Challenges & Solutions rh 2013 ingles


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Adaptaciones necesarias en políticas y modelos de RRHH en el mercado actual.

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Challenges & Solutions rh 2013 ingles

  1. 1. Bussines PlanHuman Ressources 2013 Challenges & Solutions Porto 05-2012
  2. 2. The market is NOT changing
  3. 3. The market haschanged
  4. 4. Should we respond?
  5. 5. Diversity are people with differentsinterests, motivations, knowloedge and visions that enrich the Organisation
  6. 6. Diversity brings talent Technology facilitates diversity
  7. 7. « Free environments » attract the talent Autonomy, trust, conciliation and challenges motivating the talent
  8. 8. Give confidence to receive confidenceCollaborative environments for growth Effective organizations and knowledge management retain the talent
  9. 9. What is the impact in HR?What can we do?Which are the priorities?What do we need? #HRTogeheter
  10. 10. The 6 specifics competencies HR for the new context Talent Manager Culture & & Strategy Changed Organiz. Architect Steward Designer Operat. Bussiness Executor ally Credible ActivistThe Human Resources Competency Study 2011 (The RBL Group)
  11. 11. Credible Activist Being respected and listened to givecredibility, opinion and specific porposes remains criticalThe Human Resources Competency Study 2011 (The RBL Group)
  12. 12. HR Innovator & Integrator: Culture & Changed Steward Respect the existing culture and know how to make it evolve HR Technology Proponent: Strategy Contribute to the development of the Architectstrategy combining people and business practices (competitiveness)The Human Resources Competency Study 2011 (The RBL Group)
  13. 13. Are our policies adapted? Talent Manager Adquisition, development,…. & Organiz. Structure, process, jobs & rôles Designer Operat. Traditional actions in HR Executor fonction Bussiness Understand the bussines ally and the marketThe Human Resources Competency Study 2011 (The RBL Group)
  14. 14. Review what we do and how are we doing it to continue improving
  15. 15. Euroconsumers research each year an average of 150 new positions
  16. 16. Attracting and integrating new skills and new professional profiles is a priority
  17. 17. Including if the competences or the profiles are not the usuals
  18. 18. Employer branding to atract talent
  19. 19. Recruitment & Social Media as apart of « Employer Branding »
  20. 20. We continue improving ,furthermoreWe can do even moreusing The social network
  21. 21. With Twitter we can create conversations
  22. 22. With Facebook we can obtain fans and conect candidates to the internal professionals
  23. 23. With Youtube wecan introduce our professionals, ourHR policies and our Organization
  24. 24. To build our Employer branding is posible with our Web site
  25. 25. We have to be present and show us
  26. 26. Have we advanced?
  27. 27. With the new developments there aren’t big changes.
  28. 28. What are doing it other Organizations?
  29. 29. They show their « HR brand »
  30. 30. Culture, manage diversity, developmentpolicy and benefits can attract candidates
  31. 31. The employees can help to build our « Employer Branding »
  32. 32. Web Site (Carriers):Atract talent, give value to the candidates, real contents, emotionals, credibles,…., to understand us, to know us. Consumer branding & Employer branding
  33. 33. Employer Branding it’s not only a Social Media
  34. 34. « Great place to work »atract and mantein thetalent
  35. 35. Value the internal opinions to build a « Employer branding »
  36. 36. Agreements whith Universitys and Bussines School can atract the talent Create trainingand development oportunities for « New Talent »
  37. 37. The people need to know what we doing
  38. 38. Some things are obvious
  39. 39. The management must adapt to the new reality
  40. 40. HierarquyReward andpenalizeControlManage« ressources »Evaluate
  41. 41. ConfidenceParticipationRecognitionTalent ManagementChallenges(PerformanceManagement)
  42. 42. Have we define newmanagement competences? Give confidence Leader Coach Share and collaborate Talent management Diversity management Innovation Be example Collective Intelligence
  43. 43. We need to understand, live and feel the « Corporate Values » every day. Independency Expertise Proximity
  44. 44. The Corporate values must be understood, be communicated and be developed inside and outside
  45. 45. A practical experience of comunicate and develop the Corporate Values internally How do you do it? Between all of us we can do it
  46. 46. The values are behaviours and attitudes that we have communicate and develop
  47. 47. The market changed We have to change We need to build our « Employer branding » to atract talent Change needs to be supported by ManagementOur values and culture needs to adapts to change