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  1. 1. Pioneering JournalistBeverley Morales:Redefining Women’s Page Content in 1960s FloridaBy Kimberly Wilmot Voss, UCF
  2. 2. Post-WW II Florida• Serviceman’s Pier/Junior League• Miami Herald & women’s pages• Newspaper growth
  3. 3. FL Women’s Pages• Progressive M.E.s• Top women’s pages• Penney-Missouri Award winners
  4. 4. Women’s Page Content• Four Fs• Brides• Club news• Progressive content
  5. 5. Beverley Brink Morales
  6. 6. Source Materials• Challenges• Penney-Missouri Awards Papers• Her articles, research & oral histories• Public records• Sibling interviews
  7. 7. Beverley Brink Morales• Montana native & journalism degree• Midwest publications• Mexico City• South Dakota• Florida & Ohio• Wyoming, Montana• Alaska
  8. 8. Penney-Missouri Papers• “Beverley grew up on a Montana ranch where she punched cattle, dehorned calves, herded sheep, mowed hay and pitched in on other ranch chores.”
  9. 9. Beulah Independent
  10. 10. Sun Sentinel, 1960
  11. 11. Penney-Missouri Workshops
  12. 12. Management Battles• A “big head” due to her “award- winning ways”• “Developing a complex”
  13. 13. Sun Sentinel, 1966• Political column• Less for F focus
  14. 14. Divorce Record, May 1967
  15. 15. Daughter’s Death, June 1967
  16. 16. Restaurant Owner, 1973
  17. 17. A’Tome, 1974
  18. 18. Impact• Improved women’s pages• Role of mother and breadwinner• End of women’s pages• Education & public relations