may be more into volunteering to the rapidly growing 35-54 age group that has grown 276% over the last year.If you don’t think it affects you check out a few of the places listed on your SM Survival Guide and set up alerts to listen for your brand or industry. Listening Sites – See ChecklistSM is all about conversations, but you can’t be a part of the conversation if you aren’t listening to what is being said.
  • Start with a goal: i.e. Grow funds and awareness – Worksheet in your folder to help you set goals.Why are you going to use it? What do you want it to do for you?Grow AwarenessGet Volunteers, Supporters, etc.Grow DonationsIf you are not sure where to start check out other organizations SM approaches, even other chapters of your own organization who are ahead of the game. i.e. http://www.expectchange.dreamhosters.com
  • Which SM tactics to use? Identify target audience – find out where they are “talking” sharing and interacting. Start there?Plant it….There are hundreds and hundreds of sites out there, probably pretty overwhelming.Identifying where or with whom you want to plant your seeds will help you choose the right approach.So find out who you are trying to reach and find out where they hang out. A quick example: In 2009 Facebook users between the ages of 35-54 grew 276%When people sign up for these sites they often divulge some type of data that allows others to segment and target different audiences. Let’s start with Linked In:
  • Linked In:Linked In is a networking site for business professionals geared towards helping people see and make connections they would normally never have had a chance to make.Example: Ray D. finding and setting up a meetingIn the NFP world Linked In can be a way to grow awareness among the business community, expand your network, recruit donors, volunteers, and point them towards your other Social Media Efforts.Go to Linked In:Review Contact Reach and all LI users via connections – network statisticsAs board members if you have a Linked In profile it is probably highly viewed. Having the Salvation Army listed on your profile either by being a part of the group (which displays a logo on your page) or having it in your summary, increases awareness of your brand.Start a sub-group for Akron members. Or start your own group.Show how to start a group- Questions function – Have a question about NFP organizations? Or want to display your NFP expertise? Check out the Answers function.Search already answered questions.- Create Targeted Ads
  • Must have a page in order to do any of the following. - Note that becoming a fan of a page does not = being a friend. Therefore if you are a fan of your company’s page that does not mean other fans can view your personal information on your own page.Create a page – Could join up with a current salvation army page or create your own Akron based page. Just make sure to include your territory in your page name or logo so people can differentiate it.Start a cause – type in cause in the search engine. Go to application on left side of page. Go to Find a Cause – Start a Cause - With a Cause you can raise money as long as you are a U.S. registered 501©(3) nonprofit or Canadian registered charity. - Causes has a blog which can helpOr could the kettle - focus on specific demographics (NEO(check with current SA causes to see where there donations are going or if you should create your own.)Demographics of Facebook – popular among all ages. (growing demographic 35-55)
  • Plant The Right Seeds

    1. 1. Plant the Right Seeds: Marketing on a Small Budget<br />Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. <br /> John F. Kennedy<br />
    2. 2. Social Media…<br />How will you make your garden grow?<br />
    3. 3. What’s your Goal?<br />
    4. 4. Where should I plant my seeds?<br />
    5. 5. Linked In: The possibilities are endless <br /><ul><li>Growing Awareness
    6. 6. Expanding your network
    7. 7. Recruit donors, volunteers etc.
    8. 8. Point them towards your SM efforts
    9. 9. Set Targeted Ads</li></li></ul><li>Facebook: Target you Market<br /><ul><li>Create a Fan Page
    10. 10. Start a Cause
    11. 11. Include an online donation area
    12. 12. Create a targeted Ad using demographic and geographic information
    13. 13. Post content, pictures, links to blog, video, events, etc.
    14. 14. Encourage Fans to talk about your organization, share stories.</li></li></ul><li>Blog:Give ‘em a taste of who you are<br />Juicy Stories<br />Conveys your flavor<br />Seeds of info to inspire <br />Core of who you are<br />
    15. 15. Create a Buzz<br />Give them something to:<br />Talk About<br />Share<br />Take With Them<br />Feel a Part Of<br />
    16. 16. Watch it Grow!<br />Plant the seeds<br />Choose SM tools and start listening then participating<br />Watch<br />Monitor your brand. <br />Pollinate<br />Encourage dialog and sharing <br />Repeat for success.<br />You must continually nurture for best results.<br />Feed<br />Contribute Content<br />
    17. 17. Jennifer Hertzig<br /><br />(330) 572-8026<br /><br />