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Czech History


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By JH4 history teacher

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Czech History

  1. 1. Kings of which dynastyKings of which dynasty ruled Poland, Bohemia,ruled Poland, Bohemia, Hungary and Lithuania?Hungary and Lithuania?
  2. 2. of Jagiellonianof Jagiellonian dynastydynasty
  3. 3. Jagiellonian dynastyJagiellonian dynasty descended fromdescended from WładysławWładysław Jagiełło – king ofJagiełło – king of PolandPoland and Grand Duke ofand Grand Duke of LithuaniaLithuania ..
  4. 4. During its best period itDuring its best period it has an area of overhas an area of over 2 000 000 km²,2 000 000 km², which made it onewhich made it one of the most dynasties ofof the most dynasties of Europe.Europe.
  5. 5. Władysław IIWładysław II Jagiellończyk,Jagiellończyk, Son of Kazimierz IVSon of Kazimierz IV JagiellończykJagiellończyk came to the throne ofcame to the throne of Bohemia (1471)Bohemia (1471) and Hungary (1490),and Hungary (1490), originated theoriginated the Czech-and -HungarianCzech-and -Hungarian branchbranch of the Jagiellonian dynastyof the Jagiellonian dynasty who died off in 1526who died off in 1526..
  6. 6. The last one of the family wasThe last one of the family was Ludwik II Jagiellończyk,Ludwik II Jagiellończyk, who was killed during the battlewho was killed during the battle of Mohacz, trying toof Mohacz, trying to stop the Turkish army.stop the Turkish army. As a result of his death HungaryAs a result of his death Hungary was divided into three partswas divided into three parts and lost its independence.and lost its independence. The power of the JagiellonianThe power of the Jagiellonian dynasty ended then.dynasty ended then.
  7. 7. When did Czech and SlovaksWhen did Czech and Slovaks overthrew the communistoverthrew the communist political system in their countrypolitical system in their country??
  8. 8. in 1989
  9. 9. The year1989 was unusual.The year1989 was unusual. ‘Autumn of Peoples’‘Autumn of Peoples’ Started then. Countries ofStarted then. Countries of East Central EuropeEast Central Europe Started their liberationStarted their liberation from the influence of thefrom the influence of the Soviet Union and theSoviet Union and the communist systemcommunist system That process was started byThat process was started by Poles in 1980. MasPoles in 1980. Mas sResistancesResistance ‘‘Solidarity’ with LechSolidarity’ with Lech Walesa as its leader.Walesa as its leader.
  10. 10. In Czechoslovakia – revolution which wasIn Czechoslovakia – revolution which was to make the communism collapse lastedto make the communism collapse lasted about 10 days. It started onabout 10 days. It started on 17 November 1989. On that day peaceful17 November 1989. On that day peaceful demonstration dedicated to student Jandemonstration dedicated to student Jan Opletal, killed by Nazis transformed intoOpletal, killed by Nazis transformed into protest against the communist rule. Theprotest against the communist rule. The protest was finally pacifiedprotest was finally pacified..
  11. 11. Opposition with its leader Vaclav Havel,Opposition with its leader Vaclav Havel, decided to establish Peoples’ Forumdecided to establish Peoples’ Forum which was social movement based on Polishwhich was social movement based on Polish ‘Solidarity’. The Forum demanded from‘Solidarity’. The Forum demanded from the country’s top politicains to hand in theirthe country’s top politicains to hand in their resignationresignation General strike began.General strike began. The government resigned and new one wasThe government resigned and new one was elected.elected.
  12. 12. On 29 DecemberOn 29 December Václav Havel was onVáclav Havel was on oath as president ofoath as president of Czechoslovakia.Czechoslovakia. Parliament ellectionsParliament ellections were arranged forwere arranged for June 1990.June 1990.
  13. 13. Those events were calledThose events were called ‘‘velvet revolution’.velvet revolution’.
  14. 14. Traditional Czech dishes.Traditional Czech dishes.
  15. 15. Dumplings - KnedlikiDumplings - Knedliki Traditional CzechTraditional Czech dish. Made of yeastdish. Made of yeast dough, most oftendough, most often stuffed with meat.stuffed with meat. Served with gravyServed with gravy or fried onion andor fried onion and sauerkrautsauerkraut..
  16. 16. vánočkavánočka It is rich inIt is rich in eggseggs andand butter. Lemonbutter. Lemon rindrind andand nutmegnutmeg add coloradd color and flavor; the doughand flavor; the dough can also containcan also contain raisinsraisins andand almondsalmonds. A. A vánočkavánočka may be builtmay be built from threefrom three progressively smallerprogressively smaller braids, stacked on topbraids, stacked on top of each otherof each other. Served. Served at Christmasat Christmas ..
  17. 17. ‘‘vosí hnízdavosí hnízda’’ Nut cookiesNut cookies ‘wasps’ nests’‘wasps’ nests’ made of nuymade of nuy dough with rum.dough with rum. Served atServed at ChristmasChristmas..
  18. 18. Vanilkové rohlíčkyVanilkové rohlíčky Small cookies-Small cookies- crescent rollscrescent rolls covered with vanillacovered with vanilla sugar. They need tosugar. They need to ‘ripen’ for 2/3‘ripen’ for 2/3 weeks to be soft.weeks to be soft. Served atServed at ChristmasChristmas..